The Ancient Genes
129 The Starting Line
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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129 The Starting Line

" I will give you 30 seconds before I start killing!!!"

Murcas stood arrogantly while pointing his broadsword towards the Commander on the city wall.

The pressure released by him had already made the ordinary mages breathless.

" This bastard..", the commander gritted his teeth in anger. He really wanted to jump down and fight it out with Murcas. This was the most humiliating situation he had ever faced in all his years of work.

" Calm down…. it's not the time to fight.", the other Master Tier Mage said who had arrived at the scene spoke.

" Yes...he is right. Even if the three of us can possibly defeat them. It would do us more harm than good.", the third Master Tier Mage said.

The Commander finally calmed down and looked at Murcas with killing intent before snorting.

" I will definitely bring this up in the meeting this time! "

" Open the Gates!!!"

Murcas only smiled as he put his sword back.

" Let's go.", the Headmaster said as the Armored vehicle roared and entered the gate.

They didn't even stop a second before directly moving towards Arcane at full speed.

" Haha...that bastard...he doesn't even know that he is going to die today.", The Murcas chuckled.

" So what is the plan? I thought you would at least warn that bastard. ", Murcas suddenly turned his head as he asked the headmaster.

" If I told him about it, would he even dare to stay there. Let him die….it will buy us time to evacuate the people.", the headmaster asked.

" I still don't understand, why are we not crushing the Association and Union. The people have started to rot in there. Just look at that guy.", Murcas said helplessly.

" The 12 Noble families are still doing a good job. Even though some people have started to become greedy. It still hasn't reached a point for our families to intervene. If it did, they would have disappeared long ago.", the Headmaster replied.

" Well whatever...I think the world will be better without them.", Murcas scoffed.

" more thing. Did you feel anything odd today? ", the headmaster asked calmly as the breeze touched his face.

" Yes, I did.", Murcas slowly replied as the smile on his face ceased.

Hearing him, the expression on the headmaster's face turned grim for a moment.

"But I can't confirm it. Did you think that the Demons are the one behind it? ", Murcas asked with a grim look.

" I don't know. But I don't feel good. It happened while Max was there? And now he is missing. At first I planned to break through the horde and search for Max. But after looking at the horde, I knew it would be a death wish. ", Headmaster said as he shook his head.

" But we can't leave Max there. What are we going to say to Stark? Besides, he was the one chosen by the hammer.", Murcas asked with a complex expression.

" I know...but the situation is not in our favor. Let's return to our families and inform the Higher ups.", Headmaster replied calmly.

" Tsk..The first wielder of the Sacred Gear went missing while the other four still haven't appeared. And now the demons seemed to have become more active recently. The world is becoming more chaotic.", Murcas mumbled as he sighed.


Orena, Unknown area.

" Ahh!!"

The voice broke the silence in the surrounding.

Max got up as he rubbed his cheeks which had swelled up.

" Damn you!! Old geezer!!  ", he cursed before getting up.

" How the hell did he hit me with his hologram? Did he fool me again?", Max mumbled.

But as he turned around, a face directly came in front of him, scaring the crap out of him and he fell back on his butt.

" Holy crap! You girl what are you doing? Do you want me to have a heart attack? ", Max said as he tried to calm himself down.

Seeing the blue hair girl squatting down and smiling at him. Max felt blood rushing up his head and nose.

" F*ck! Did I just witness the forbidden garden? Damn, this is bad!!....What am I even thinking!!! She is still a child mentally!!! ", Max screamed to himself.

' I need to get her some clothes first.', Max thought as he opened the system window.

 As Max took out a pair of clothes which he had prepared for himself. He noticed that the button for all the other options except inventory had turned dim.

' What's going on? '

He tried to click on the Chat box. But when he did, a notification window popped up.

« System Update in process...»

« Remaining time: 29 Days 23 h 10 min »

" What the hell? Damn it, I don't mind the update. But at least let me use the other functions…. Especially right now, I need them more than ever!! "

But his request ended up in vain.

" Damn it!! That old geezer is bad luck for me."

" Anyway, here take it.", Max said as he moved his hand towards the girl.

But the girl didn't seem to understand what Max meant.

" What the hell? Her intelligence is even lower than an 8-year-old child. Is she going to help me or am I going to help to babysit her?", Max mumbled as he got up and began his struggle.


30 minutes later….


Max fell on his back covered in sweat and his face had turned red as he breathed heavily.

" I will die before even running into a beast at this rate."

Max closed his eyes trying to relax when he felt a smooth and cool sensation flowing through his body.

 ' What is this feeling? It's so relaxing. I really don't want this to end.'

The cool sensation continued to circle around his body before it started to move toward his navel region and while the other end started to extend towards his temples.

Unbeknownst to anyone, Max had finally arrived at the starting line of the race.

The race has finally begun.

End of Volume 2


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