The Ancient Genes
145 Passing Time.... 5
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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145 Passing Time.... 5

Two more days had gone by….

Max fought like a maniac as usual slowly conquering his way into the deeper areas. With his new realisation and understanding of the second layer of the Ancient Manual, he felt that he was getting closer to a breakthrough.

Within these few days, Max had made great progress in the practice of Flow energy. He could estimate that his physical strength wasn't far from reaching the later stages of Mid level.

But, Max's practice of spirit energy wasn't showing much progress. After the first breakthrough, it had slowed down. Even after Max had absorbed quite a few cores of Ferocious beasts, his spirit energy only increased by a little. Only the 3 cores from the peak level Ferocious beasts which Max had hunted these days did a bit of help.

Max wanted to hunt a savage beast. But he wasn't foolish enough to let his urges take control of him. He still hadn't properly recovered his Elemental ability. But after breaking through the first layer, he felt his control getting better. But if he had to measure it, he could only compare himself to a Beginner level Mage.

But this wasn't enough of a reason for Max to stop. He couldn't just sit and wait. He didn't have a Mana art to practice his four elemental ability. It was already a gift that his spirit circulation technique was helpful with refining his core and improving his Beastmen ability.

"It looks like I really need to hunt a Savage beast. I will try to take on one when I break through the Second layer…", Max muttered under his breath before looking up.

In front of Max was a huge waterfall. He had discovered this waterfall a few days ago when he had travelled upstream trying to find a way out.

" Today I will definitely conquer you!!", Max screamed as he looked up.

This waterfall was literally gigantic. Max couldn't even see the top which was hidden in the clouds.

Max made a dash and wings emerged behind his back. As soon as he reached the waterfall, Max lowered his body and then used the strength of his lower body to launch himself like a rocket leaving behind cracks on the rocky terrain.


Max felt a strong resistance of wind on his face. But he didn't let himself get distracted. He had already failed a number of times due his bad maneuver and lack of strength. 

Soon, the momentum from the jump started to decline and when Max felt that he had reached the limit, he unfurled his wings and pushed them to their limits.


Max once again picked up the pace. But within a few minutes, he felt that he was reaching his limits. His wings had started to turn sour.

"A bit more….almost there.."

Max tried to reach out with his hands trying to grab the only boulder which was emerging out of the waterfall. But he fell short.

"Oh no I don't...not this time..", Max mumbled as he took out the dagger from his waist and threw it towards the boulder.

The dagger with the rope attached pierced into the boulder with a clang and Max managed to hang on to it.

" F*ck! Finally….huff! ...huff! "

Max slowly pulled himself up onto the boulder and as he turned around, the scene left him in bewilderment.

As long as he could see, there was only greenery and nothing else. There was only one place to the south which had a deep abyss like crack which Max was not interested in exploring. 


After 30 minutes of rest, Max got up and looked above. He could finally see the top of the waterfall now. It wasn't much above. With a another jump and bit of flying, Max finally managed to conquer the waterfall.


"Holy cow!"

Max jumped up in fright hearing the roar.

"What did I do now?"

Max looked around and confirmed if there was any beast around. 

"It looks like somethings going on..", Max moved in the direction of the roar and soon the human voices entered his ears.

" Hahaha...finally...I can find out where this place is….", Max laughed in joy and sped up.


"Damn this bastard….kill it. This beast has gone insane…."

"Attack or we won't have many people left…."

People screamed as several spells flew through the air.




"Crap! It's a full-on war.", Max who was hiding behind a bush said.

It seemed that this group of mercenaries had met a Shadow Leopard on their way back.

Shadow Leopard a peak level Ferocious Beast. But what made this beast one of the deadliest was its agility and intelligence. It was so terrifying that it had earned itself a name as the "Assassin of Orena".

Even Max couldn't properly keep up with the beast's speed. A black shadow moved through the enemy's rank which led to several screams.

But suddenly, a Man with a shield blocked the beast's claw. The sudden event changed the battles' entire pace. Two people with melee weapons rushed in and left deep gushes on the beast's body.

" Shit! It's injured.", Max looked at the battle in excitement.

This was the first time he was looking at a battle like this. People using teamwork to fight someone.

"Being properly geared really plays an important role in battle.", Max mumbled as he continued to observe the battle.

The battle went on and a frown emerged on Max's face.

" What the hell? Isn't this beast a bit overrated? Assassin of Orena my ass. It's just jumping on the opponents like an idiot.", Max mumbled.

The battle went on and the injuries on the beast's body increased. It started to slow down and didn't seem to have much fight left within it.

" Aeow!!!"

Max suddenly looked down hearing a light sound and as he did, he froze.

"It makes sense now. No wonder it is going on a rampage.", Max mumbled looking at the ongoing fight.


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