The Ancient Genes
131 Boos
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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131 Boos

" Finally, I can check what has happened to me?", Max said as he entered the water for a bath.

He let the cold water brush past his body before finally closing his eyes and concentrating his consciousness on the changes in his body.

There was a transparent crystal which had formed in his naval region and was giving a blue colored glow. This was the place where humans had their cores normally.

In Max's case though it was not so. Since Max never awakened, he never felt the presence of his core. But now he did.

" Is this my core? But I have never heard of any core being like this.", Max mumbled. 

After that, Max felt a cool energy around his temples. As he moved up his consciousness, he found that there was black vortex around his temples. But it didn't look harmful to Max. It was calm and gentle like a light breeze.

Max hesitated for a second before putting his consciousness towards the vortex. And the next thing he knew was being transported into a familiar scenery.

" It's the same place from before. But this time, it is quite small and I can't even see the giant tree."

Max stood there for a while before walking towards the direction where the tree should have been.

After a while, Max suddenly felt that he was struck by an invisible wall as he fell on his butts.

" ends here.", Max confirmed his suspicions by feeling the invisible barrier ahead of him.

" What place is this? Is it in my head? I don't know but this cool energy seems to be more active here…"

Max stood there pondering over quite a number of things. He needed to know whether his consciousness travelled to this place or if it was his actual body, could he bring things to this place and much more.

" I will have to try it out. But first how do I get out of here?"

Max thought before trying to imagine himself out. After all, he came here by following his consciousness. So it shouldn't be much different than that.

And it really happened. The scenery soon disappeared into darkness and when Max opened his eyes, he found himself in the stream.

But he wasn't surprised anymore. He knew that from now on, he who was already different from the rest would follow his own unique path. Besides, he didn't have much time to be surprised. He still couldn't forget the old geezer's words of having only 2% chances of survival.

At this moment, Max noticed that the sky had started to brighten up. The first ray of light would soon emerge.

" I hope everyone else is safe."


An hour later…

Max was finally ready. He was about to go out and check the area a bit. But there was a problem. He didn't know what to do about the girl.

" Taking her with me could be dangerous. But that doesn't mean I could just leave her here."

Max pulled his hairs out but still didn't know what to do?

Finally, he decided to ask her. If she wanted to go, he would take her and make sure to be extra cautious. If she refused, he would have to find her a good hiding place. 

Either way, he didn't have much of a choice.

" Hey girl…", Max called out.

But she didn't seem to notice and was looking at the water flowing through the river.

" She is really a child…", Max smiled lightly.

But suddenly, a thought crossed his mind. He wasn't sure about it. But there was nothing wrong with confirming his doubts.

" Seraphine! ….", Max called out. Even though there was a lot of difference between the lady he met in that place and this girl...Max still felt that both of them were the same person. If not, why did it all happened? Why did she tell him her name? Isn't it the thing which this girl was supposed to do?

And...she turned...looking at Max with her sparkling blue eyes and a smile on her face before she started walking towards him.

" So it was her...why is she like that? How am I supposed to fight with her? I should have asked the old geezer in detail. I could only hope that the system could give me some help or I would have to figure it myself."

At this time, the girl was already in front of him.

Max tried to talk it out with her. But he didn't seem to be getting through her any soon.

"Sigh! Just come with me.", Max said as he rubbed her head in helplessness. But as he did, the tattoo on his chest started to give a blue glow.

Max wouldn't have noticed it if it wasn't for the tingling sensation he felt for a second.

Before Max could even think anything else, the girl disappeared into his tattoo with a flash before his eyes.

There was only a single place within his body that Max could think of checking right now.

And she was there...chasing after some insects.

Max sighed in relief seeing that she was there. The girl too seemed to have noticed Max and came running towards him like a child.

' It looks like she interpreted my words 'come with me' like this. Nevermind it's safer this way.'

" Seraphine... it's too long. From now on I will call you Sera. How is it, do you like it?", Max asked and surprisingly the girl nodded this time with a sweet smile.

" Ok then Sera,  you stay here while I go out for a bit. "

Max said goodbye to her before getting out of his Spirit world which he decided to call for multiple reasons.

" Now... let's go and check if I am getting a welcome party from my neighbours.", Max said with a smile as he moved towards the direction in front.

" Hm...I am faster? What is going?", Max mumbled. He clearly knew that his speed was more than double of what it used to be.


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