The Ancient Genes
126 Let“s meet Again
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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126 Let“s meet Again

" Calm down brat. I am just a hologram. Getting all angry on me won't do you any good. Besides, I don't think the system was bad?", the old man said with a smile.

" I get it now. Why was my system different from that of  others? Those descriptions and the system's responses were all made by you right? So, you were behind it old geezer. Tell me what would have happened, if you didn't give me the System? ", Max said with a frown.

" Well, The human would have been destroyed for sure.", The old man said as he shook his head and sighed.

" What do you mean? ", Max asked as the frown on his face deepened.

" To be frank, I came to meet you earlier than I should have. Things are not occurring like they did in the past. The Heavenly Demon should have come out of the seal when the Awakened ones would finally form their bonds with the spirits. But that didn't happen. The the Heavenly Demon broke out his seal early which triggered your awakening. Something which shouldn't have occur. That's the reason I ended up coming early and gave you all the system. Even though it wasn't a finished product. I still put a lot of work designing it. It should have definitely helped you to increase your strength. Besides, my main motive was to prepare you all mentally. The Quests were to force you all into taking risks.", the old man said with a serious look on his face.

" And what if we ended up dead because of your reckless strategy.", Max asked calmly.

" is only a matter of time. If I didn't choose this way for you all. You will end up dying anyway. And at that time you would have many others to accompany you.", the old man replied.

" Fine..I get it. So, what now? Now that we have taken this route, can we make it alive?", Max asked with a grim look in his eyes.

" Well, initially you should have 1 or 2 percent chance that you can survive the disaster this time.", the old man said with a proud look on his face.

" Damnit! What are you looking so prideful about? 1 or 2...isn't that the same as not having any chance. Do you think I am some Strange Doctor from Gang of Heroes fighting an otherworldly bald creature with five rocks on his hand?!!", Max roared in anger.

" Shut up...first listen to me properly. Besides, you should be thanking me for even having such slim chances. If it weren't for my smart decision, you might have been dead already. Did you forget the thing that you did a few months back?

' Can I live in this world. Am I even qualified if the world itself is rejecting me.'

I wonder whose words were these? Do you possibly know about-"

" Stop it!!!! Shut up old man!!! I don't know what you are talking about…", Max said screamed as he shut his ears.

" Good!! You better behave that way. So now let me continue. Your chances may have slightly increased because of two factors. First, it looks like Vaccaria had expended a lot of his strength in breaking the seal early. That is the only possible reason that he hasn't made an appearance. This gives you a bit more time. Second, you have bonded the spirit a lot sooner than you actually should have. You have become a variant in the flow similar to Vacaria.", the old man said as he stroked his beard.

" So you mean that the future is not decided yet? ", Max asked as he sighed.

" Not only is it not decided. But it has become even more difficult to predict.", the old man laughed.

" How do I use the spirit's power? ", Max asked. It was still too early to get to any conclusion. If he was to fail, he would do so in the best possible way.

" That's how it should be! Good! In order to use a spirit's power. You need some important things. First, find out your Spirit's name, nature, capability. Second, there should be a method of harnessing Spiritual energy which can strengthen both the bond of your spirit as well as the Spirit itself. But this method can only be taught to you by the spirit.", the old man said.

" Huh? That girl? Look at her, I don't even think she understands what's going around her. Can she really do that? ", Max asked as he pointed toward the blue haired girl.

" I don't know about that. That is how it should be. I too learned it through my spirit. Besides, don't look down on her.  She is a humanoid spirit. Even in the Ancient era there weren't many who formed bonds with such spirit. Luck brat…", the old man grumbled looking at Max.

" Are you sure?", Max asked.

" Yes, I am. Anyway, try to communicate with her. I don't know but it looks like her mental age is only around that of a kid. So, don't try something funny.", the old man said with a glare.

" F*ck!! You are the perverted one here. Just get lost..if you are done already. No wait!! Tell me where to find other spirits. I need to help the other guys.", Max said in realisation.

" Huh? I am not sure. There should have been a few people who should have known about stuff from back then. They are our descendants but their genes have lost their true essence over a period of time. But still they are a lot stronger than the current humans and have kept the Demons in restraint through the shadows. If I am not wrong, they should be Five Ancient families. Each of them guard one Spirit shell and is destined to help the Awakened. Go and find them. You got the hammer. So you should have already met them if I am not wrong? Anyway, that's it. This was our last meeting. We will meet again when everything is over. That is to say that you are still alive by then."

" Yup! I will definitely survive. After all, I still got to kick your ass old geezer."

" You won't change brat!! Let me give you a parting gift."

" God Blow!!!"


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