The Ancient Genes
127 Last Push 2
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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127 Last Push 2

" Grr!!!"

The Silver Wolves snarled as they looked at the cloud of smoke with a wary look in their eyes.


Suddenly a broadsword emerged from the smoke kicking up a gale of wind and clearing the spot.

" What are you looking at? Come here..I will teach you to be good puppies.", Murcas said as his body which has transformed partially emerged from the smoke.

He looked menacing with a pair of horns on his head and a tail on stretching out from his back. His skin had turned into scales while teeths had turned into fangs.

" Boom! "

Murcas stooped a bit before flying out like a canon towards the group of four Silver Wolves.


The Wolves immediately moved. But they were still slower in comparison to Murcas. Murcas entered into the group of the Wolves and his sword struck the wolf in the front. But his broadsword didn't manage to pierce its skin. But the strength behind the attack was enough to send the beast flying.

" Tsk..what is its fur made of? ", Murcas grumbled as he moved his sword in front of his body.

As soon as Murcas moved his sword in front of him, a Silver Wolf released a breath attack.

" Boom!"

Murcas blocked the attack. But it still managed to push him a dozen of feets away while sending his feets a foot below the ground.

" Damn it! "

Before Murcas could get his legs out, one of the Wolves had already rammed its head into him sending him and his broadsword flying through the air.

" Whoosh! "

Suddenly, a Silver wolf appeared right above Murcas like a grim reaper and opened its mouths before lunging towards him.

" No you don't!!" 

Murcas said as he reached out his hands and grabbed the mouth of the beast.

" Boom!"

The duo fell on the ground forming a crater but Murcas refused to let go of his grip on the Silver Wolf's mouth forcing it away from him while the beast continued to struggle as it attempted to crush Murcas in its mouth.

Murcas immediately sensed the other three wolves approaching and knew that he needed to get out of the position.

" Get off of me!! Dragon Fist!!"

Murcas roared and the scales on his hand turned brighter and harder while his claws grew.

" Bang! "

" Awooowww!!!"

The Silver Wolf released a miserable howl as it backed off a bit. But this time Murcas refused to let the beast go and he dug harder into its mouth before pulling out the beast's fang with a roar which led to another miserable howl from the beast.

At this moment, the wolf closer to Murcas was already on him.

But this time, Murcas wasn't stuck to his spot like earlier. He moved and in the blink of an eye, he was already above the Silver Wolf.

" Die!!!!"

Murcas roared as he tightly grabbed the Silver Wolves fang and pierced it into the beast's forehead.

" Awoooww!!!"


The armored vehicles roared as it moved while the battle continued.

" Hm…"

Suddenly, the Headmaster turned his head looking towards the direction where Murcas was fighting the pack of Silver Wolves.

" Idiot….first he takes them lightly and now he is pissed off for getting his ass kicked. Well it doesn't shouldn't be difficult for him and it would end even sooner since he is pissed off now.", the headmaster mumbled as he continued to release his spell. 

" What's going on? "

" It's a breath attack!!!"

The students suddenly started to shout as they looked at the horde of the beast. 

A breath attack wasn't a big deal unless it was coming from thousands of beasts at the same time.

It looked like that after getting massacred by the headmaster, the beasts were finally angered.

But the headmaster had a heavy frown on his face. He knew very well that there wasn't a high level beast within several miles to coordinate such an attack. Unless it was a beast with a terrifying power that could allow it to coordinate and command the horde from several hundred miles away.

" Everyone release your mana barrier!! Today, No one is allowed to die before me!!"

The headmaster's word touched the students and Instructors. The headmaster really was a great leader and knew how to get one motivated.

The Students and Instructors immediately released their Mana barrier forming a transparent glowing screen.

The headmaster looked at the horde and casted a mana barrier. His element was an offensive one and there weren't any large scale defensive spells that he could possibly learn.

As he deployed his mana barrier, the beast attacked.

Thousands of ray of light covered the sky and in an instance the night sky became as bright as day.

" Boom!"

The first attack landed on the barrier and the rain continued.

" Boom!"

" Boom!"

" Boom!"



" Shatter!!"

Suddenly one of the barriers shattered and a girl fell onto her knees drained out of Mana.

" Y...You...all right? ", Lisa asked as she turned her head to ask.

" Idiot concentrate on your own job!!", Axle yelled at the guys who were looking out at the scene of battle distracted from their work of laying down the formation.

He glared at everyone including Lisa. He was covered in sweat from all the tough work and here these guys had free time to get distracted.

Lisa too heard him and turned her head while gritting her teeth.

One by one the barrier of the students shattered and only the three instructors and the Headmaster were left hanging there.

But the attacks didn't seem to be ending any soon. If the remaining barriers cracked they would die for sure.

Wilson rubbed the sweat off of his forehead as he observed the battle. He too couldn't last any longer and had withdrawn his barrier. After all, he wasn't a fool. If things ended up going wrong, he needed to have enough strength to put up a fight.

" Crack!"

The sound immediately attracted everyone's attention. But when they looked around, they realised that it wasn't the barriers cracking but the armored vehicle itself.

It looked like it could no longer take on the impacts.

Everyone's face sank. They were almost there. If the vehicle ended up breaking down here, it wasn't possible for them to make it out alive.


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