The Ancient Genes
139 Trial of God
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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139 Trial of God

" Who dares to imitate me!! I am the only one, Hephaestus."

The voice said in arrogance. There was a tinge of rage in his voice due to the possibility of an imposter.

" Are you sure? The Old Gee- I mean the God I met called himself the God of Tech too. He looked pretty old with white hair and a beard.", Max replied with a frown.

" Valli….that brat! ", the voice said in a grim voice.


" Don't take that person for real. He is just an imposter. But you don't need to worry about anything else. He was from our side." the voice said helplessly.

" Who was he? And why did he impersonate you?", Max asked with a surprised look.

" His name is Valli. Actually, I was too busy to come down to this dimension. My position is too important for me to leave. I didn't have an option but to send someone from the younger generation. But, I too don't understand why that brat impersonated me. He is just around your age.", the voice replied, sounding a bit confused.

" What!!.....what!!!....F*ck!!...Damn!!... He wasn't an Old man… I totally got played by him. ", Max cursed in rage. 

He literally was about to spew fire from his mouth. He wanted to kill that guy even more than the Heavenly Demon, Vaccaria himself.

" Calm down kid! Tell me about your interaction with that kid. He isn't the one to just fool around. He must have been up to something.", the voice said.

Max calmed down hearing the voice and started to narrate both of his encounters with the imposter named Valli.


" Hahaha!!!"

After Max was done, the voice began to laugh hysterically before it slowly ceased. And then it once again spoke. But this time in a grim voice.

" I will kill that brat!!! The next time I see him."

' I don't know what's going on. But I feel good.', Max thought to himself.

" I am sorry seemed Valli has created trouble for you."

" Sigh! He really did.", Max replied, not even trying to be a bit considerate.

" I didn't think that brat was trying to research the system.", the voice said.

" Research the system?", Max asked with a bit of curiosity.

" You have got that system right?", the voice asked.

" Yes..", Max replied.

" It's one of the earliest prototypes I created back in the day. It has been perfected now though. I remember Valli asking for it. But how could I give something so important to that brat."

" Sigh!"

" I never thought that Valli would steal the prototype and use you as your experiment subjects."

" Will it pose a problem for us?", Max asked. 

" Yeah it would….but luckily you haven't used it for much long. You can still be helped."

"The system which I developed is a combat system. It is for those with a solid foundation. That brat used it  to completely awaken your genes while trying to add a support cum combat system. It might sound feasible. But in truth, there is a flaw to it. The support system to awaken your genes leads to weak foundation."

' Even though it might be the truth, I can't deny that without the system's help I would be dead. But, I can't say that can I. If I want that Valli to suffer. And also….'

Max thought as an evil grin formed on his face.

" Ancestor, What if this leads to our defeat? Are we going to lose because of someone's experiment?", Max said in a grieve tone.

But the voice didn't respond.

" We aren't even considered humans...sigh...why even fight when we are just subjects for someone to mess with...just because someone strong sent someone irresponsible to do a job...we are going to die…", Max wasn't even speaking at this point. He was screaming at the top of his longs. His eyes had turned watery ready to burst at any moment.

" Fine. I will help you kid. Just stop it now. I will shut this system down until you can acquire a good foundation. ", the voice finally replied.

" But I don't think it's enough...we are already behind because of Valli's mistake...will it even help…", Max said as tears started to slide out of his eyes. 

He was really glad that he had once learned a skill called «Acting». It was really paying off even though he wasn't using it with the system.

" We don't have any choice. I can't bring anything from my realm to this dimension.", the voice could understand where Max was going.

' That's what I wanted to hear.'

Max suddenly got up and his tears had vanished in thin air.

" You can bring one thing. ", Max said with confidence.

"And what it might be?", the voice asked.

" The system...the perfect one.", Mac replied with a smile.

The voice didn't know what to do anymore, the problem had started because of him. He had to step up and take responsibility or else he would lose face in front of his own descendants.

Well he didn't know that the mistake was very helpful to Max until now. And Max was just exaggerating things. If he knew, Max would probably have been flying through the three realms by now.

" Fine...but you know that the system is only for those who have completely awakened your genes. You have to awaken it within a month. This Ancient cemetery will move again within a month. You don't have much time."

" What! How will I do it within such a short time?", Max asked as he felt a pain in his head.

" Oh!...right. I have yet to tell you. The thing behind is the key to your problem."

Max turned behind to look at the humongous gate.

" Pass the God of Trial...and I could grant you the power. That's what I normally say to people."

"For normal people, the Trial of God is to stimulate their potential and then try to draw out the power from their genes. That's how they are granted power along with the responsibility to protect this world. But you are different. You are a direct descendant and have already awakened. If you pass the trial, you will fully awaken."

" But to let you know, you can't come out after entering once. It is either you pass or you die."


At this time, Max didn't know what he was getting himself into.


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