The Ancient Genes
148 Passing Time...... 8
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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148 Passing Time...... 8

Kaiser immediately moved hearing the scream. Within a blink of an eye, he was already moving towards the resting place of the group.

Max too moved after Kaiser. The screams continued to ring aloud and it was evident that battle had begun.

When the duo returned, they saw that the group had surrounded an en elephant sized creature. But it wasn't an actual normal elephant. But an Iron Back Rhino.

Several attacks rained down on the beast. But it couldn't even put a scratch on it's hide.

The Iron Back Rhino suddenly turned and brought its horn along with a devastating momentum.

One of the guys with a shield tried to block the attack.


The shield was smashed into two and the man was sent flying through the air as blood spurted out from his mouth.

When it seemed that the guy was finally about to fall down the waterfall, a strong gust of wind threw him away to the side and saved him.

Max looked at Kaiser whose body was being surrounded by an emerald glow. His hairs and rob were fluttering in the wind making him look like a wind God.

"Kaiser is here!!"


"Let's kill this rhino."


The presence of Kaiser immediately lifted up the group's spirit as if they had already won half of the battle.

"Tanks move up the front line….take turns while blocking the attacks."

"Long rangers attack…"

"Melee attackers look out for chances don't attack head on…."

Kaiser immediately took the command of the battlefield demonstrating his leading skills.

Max looked in awe. The Iron Back Rhino was a Savage beast. One must know that beasts were stronger than humans of the same level. 

Yet the group here was fighting a beast above their level and were managing to hold onto it.

'Having a team could really change things. Now that I think about it, I have to make an army for myself too. After all, even if I count others. We are still four people. The fifth one is still missing…', Max though within.

The battle continued and Max looked from the sidelines. 

'At this rate, they are just going to exhaust themselves and then end up being killed by the beasts.'

Max shook his head after thinking about the situation.

"You are going to exhaust yourself.", Max spoke as he looked at Kaiser.

" He knows what he is doing..", the one to reply was Rene as Kaiser concentrated on casting the spell.

"What do you mean?", Max asked.

" If we can hold on until the rearguard group reaches this place, we could easily kill this beast.", Rene replied.

"You are willing to bet everything on that. You don't even know if the rearguard will reach here first or you guys will be killed first.", Max said with a smile.

Max felt several hostile gazes on him as the words left his mouth.

" It's still better than standing there like you. Why don't you speak if you have got any better ideas?", the bulky man with the shield said after changing positions with another man.

Max smiled before taking a step forward. 

"Fine then...I got a bit of help from you guys. I might as well as pay it back. But let me remind you that you won't even be getting a piece of it's hair."

People looked at Max as if they were looking at an idiot.

"Look at him bragg…"

"He won't even last a second…"

"Just let him die…."

Kaiser looked at Max and warned him, "Ethen don't be a fool. It's out of your league."

"I know it. But you don't need to worry. I am not a fool." Max replied as a spear appeared in his hands out of nowhere surprising the people around.

Max spinned the spear in his hands as he closed in on the beast.

The Iron Back Rhino noticed Max approaching and swerved it's head trying to ram it's horn into him. But Max was quite a nimble on his foot. His body gently swayed to the left and he dodged it with ease and stabbed his spear into the beast's throat.


'Shit!! It only left a scratch!"

Max jumped back and retreated.

The people around looked at the battle a bit dumbfounded.

"He is fast.. ", Rene broke the silence and everyone looked towards him.

" It's not as simple as that. Just look at him. Even though he is young, he is fighting with a savage beast at such a close range. That's not your average kid….", Kaiser said as he closely observed the battle.

"Tsk...he is good. But still he far cry from the Young Lord of Barnes Family….", the guy with the bulky shield said and every one could only nod at it.

"Barns Family of Ishar City….you are comparing it to another level…."

"Yeah….besides the Young Lord is one of the 12 Celestials of this generation…."

As people were busy gossiping, Max was dodging each and every attack while retreating.

Kaiser frowned as he noticed that Max was slowly moving towards the waterfall.

"What is he doing? If he is trying to push the beast down the waterfall, he is just dreaming for it….", Rene said.

Kaiser too nodded. He too couldn't understand what Max planned to do.

A savage beast was an intelligent creature. It wouldn't be easily lured and if Max failed at his plan. He would only end up cutting the escape route for himself and a fall from that high would definitely get him killed. Not only because of the rocks and heavy downpour but also due to the fact that falling at the water at this height was no different than falling on concrete.

The battle continued and Max kept on retreating until he was at the end of the waterfall.

" Didn't I say he would get himself killed…"

"Tsk….young people these days…."

Rene looked at Kaiser and asked in surprise, "Aren't you going to save him?"

"Just look at his face…", Kaiser replied.

Rene looked carefully and noticed that this guy had been grinning from ear to ear.

Obviously, they didn't have any idea how happy Max felt at this moment. The flow energy he felt while battling a stronger beast was even purer and on the other hand, he was also anticipating a huge leap in his spirit energy with the core of this beast. Because this time, he had a full proof plan.

At this moment, Max looked at the Kaiser and nodded. He didn't have any further space to retreat.

Kaiser felt odd but before he could think anything else Max struck his spear below and the rocky surface around the edge crumbled swallowing both Max and the Iron Back Rhino in front of the dumbfounded gazes of the group members.


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