The Ancient Genes
159 Ishtar City
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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159 Ishtar City

"So where was I supposed to go now?" Max mumbled. It had been a few years if he counted the time in the trial. Even though only 7 months had passed in the real world.

Max closed his eyes and went into his spirit world looking for the map which he received from Kaiser a few months back.

"Where is it?" Max searched through his belongings which only contained food, ores, his weapons, and armors.

"Found it!"

Max finally found the map and as he turned around to leave, the gang was already onto him.

"Ah! Not now, guys. I am not here to play now. How about we do this later?" Max struggled as he took onto the three cubs, one centipede and a Sera.

The spirit world had not been accessible to Max in the trials. But he got chances to meet Sera and the groups during the break between the two trials.

Max couldn't clearly tell which time period his spirit realm had been in. Sera had grown a bit. The three cubs of Shadow Leopard had almost grown to the size of a normal leopard, still far from the size of their mother.

After a minute, Max finally managed to get away in the air.

"I am going out. Behave nicely." Max commanded.

But before he could leave, they started to make another ruckus. 




They have been at that for quite a while, very much eager to go outside. Max couldn't take them out in the trial. But now that they were out, it wasn't a bad idea.

"Fine, but only one of you will accompany Sera. The rest of you will take turns and wait for next time."

With Max's words, the bunch immediately turned their head towards Sera.

"One?" Sera asked in with a bit of disappointment.

"Yes!" Max didn't plan to give into her puppy like eyes. He already knew how much of a trouble it would be if he let them all out at once.

Oh, and yes. Sera had finally started to speak short words.

All the three cubs looked at Sera with puppy eyes while Juju looked calm….no, more confident. He was the one to have accompanied Sera for the longest. No wonder it was confident.

"Blackie 2!"

Sera's words made Juju's body tremble in shock while other cubs whined in complaint. Even Max couldn't help but sigh. It was his fault for letting Sera name the cubs. He had taught Sera only about a few basic things like alphabets, numbers, colors, and simple stuff back then.

Max still remembered how he had tried to change the name after Sera said 'Black 2' and almost made her cry. In the end he had to satisfy with only two more alphabets behind black.

'What was I even thinking?' Max sighed again as he thought about it.

"Let's go!"


The journey was calm. Max had become stronger and Backie 2's nose was an extra help for them.

A few days had passed very soon and one morning a screen popped out in front of Max's face.

«Gene Combat System had been installed….»

«Checking for User Identification….»

«Special Access Granted….»

«User identified…..»


«User: Max Edwinson»

«Race: Primal Human»

«Race Arts: The Ancient Manual (4th Layer) »

«Spirit: Seraphine, The Queen of Fairies»

«Spirit Art: Spiritual Fairy Art (1st Wing)»

«Gene Abilities»

★Enhanced Hearing

Allows the user to hear even small voices over a radius of 300m when concentrated.

★Advanced Elemental affinity

Allows the user to control elements at a much higher level. 

Use depends on users' proficiency.

•Fire (Medium) 

•Earth (Low)

•Water (High)

•Wind (Low)


Grants immunity to any form of oppression from mortal beings. Allows the user to exert mental pressure on opponents weaker than him. 


Adds charisma and wisdom to the user. Allows the user to share Combat Buffs to followers.



«God's Halo»

Activates when the chosen ones enters within the radius of 300m. Grants up to 10% increase in stats with each user.



•Calm Mind (Max)

•Life force (Max)

•Spear Mastery(Medium)

•Sword Mastery(Low)


•Vital Arts(Low)



•Ruler's Blessing(Low): Allows the user to have 10 followers. Grants 1% increase in overall states to all of them and 5% when followers are within a radius of 300m.

«Followers: 0»

Max looked at all the changes. His Spiritual circulation technique was finally identified and yes....he had been stuck at the first level for a while. Anyway, all his skills from before which he had mostly learned and used had turned into passive. While there were some interesting abilities that he had gained.

"Why can't I see my stats?" Max frowned.

«Spirit energy has been detected in the user's body. It varies from person to person and hence, accurate states can't be determined.»

"Ignore the spirit energy and just show me the basic stats…." Max asked.

«Calculating… »


«Strength: 68»

«Agility: 75 »

«Intelligence: 80»

«Endurance: 70»


Max looked at his stats and nodded. It seemed reasonable to him. As for vitality, with the Life force, it was truly impossible to determine.

"System, what are the different skill levels?" Max asked in curiosity as the question emerged in his mind.

« The skill levels are divided between Low, Medium, High, Advance, and Max. The following level only shows the User's understanding of the skill. Depending on the type of skill, its applicability may vary with Users stats »

"I see." Max replied before closing the screen tab and looking for the chat box.

Max tried to type some messages. But a notification popped out.

«Chat Box is empty»

"Why is it empty?" Max asked the system.

«The rest of the user's have yet to attain the required foundation and hence the system is dormant until they are ready for it.»



Max really wanted to test his new skill. But he controlled himself. There was no one for him to test on.

Sera was more than just a follower. As for the rest of the gang, Max would rather form a beast contract with them rather than wasting his precious 10 slots.

"Well, I will find the right person."


4 more days had passed and Max had finally arrived at Ishtar City.

Max didn't have many plans here. He just needed to check a few things before he would leave for the capital.

The Barnes family, one of the 12 Noble Houses, was well known for its good deeds here.

There was another thing that this city was famous for.

Its red light district. 

Max clearly knew the true owner behind it and hence had his suspicions about it.

Max walked calmly as he entered the city gates.


Suddenly a person passed by and Max felt something within him react. He tried to reach the red hooded figure but before he could grab it, it had disappeared in the crowd and a message had popped out.

«Passive Buff «God's Halo» had been activated granting 10% increase in stats»


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