The Ancient Genes
146 Passing Time.... 6
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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146 Passing Time.... 6

Max looked at the three little cubs crying in their cute little voice. It was really difficult to imagine that they could turn into something like that when fully matured.




The cubs kept crying but their voices were too weak to be heard. Even Max took his time to find them hidden below the thick bushes to his left.

The cubs were newborn. Max could clearly see the signs of the Shadow leopard giving birth to it's kid not very long ago. 

"No can't take all the cubs to another place at once and they are too weak for a fast paced journey. In the end, it decided to take them head on. ", Max mumbled.

But after realising this fact, Max was even more surprised. It could fight like that after giving birth to three cubs.

" Damn! It totally deserves it's reputation. Even calling it the King of Ferocious Beasts won't be an exaggeration."

Max looked at the cubs. A lot of thoughts going through his mind.

"Sigh! Don't blame me. If I meet you a few years later. I wonder if you would spare me. It's the survival of the fittest.", Max muttered as he looked at the three cubs.

He needed to get stronger. Three cores of strong ferocious beasts. Even though they weren't mature, it was still too precious to let go.

Besides, there wasn't much time left. He had to get as strong as possible to increase his chances of survival for the Trial of God.


The roar pulled Max out of his thoughts and he saw the Shadow Leopard with several injuries on its body making a dash towards him. The creature seemed to have noticed Max's presence even amidst the ongoing battle.

"It's trying to escape!! kill it!!"




The people seemed to misunderstand the Shadow Leopard's intention. But it didn't matter, the shadow leopard which was already heavily injured couldn't dodge in time. 

A bullet and an enchanted arrow stuck it right around its neck and sealed it's fate. But the beast still somehow managed to drag it's body towards the bushes.

Max immediately pulled out the dagger. He wasn't planning on interfering as people might misunderstand him for trying to steal. But that didn't mean that he would just stand there and get himself killed.

Max took a defensive posture but he felt odd. There wasn't any killing intent or bloody aura directed towards him.

He suddenly realised that the Shadow leopard wasn't even looking towards it. It continued to move with it's staggering steps and completely ignored Max as it licked it's cub before falling down. 

It looked towards Max as it took its last breath. Even though Max couldn't understand the beast's language. It wasn't difficult to understand. 

Mothers were no different whether it was humans or beasts. It wasn't wrong to say that they were one of the most loving creatures. Always thinking of their child before them.

"Sigh! Why am I the only one?", Max mumbled as he pointed his index finger out and hit the three cubs right behind their neck using the Vital Arts making them unconscious. He then properly hid the trio behind the bushes so that no one could see them.

" Who's there?!"

"Come out!!"

At this time, the group of mercenary has arrived

"I am not an enemy!!", Max shouted as he walked out of the bushes with his hands in the air.

" Who are you and why were you hiding there?"

A man wearing an enchanted rob walked up and asked. He had a scepter in his hands and looked like a Mage who was focused only on spells and not any combat.

"I am Ethen and am actually lost. I just happened to bump into you while trying to find my way out. Can I get some help?", Max spoke with a smile.

Max didn't give out his name for several reasons. He wasn't familiar with these people and since he wasn't going to leave this place any soon due to the Trial of God. He didn't want anyone to know that he was alive.

The group looked at Max with weird gazes. It didn't look like they believed him.

" Are you alone?", the man asked.

" Yea...", Max replied.

"Do you really want us to believe that kid?"

"Yeah! It's obvious he is lying."

"He must be sent by the Scorpions.."

Suddenly, the man in enchanted rob raised his hand and everyone stopped yelling.

"You know where you are? You dare to say that you ended up reaching here after getting lost. This is 9000 km into the Orena.", the man said with a solemn tone and Max felt the gazes turning hostile.

"You mean I am standing in the inner region of Orena.", Max asked as his eyes widened.

'9000 Km…..why the hell am I not dead yet?'

If Max remembered correctly, the 5000 km marked the beginning of the inner region from the Border City.

" Look at him playing dumb…"

"Just kill him..these Scorpion bastards are really infuriating…"

The guys in the back continued to voice their thoughts out.

But, the Man with the scepter just calmly replied, "The inner region starts from the 10000th km..".

His name was Kaiser and he belonged to the Mercenary group, Vulture. He had been through a lot of battles and could clearly feel that there wasn't an ounce of malicious intent in Max's eyes.

On the other hand, Max wasn't nervous. He could sense that most of the guys in the group were at his level or lower. Only this man wearing an enchanted rob looked a bit strong. If something happened, he could just make a run for it. If he was confident in something, it was his agility. Not to mention he could even fly now.

" Huh? Isn't this Border region near Arcane…"

Max's sentence left everyone dumbfounded. 

"Are you all right kid? Or did you hit your head somewhere?"

"If he is trying to play dumb? If yes, he really deserves to be the Dumb King.."

"Yeah… a bit too much…"

Kaiser too replied with a smile, "This is Border region near the Vatican."

This time, Max was dumbfounded.


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