The Ancient Genes
158 Out in the Real world
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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158 Out in the Real world

Max looked at the humongous door which seemed to be releasing a terrifying aura. His interest was piqued.

"What's behind that door, Old Man?" Max asked with a calm look.

"For the current you…. it's death." The voice replied with a hint of seriousness.

"Interesting…" Max muttered and turned around.


"You aren't gonna ask about it?" The voice asked in surprise.

"You obviously will tell me. Just look at how eager you are." Max said with a laugh.

"Every time I see you, you seem to become more and more annoying." The voice replied in frustration.

"Just get to the main point, " Max said in annoyance.

"Sigh! Kids these days…..that gate is too much for you. I made it but not for the trial." The voice replied.

"What is it for then?" Max asked.

"It's the resting place for a foe and a friend." The voice said with a deep sigh.

"A for and a friend?" Max asked.

"Yes, the loyal servant of the Heavenly Demon and one of our comrades."

"If he was alive and would have ascended with us, he would be called the God of Charm….hahhaha!!!" The voice laughed and Max could clearly sense a bit of sadness in it.

"Why have you kept them behind the door?" Max asked with raised brows.

"At their level, even after death they could cause devastation. You won't understand. Now that I think about it….it might be an opportunity for you."

"Oh! How?" Max asked in curiosity.

"When u finally reach the Supreme realm, come here. This place might help you to go ahead." The voice said.

The look in Max's eyes suddenly changed. He couldn't help but ask, "So the supreme realm isn't the end?"

"Hahaha!!! There is never an end kid. Want to know what's above?" The voice asked with a laugh.

"Nah! Forget it. I will figure it out myself once I reach there." Max waved his hand and replied nonchalantly.

"You really have changed." The voice replied.

"Oh! Have I?" Max asked curiously.

" have become more annoying." Max couldn't help but click his tongue in dissatisfaction as heard this reply.

"Anyway, you have passed the trial. I will grant you your wish." The voice spoke once again.

"I have been waiting for it…." Max said with a smile.

"Not only you but the others as well. The Cemetery will definitely crumble if I use this much energy. But I will bet everything on you and others of your generation."

"End this once and for all kid."

Before Max could say anything, a pillar of light descended enveloping Max. It was the same painful feeling that he once felt when the system was extracted from him.

But this time, Max's face remained calm. His brows didn't even flinched and he just sighed.

"Old man, you really did it. Fine then, I might as well put a bit of extra effort for you." Max muttered.




"Hahaha!!! I am finally back."

Max laughed as he looked at the familiar scenery.

The river flowing and the endless greenery. He was back here.

At this moment, a screen popped up in front of his face.

«Gene Combat System installation in process...»

« Estimated time: 7 days»

Max closed the system tabs. He was curious about it. But he couldn't control time. He had to wait.

"Let's just enjoy a bit of scenery."

He unfurled his wings and flew through the sky. He just randomly flew in a direction enjoying the breeze on his face.

" The real world feels good!" Max mumbled even though there was practically no difference between the two places.


Suddenly, a hissing noise entered Max's ears and a tail emerged from the forest and came flying towards him like a canon.


The tail struck and slowly, a snake's body emerged out of thin air. 

It was the Water Cobra. It still seemed to have remembered Max's face. Once in the past, it had almost killed Max.


The snake suddenly felt a strong grip on its tail and it hissed furiously as it tried to move. But it all ended up in vain.

At this moment, a mocking voice sounded, "You think the same trick would work twice."

The grip on its tail was released and the snake immediately coiled itself and took a defensive posture as it bared its fangs at the figure in mid-air.

"What, are you scared now?" Max smiled as he taunted.

The Water cobra's mouth began to shine with white light. It was evident that it was preparing for a breath attack.

But before it could realise, Max was already on its head.

"That really reminds me of something bad. Just close your mouth."


Max's heel slammed into the Water cobra's face sending it plummeting into the ground.


Max slowly descended and found the snake struggling to get back up. Its scales had cracked from head to tail and blood seemed to be leaking through it.

Max calmly walked towards it.

Within a few months, their position had changed. Max could feel that he was stronger.

"This is good. But not enough…." Max muttered as he raised his hand and water began to conjure around it forming a blade.

The snake looked at Max with a trace of fear in its eyes.

Max didn't even give it a second look, his eyes tranquil like water and his blade fell spilling blood all over.

"Don't you dare to kill if you don't have the resolve to die yourself." He said this words to the departing soul before further swinging his blade and chopping up the huge beast in pieces and throwing it into the spirit world.

Max turned around and noticed the Elemental Fruit tree. The tree didn't seem much bigger in comparison to others.

"Hm...I should try it...besides, It is just a waste here."

Max pulled the tree out after a bit of struggle and luckily, it entered the spirit world.

"A great day indeed." Max smiled and nodded in satisfaction.

"Its time to head back. Let's see how much the world has changed without me."


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