The Ancient Genes
154 The First Trial 2
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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154 The First Trial 2

Six days had passed…

Max opened his eyes and continued to stare at the ceiling.

'It's another day….'

During these few days, Max had observed this world very clearly. He couldn't find any flaw. It was all too real.

'Everything is happening as it happened in the past. But there have been some changes. Maybe it's because of me.'

Max had started to accept the possibility that the world wasn't fake.

But it still was in the 'maybe' phase.

Max got up from his bed and looked at the calendar. Tomorrow was the day that everything began.

"Don't worry. Things have changed, Max. You don't need to live the same life as before."

The voice entered Max's ears and he knew who it was. These past few days, it had appeared from time to time and just talked to him. 

But for some reason, Max felt an eerily feeling from this floating face. But the floating face didn't do anything odd.

'Maybe it's my imagination…' Max shook his head as he looked at the floating figure.



Max laid onto his desk with his head down. Several thoughts going through his head.

"Yo! What are you sleeping so early for? The first period hasn't even started yet."

Max raised his head and saw Mark in front of him. The guy was grinning from side to side.

"Aren't you excited?!" Max said with excitement.

"For what?" Max asked without a clue.

"Are you serious? Weren't you flying in the ninth heaven a week ago boasting about awakening the Holy element like your Dad and becoming the strongest mage?" Mark said with crunched brows.

"Ah! Did I...hahaha!!"

Max laughed awkwardly as he remembered those embarrassing days.

'Being the strongest? I didn't even awaken anything?'

Max mocked himself inwardly.

At this moment, the teacher entered and everyone stood up to greet the teacher. The class continued but Max didn't pay any attention to it.

"You are here, right? I want to ask something?" Max lightly whispered.

After a second, the floating face emerged right from the surface of his desk almost making him scream in fright.

The figure floated around Max as it asked with a laugh, "What do you want to know?"

"What's going to happen? I won't meet that God. I get that. But what about the awakening ceremony?" Max asked with a serious expression.

"Well, you won't awaken anything. I can't change that." The floating face replied.

"Then do I still get to cultivate using the Ancient Manual," Max asked with expectation. Even if he wasn't going to be chosen, he could still prepare himself. But the floating figure's answer destroyed Max's hope.

"No! In order to avoid your encounter with God, I sealed your connection with the fate energy. You can't cultivate it anymore."

"What's with this shitty situation!!" Max slammed his desk in anger.


The class immediately plunged into silence and everyone stared at Max.

Max too realized and immediately stood up to apologize. The teacher was clearly a bit irritated. But Max answered some of his questions and finally managed to calm him down.

The class looked at Max in a different light. But only Max knew that he had already learned this thing with greater detail in the Academy.

After sitting down again, Max looked at the floating figure in anger and spoke lightly.

"You said you were here to help me. This way, I will end up having only regrets. Do something. I don't want to remain powerless."

The floating face circled around Max as it spoke, "Well it is not like there isn't anyway. But I doubt if you would be willing to take the path?"

"As long as it grants me the strength, I am willing to do anything…"

"Are you sure?" The shadow whispered from behind as an evil grin leaked out on its face.

"Fine then, it's not something difficult. What do you do when you don't have anything?"

Max looked at the floating figure waiting for it to answer.

"You steal it.."

"What do you mean?" Max asked with a frown.

"Isn't it simple? You don't have it. I can help you to steal it from someone else."

"You think it's a joke? Do you even understand what it means to be a cripple without an element?!" Max asked with a dark expression on his face.

"No, I don't. But isn't this all worth it. You are fighting for the world. What if a sacrifice is needed for it? There will be no one left if humans lose? What is one sacrifice in front of that? You can make a lot of change with the help of your past experiences."

The frown on Max's forehead deepened.

"And one more thing, this person needs to have a connection with you from your past life and still have yet to be awakened or it won't work."

Max didn't answer. He couldn't do it. But there were higher things at stake….

"What is there to think so much about? There are only two people like that in your life. Your best friend and your sister."

Max turned his head towards the floating figure, his eyes were gleaming with killing intent.

"You don't need to look at me like that. The end decision is yours. Just make sure you don't regret it. Because there won't be another chance. You will be left behind and turn into an evil spirit."

Max continued to think and sweat began to slide down his forehead.

"Ah! Let me make it a bit easier for you. I didn't think that I would mention it so soon. But it seems that I don't have an option."

Max looked towards the floating figure.

"You are still being too naive. Humans are selfish and greedy creatures, Max. They only care about themselves. They will discriminate if you are different. They will bully the weak and fear the strong. If you don't have any value, you would be left behind. Don't you think so? Don't you remember being left behind? Don't you remember the feeling of being casted away just because you lost your worth?"

"Stop" Max muttered.

"It's no different Max. There is no thing called 'kindness' and 'Love' in the world. Even humans reproduce just to continue their heritage. They expect their young ones to care for them during their old age and then carry on their legacy after they pass away. Do you think your parents loved you? Cared about you? If yes, why did they leave you behind?"

"That's because of my grandpa-"

"So...was that it. With a single word they threw you out. Hahaha!! Is that how strong the love was? Don't try to convince yourself, Max. Deep down you know it too. You lost your worth!!!"

"Stop" Max muttered again. 

"Why would they want trash like you?! Just think about it? Wasn't your sister enough already?!"

"Stop it!!!!"



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