The Ancient Genes
162 Monster
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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162 Monster

Max could clearly sense several people moving towards them. He couldn't understand why he couldn't just take alleys as a shortcut like normal people. Why did he get into trouble in alleyways?


Max's eyes suddenly turned clear like a crystal. He had activated his transformation and entered the state where his senses had been heightened to the utmost limit.

'8 people on rooftops...4 behind us...4 ahead….6 High level, 3 mid level, and the rest are all low level Mages.'

Max looked at Lear whose aura had started to change. There was a grim look in his eyes.

'He has definitely killed before. It seems it's not his first time being attacked. He looks pretty calm for it.' Max analysed the situation.

"Here, take this and try to get out when you have the chance." Lear said as he threw a locket towards Max without giving him a glance.

"Aren't you a nice guy." Max said with a laugh. He never thought that this guy would actually do something like this.

"You only realise that now?" Lear shook his head as he raised his hand. The next instant, the dustbins, the metal pipes and all the pieces of metal flew towards him like a magnet.




'What the f*ck….thats cool.' Max looked at the metal arm which was many times larger than his own but it wasn't time to admire.

Max took a step back and went into stealth before jumping onto a small extension above the wall planning to enjoy the scene.

' Is he controlling them with his mana no….more like fusing his mana with it. Strengthening them and then using them. Just like any other element user does with his element.'

"You still want an invitation?!" Lear shouted in the empty alleyway and a few men finally showed themselves. They had covered their faces and a bloody aura was emanating from them.

Professional killers!


Lear looked at the people, this wasn't the first time. He couldn't understand it. Why? Why was it happening again? He was just trash? Clearly, not interested in the position of Lord.

"I know you probably won't answer. But I still want to ask. Who has sent you?"


As expected, there wasn't any reply. Lear scanned all the people around him.

'Melee weapons...there aren't any long rangers. They must be still hiding. I need to be careful.'

Max looked at the scene with interest. He could smell the weird odour emanating from the weapons of these people.

'Poison….the smell is not strong. Is it for paralyzing? What are they after?'

At this moment, all the 8 people moved at once. The mana in the surrounding surged and a fierce gale of wind was kicked above.

'All of them have the wind element!' Max's eyes widened in surprise. 

This didn't seem like a coincidence. Wind element users are faster and stealthier than any other Mages of the same level. 

Lear looked at all the incoming blades and used his giant metal hand and hugged his own body around.


All the blades made a clanging noise and were deflected.

Lear used this opportunity and took a step forward.

"Crack!" The pavement cracked as he pulled his huge metal fist and slammed it into the two guys in front of him.


The two guys flew like a kite with broken strings before slamming into the end of the alley.

'That was powerful. Even I would have a problem taking that head on.' Max thought as he looked at the battle.

The attack revealed an opening in Lear's defense and the rest of the guys immediately jumped in.

'He is strong but can he move with that huge thing?' Max thought as he glanced at the rooftops.

The next instant, the pieces of metal on Lears's body shifted from his hands towards his body.


The attacks were deflected again except for two.


A short sword with a high intensity wind  cut through the pieces of metal along with Lear's mana barrier and the next person came planning to plunge his sword right into Lear's chest but Lear's instinct kicked in time and he managed to avoid a fatal attack.

"F*ck! True spells!" Lear cursed through his gritted teeth as he blocked the flowing blood with a chunk of metal.

'Idiot! Why isn't he activating his true spell? Those two high level assassin's can clearly control their power. Even though this idiot may not be as good as them, as long as he raises a commotion, he would have a chance.' Max frowned as he looked at the situation when a realisation struck him.

'Don't tell me, he is afraid that his facade as a trash will be revealed if he uses his power…...he really doesn't care for his life enough.' Max sighed as the thought crossed his mind.

At this moment, Lear moved. He fired a bunch of metal scraps behind before making a dash in the narrow alley straight towards the two people in front of him. 

The two guys immediately attacked with wind blades planning to stall him till the rest of the guys could catch up and surround him again.

But, at this moment, the mana around Lear began to surge and he dived like an animal with all his four limbs in air and before he landed, the metals around his body moved to form a wild beast shaped frame with sharp jaws and claws.

The metal beast pounced on the guy ahead tore apart his head with its jaws when the people behind managed to catch up.


The high level mages attacked with full force and the pieces of metal began to fell down from the frame.

Lear obviously didn't plan to stay and get killed. He moved and kicked the wall on the side before jumping over the guy in the front and making a dash.

The rest of the guys immediately chased after him.

'He really is a monster….' Max mumbled as he followed behind.


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