The Ancient Genes
155 The First Trial 3
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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155 The First Trial 3

School grounds….


Max panted as he ran around the field in circles. His body was not strong unlike the past and his stamina had weakened too.

It was only the 5th lap and Max felt tired. The teacher had punished Max for distracting the class again.

"So what is your decision, Max?" The floating figure asked as it accompanied Max around the field.

"Shut up!"

"Why don't you get it? Don't you remember what happened the last time?" The floating figure asked.

But Max ignored it.

"You probably don't know but last time you were lucky as a cripple even though you ended up dying."

Max's steps paused and he turned around to ask with a cold look in his eyes, "What do you mean?"

"Well, even though you didn't awaken. Your genes awakened allowing your connection with fate energy also called flow energy. You know, right? The energy changes fate? It changed yours. If not, you wouldn't have people treat you nicely like they did."

Max didn't reply but turned around and began to run again.

The floating face revealed an evil smile as it followed Max. It clearly knew that Max's emotions were in jeopardy and his every word would affect him. He couldn't clearly make the head and tail of this situation. It was the right time to attack.

"Max, remember to look at the greater good. A single sacrifice for a big change." The floating figure whispered.


The school was finally over.

"What was wrong with you today? You looked so absent minded?" Mark asked in concern.

"Nah it's noth-" 

Max stopped midway and then turned his head to face Mark.

"What if you are going to become a cripple tomorrow and you have the option to change that. But you have to push another person in that hell? What will you do, Mark?"

"What kind of question is this?" Mark smiled awkwardly. But when he looked at Max's eyes, he released a sigh.

The floating face leaked out an evil grin and the glow in Mark's eyes turned a bit dim. But no one seemed to notice it.

"I will take it," Mark replied.

Max looked at Mark with a blank face.

"You can't blame me. If I can have a better future, why will I ignore it?" 

"Even if it means destroying someone?" Max asked.

"It's a dog eat dog world, Max. Thousands of people die every day. What if I add one more to it? Besides, you won't understand. Being born with superior genes. You are destined to greatness. But what about me? I don't have anything, except for two old parents as a liability to look for? I am not wrong, I am doing it for them too." Mark replied with a twisted expression.

"If you don't have anything else, I am going. Unlike you, I need to worry about tomorrow." Mark said before leaving.

"You see that, Max. It's true human nature. If he can do it for two humans who he doesn't even seem to care for? Why can't you do it for the rest of humanity?"

Max stared at Mark's disappearing silhouette before turning around to leave.

The floating figure looked at Max leaving as it muttered, "What a stubborn guy? But it makes it more exciting...hahaha!!!"


The next day finally arrived and Max arrived in the auditorium. The things continued as they should. But Mark was a bit cold towards Max due to their last interaction.

Max's eyes had huge dark circles. He clearly couldn't sleep properly.

People erupted in cheers when Mark awakened. 

"Max Edwinson!"

It was Max's turn.

Max walked into the stage and moved his hand onto the awakening crystal and the rest was the same. The only difference was, Max couldn't hear the voices anymore. But he already knew what they were speaking.

Time passed…

Mark had become famous while his interactions with Max decreased.

Max's face had turned expressionless. No one could tell what he was thinking. Even the floating face seemed to be irritated.

'Did this guy break already? I wanted to see him suffer. But he is still moving. It's not over yet…' the floating figure wondered.


The door to the rooftop flung open and a group walked in.

Max turned his head to see the group. It was Mark along with a bunch of other guys who awakened with strong affinity.

"Hahaha!! Look it's the Dead cripple!! His fame can be compared to you, Mark.", One of the guys laughed.

"How dare you compare that trash with Mark?" the only girl in the group said.

"Anyway, let me clear him." A person walked forward and spoke.

"Get out of here…"

Max ignored him and tilted his head to the side looking at Mark. His face expressionless as usual.


A kick landed on Max's stomach sending him flying on the ground.

"Don't you dare to ignore me, trash?" The guy said in anger.

"Control yourself, Eren. Right, Mark?" The girl asked.

Mark looked at Max and spoke, "Let's go. I don't have any interest in a cripple like him. I don't care."

"Well, you guys can go ahead. I will be right behind you after venting out some frustration."

"I too want some. The headmaster really made me run a lot today."

"Suit yourself." Mark said before leaving with the girl.

The floating face looked at the scene with disoriented breathing. It really was exciting. It couldn't help but mutter with a twisted expression, "I can feel his emotions. Ah!!! This feeling is truly too good!! I can't have enough of it!!!"

Max returned home with injuries all over his body.

His parents were a bit shocked before a hint of disappointment flashed past his father's eyes and he walked upstairs back to his room.

"Rolv! Bring a first aid kit and treat his wound. I need to look after Lilly." Max's mom said before leaving.

Dinner was finally over. It was time to go to sleep. It was the only time when a smile appeared on Max's face.

"Brother give me a good night kiss!" Lilly ran towards Max.

Max turned around with a smile. But suddenly, a hand grabbed Lilly's shoulder.

"Come here, sweety. Your brother is tired. Let him sleep." Max's mom said with a smile.

"No!! Even Daddy told me not to play with big brother anymore. Now you don't even allow me to have a good night kiss." Lilly began to struggle in her mother's grasp.

"Take her to the room." Max's father spoke.


Only Max and his father were left in the hall. The smile on Max's face had disappeared too.

"We still don't know if you turned out to be a cripple due to a genetic problem or due to some disease. So stay away from Lilly until we find it out." His father said before leaving.

The hall soon plunged into a silence and the servants even switched off the lights not noticing Max at all.

"Humans are terrible aren't they Max? I told you didn't I? It's fine to be greedy. You still have an opportunity. Your sister has yet to awaken. I can say for sure. If your sister awakens, your parents will abandon you. Just do it. Don't think that you are doing wrong with your little sister. If she was a bit older, I doubt she would have behaved that way. Do you really wanna get abandoned again?"


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