The Ancient Genes
163 Meeting an Old Foe
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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163 Meeting an Old Foe

The chase continued and Lear's beast frame began to crumble after repeated barrages of attack.

'F*ck! They are fast. I can't lose them like this. Raising a commotion….no I can't do it.'

Lear took in a deep breath before finally making his decision. He would fight it out.

In the midst of the chase, his body suddenly made a turn and out of everyone's expectation, he lunged like a ferocious beast.

The people behind him weren't expecting the change of events. Hence, the unlucky one in the lead died a terrible death.

'4 more to go….It doesn't look like he will last long. It seems this true spell is too difficult for him to maintain.'

Max suddenly turned his head towards the rooftop. It seemed they were finally about to make a move.

'Well, I might as well give him a hand.'

Max pushed his body and with a slight jump, he was already onto the rooftop and a spear with a red tip emerged out of thin air right in his hand.

Max looked at the group of people concentrating on the battle below without even realising what was coming from them.

Max smiled as he took a step forward and threw his spear like a javelin straight towards one of the High level mage.


When the people noticed that someone had died, Max had already moved in with a dagger in his hand.

His dagger moved and Max sliced the person's head before sending him flying with a kick.

The next instant, dozens of spells flew towards Max. These guys were really long-ranged fighters.

Max tilted his body and barely dodged the earth spikes flying toward him before raising an earth wall with a stomp.


The ball of flames struck the earth wall and it cracked before finally falling on the next attack.

By this time, Max had already moved to the other side and retrieved his spear.

' earth element is still weak…' Max thought as he ducked to dodge the incoming blade. He then swung his spear striking two of the guys and sending them flying out of the rooftop.

At this moment, the High level Mages activated their true spells and attacked.

Max could clearly feel the heat from the flames in the man's hand as he dodged every single fist of his.

'F*ck! It will definitely hurt.'

Max noticed two of the guys moving towards his left and right. He was getting surrounded.

The next second, the guys on the side touched the floor and two thick blocks of walls emerged from the floor trapping Max's retreat route while the guy with flames moved in.

"Die!!"  The man screamed as he struck right at Max's head.


Flames burst out of his hands and exploded right in front of Max. The impact from the explosion was so strong that it led to the formation of multiple cracks on the earth wall.


"Is he dead?" One of the guy's asked.

"He should be. I burned more than half of my mana in the attack. It should have burned him to ashes."

The four people stared at the smoke rising from the place of explosion. 

When the smokes dissipated, there was nothing but burn marks left along with a hole in the roof.

"It seems he is dead-"


Before the high level earth mage could even complete his sentence, a hand covered in a water blade had emerged from his chest.

Max had transformed with his wings out and dodged the attack at the right moment successfully fleeing into the air.

While this guys were busy staring at the smoke, he was already on their back.


Max pulled his hand out of the man's body letting him slowly fall to the ground.

Everyone looked at the scene in horror.

Max looked extremely calm. There wasn't even a slight change in his expression as he killed the guy, as if it was a normal thing to do.

"What are you looking at? It's your turn next." Max said seriously. He wasn't planning on playing around anymore. Lear's situation looked a bit dire after all.


Within the next few minutes the three high level mages were dead. As Max swung his balde on the last guy, he suddenly noticed something and stopped.

"It's you!" Max said in surprise.

The guy didn't respond. Terror had already taken over his senses. Max just used the hilt of his dagger to knock him out before moving to help Lear.

He would deal with this guy later. 

When Max got down, Lear's beast frame had shattered completely with only a claw left hanging there. There were injuries all over his body but it didn't look fatal. 

'He's good but sadly he has completely exhausted himself. His legs are shaking. He could barely stand at this moment.'

On the other hand, two of the High level mages were still left standing. One of them had a deep cut on the chest while the other seemed fine.

With Max's appearance, they immediately turned vigilant and the man in better shape turned towards him.

"The guys above are dead. Do you really wanna do this?" Max said calmly.

The two guys stiffened for a bit and Lear immediately took the opportunity springing into action.


His metal claws drove into the injured man's stomach and he fell along with him in exhaustion.

The second immediately turned around with his sword but before he could do anything, Max's spear had pierced his throat.

Lear looked at Max standing there with a calm look.

"What are you looking at? I won't let you die until you pay me back." Max said as he pulled Lear on his back and then jumped back onto the roof to get that guy.

Max waves his hand and a ball of water fell on the unconscious guy's face waking him up.


"Wh-Where am I!!"

Max kicked the guy and spoke with a smile, "Don't you remember me? I have got a lot of questions for you."

The guy felt a chill running down his spine as he looked at the smile on Max's face. He couldn't remember meeting a devil like him.

"You don't remember? We seem to have met almost a year ago and you almost killed me."  Max's face turned dark as he spoke his last sentence and kicked the guy in anger.

"Still have no idea? Arcane kidnapping incident…. We met during the incident when you killed one of the mercenaries who had taken the job of investigating the case. You tried to kill me too, remember now?" Max asked calmly.

The guy's eyes widened in surprise, "You! You are that psychic kid?!!"


If you guys don't remember this incident, it should be around chapter 21-22


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