The Ancient Genes
128 Last Push 2
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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128 Last Push 2

" Crack! "

The crack sounded like a thunderbolt in the ears of the student. They clearly knew that if the vehicle stopped right now, they would be doomed.

Even if the Instructors fought and managed to protect some students. It was sure that there would be some casualties.

" Boom! "

" Boom! "

The breath attacks continued to rain and the Instructors started to look exhausted. 

The Head Instructor of the Mage department slightly turned his and glanced towards James.

James knew what it meant. But he didn't plan to abandon until the very last second. After all, with the Black crystal provided by the Council, he knew that he wouldn't die even if he just stood there waiting for the beasts.

The crack on the armored vehicle seemed to be getting bigger and several others started to emerge too.

When everyone was preparing for the worst, yellow-colored runes started to emerge out on the protective layer of the vehicles. The complex thread-like structure connected to each other and stopped the widening of the cracks and stabilizing the armored vehicles.

" We are saved!!!"

" Thank God...they made it in time!!"

" I thought this was the end!!"

The students shouted in joy and turned towards the students of the formation department.

Axel was in the center of the formation while the rest of them were surrounding him all throughout the formation.

Seeing that the formation had started to work, the students from the formation who were covered in sweat sighed in relief.

" We are not done yet! This is a two layered formation. We have still got to cast the other one. If you mess up now. We will end up destroying both of them. So concentrate.", Axel said in a calm and exhausted voice.

Hearing him, the students from the Formation Department nodded while those of the other departments were dumbstruck.

Even though they didn't know anything about formations. They would be considered a fool if they couldn't even understand such a direct statement.

Even Axel couldn't help but smile as he saw the look on their faces..

' are celebrating too early. Besides...why have I been feeling so uneasy. The mana….something feels wrong about it…'

Axel shook his head clearing his thoughts before focusing again.

Everyone watched them while holding their breaths and very soon, the core of the formation gleamed with a purple colored lights and another layer of purple runes emerged.

" Success!!!"

" This time we are saved!!!"

Cheers erupted and even the instructors felt the pressure reduce.


On the other hand, Murcas was going wild. The fight had turned bloody very quickly. His arms and chest were covered in blood.

Most of it belonged to the wolves while some of it belonged to the claw mark on his chest.

" Tsk.. these bastards...they still managed to draw out blood from my scales. Huff! What the hell am I even doing? I only needed to stall them…", Murcas said as he threw Wolf's fang and moved his sword back into the scabbard on his back before turning around and leaving the body of the four bloody wolves.

" At least I got four beast cores. Even though they won't be much help to me. I can still use it and evolve Giesel. I bet it would be happy."

" Hm.."

Suddenly Murcas sensed something and closed his eyes. As he did it, a tattoo on his neck started to glow which symbolized the connection between him and Giesel.

Very soon, the scenery in front of his eyes changed and he was dumbstruck for a second before his face turned grim.

He had just fought four silver Wolves and right now….he couldn't even begin to count how many silver wolves were slowly moving towards them.

" Giesel!! Get back. You have done enough hurry!!"

After moving away from the area, Murcas still maintained his connection with Giesel. Suddenly, he felt that someone was looking towards him. He commanded Giesel to look back only to find a huge pair of red eyes a few miles away.

" What the hell? How big is it?", Murcas laughed but it still couldn't change the fact that sweat had already started to form on his forehead.

In a few minutes, Giesel was already back and Murcas got onto its back before flying straight towards the border city.

" The Association and the union probably haven't realised the scale of this horde. It's going to be worse than the City of Vina."


On the other side, the Armored Vehicle finally reached the City Gate.

" Commander, do we open the gate? ", one of the subordinates asked.

Hearing him, the Commander frowned. The horde was almost here. They could send some of their forces and slow them down for a bit allowing the students to get in. But wouldn't that result in much higher casualty? It could make his record look bad.

As he was pondering, a loud voice shook everyone.

" If you don't open the gate. I will tear it down."

Everyone looked towards the source only to see the Headmaster on the roof of the armored vehicle. He was casting a mana barrier with his one hand while the other one was glowing and had already formed a transparent cube.

Everyone looked at the Commander for orders. The domineering attitude of the headmaster had already forced most of them into submission and not to mention, he was saving the lives of the students.

The horde was approaching fast and if they didn't act in time, it would be too late. 

But the commander was fuming in rage. It would be alright if the headmaster had requested him. But that guy had clearly slapped his face with that statement. If he yielded now, would he have any face left?

" Scree!!"

The cry of a bird sounded and a figure dropped from the sky landing right beside the headmaster.

Murcas took out his sword and stepped forward.

 This guy was even more domineering.

" I will give you 30 seconds before I start killing!!!"


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