The Ancient Genes
140 One Month
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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140 One Month

"Let me out. I still have about a month to prepare right?", Max asked.

"Fine...but remember that you only have a month.", the voice replied.

"I still have got one more thing to ask?", Max spoke.

"What now?", the voice asked.

"You said that the system was meant for those who had a good foundation right?....I want you to help me acquire that foundation.", Max slowly said.

"Don't joke kid.", the voice scoffed.

"It might sound like a joke. But let me just ask you. You are at a position even greater than that Valli guy right. Then...tell me how much time do I really have before the final fight.", Max asked calmly but there was a grim look in his eyes.

"Sigh! If it was the original situation. You guys would have 80 years at least. But, Vaccaria broke through the seal much earlier than expected. I am afraid that even if I take some assumption in your favor you guys don't have more than…. 10 years.", the voice said in a complex tone.

"So...that guy will be at the top of this world within 10 years. That is the time he needs to recover. But I am not recovering! I am a hundred or thousand times slower than him! There is no way for me to get to his level within 10 years!!", Max yelled. 

He couldn't give a shit to anything. At this point whatever made him strong was good. It didn't matter what happened to him.

"Sigh! …..You will die Kid..", the voice said after a deep sigh.

"It's too early to decide.", Max replied calmly.

'Die...if that is it...I don't mind….by this time I should already be dead for the rest of the world. What good would it even do if I can get out of here? In 10 years they would all be dead….but if I can bet my life here just to have a different future possibility. I am willing to do it.'

"Come here! I will remove all the nano formations laid on your soul and body. From now on everything you received from the system will vanish. Only the thing which you have earned through hard work will remain.", the voice said as a white glow emerged in the darkness.

"Remember kid, if you want to have a good will have to work your own way through 3rd Layer of Ancient Manual. Understand the true essence behind the power only then will you have a chance at your true goal….Now enter..", the voice spoke.

Max looked at the white light and stepped toward it without a hesitation. And the next moment, he felt a pricking sensation all over his body. It was as if thousands of  insects were crawling all over his body. The sensation was getting deeper and deeper and suddenly Max felt an intense pain which almost made him scream. It felt as if his soul was being pierced. But Max gritted his teeth and veins started to bulge out of his body.

Suddenly, Max felt a warm sensation on his face. He brought his hands towards his face only to realise that he was bleeding. Blood had started to leak out of the corner of his eyes, nose and mouth. But this blood wasn't ordinary. It was much darker in color as if it was filled with impurities.


An hour later….

Max stood there with his body covered in blood. He felt powerless and his consciousness was beginning to get hazy. But he refused to fall. He kept telling himself that this is only the beginning, things would get tougher from now on here. If he couldn't even stand now what could he possibly do then.

"I see that you have formed a spirit bond. I will dump all your things you kept in the system's separate space there. I will also leave a copy of the Ancient Manual there. Work hard kid. I hope you will be here next month.", the voice said.

Max felt everything turning blur and the next thing he knew was being at the entrance of white fog.

'Ah! It's over…'

Max though before he fell with a thud.


Higher Realm, Unknown location.

" Sigh! He is such a great seed. It's a pity that he is born in this generation. If only he had time….", this was the same voice which Max had been hearing until now.

The man didn't look too old, around his 40s with a bit of white hair in between.

"It's really odd seeing you behave that way, Hephaestus."

Hephaestus turned his head to see a man appearing out of thin air right in front of him.

"Will you stop doing that!! People revere you as the First Human God and here you are playing tricks in front of me.", 

Hephaestus yelled in rage.

"Calm down...don't take your anger out on me."

"Sigh! It's really a pity.", Hephaestus repeated.

" You really think so...well I don't.", the First Human God replied with a smile.

"What do you mean?", Hephaestus frowned.

"Vaccaria...I still remember that undying bastard. Did you forget how gruesome the battle to seal him was?"

"Like I could ever forget that.", Hephaestus rolled his eyes.

"Right now we are going through an important phase here. If Vaccaria destroys the lower realm and ascends to the upper realm. What do you think will happen?"

"I don't even want to imagine it. We already have a lot of trouble. I don't want that bastard to be here.", Hephaestus replied.

" Maybe that's the reason that when Vacarria has the highest chances of success that a good seed like Max has appeared."

"Besides, we still don't have an idea about the other seeds. You are still too early to decide. They have got most of my genes. Don't underestimate them."

"I won't underestimate them when it comes down to being dumb like you...Anyway get loss….I will go and catch Valli...I need to get the system out of the rest of guys too. He should have source formation if he is recording the data. I can use it…", Hephaestus said before vanishing.

"Ahh! Poor Valli…"


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