The Ancient Genes
168 Auction Begins
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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168 Auction Begins

Max slowly headed back towards the VIP room. He couldn't do anything. The security was too tight. A wise man knew when to fight and when to back down.

''Hm….' Max noticed that the staff member's behavior had changed. Their slightly hunched backs had turned upright. They seemed to be working much more diligently.

'Don't tell me some big shot is coming? Well, it hasn't got anything to do with me.'

Max quietly left the hallway and after a few minutes, a commotion rose on the entrance.

The manager of the auction house immediately ran out to welcome the person and to most people's surprise, it was a young man in his 20s. He looked good and had an average height. There seemed to be an aura of nobility around him.

"Welcome, Sir! It's my pleasure to be able to serve you." The manager respectfully said to the man.

He clearly knew about this man's identity. He was the youngest son of the Dark Lord. The leader of the Dark Society.

"You don't need to be so respectful. I heard that you have got some nice items today at the auction." The man said to the manager with a lecherous smile as they began to walk towards the auction house.

"S-Sir...we have already enlisted them in auction and even...Lady Leviathan has checked the list." The manager felt sweat on his forehead from the man's gaze.

"Now...Mr. Manager, won't you do this junior a little favor." The young man's smile looked like a scythe in the eyes of the manger which would fall on his refusal.

As he was wondering how to reply, the guard behind spoke, "You should hold yourself back, this is her territory. If she were to go crazy even I wouldn't be able to do anything."

The manager looked at the guard who dared to speak like that to this man.

But on a closer look, the guard was not in the regular uniform like other guards.

He was wearing a long black coat. His hands and the lower part of his face were covered in bandages.

"She really is crazy. If it wasn't for her attitude, I might have hired her for a night's service."

Once the word left the guy's mouth, the entire entrance turned deathly still. Many people looked at the Man with a fierce gaze. But no one dared to make a move.

The manager felt his scalp go cold. Everyone knew that the Lady never provided any kind of service. She was the most respected figure and had done very much for the residents of the district.

If it wasn't for the fact that the Manger had been talking so nicely to this person, the people would have already taken action.

"Well then, I might as well as spend a bit of money on the items. It's just a bunch of numbers for me. I hope you have got some young and fiery things to entertain me, Mr. Manager." The young man said with a grin ignoring the gazes of the people around.


On the other end, Max who was just about to open the door to the VIP room halted his actions.

'Well isn't it turning lively today.' Max thought as his face turned a bit dark.

He could clearly feel an ominous aura in the air. It was unpleasant. He had felt it before too.

Demonic Presence!


Max entered the VIP room and took a seat. It was not the right time to be doing any investigation. The auction house had a good security.

The auction began within a few minutes, The first few items were just like warm up exercises and not many people raised a bid.

Max on the other hand, still found it hard to believe that even the warm up items went up to 300000 zen.

"Ladies and gentlemen! We have got a rare mana treasure here. It's especially good for people with fire elements." The host said as an assistant uncovered the case.

"Flame Lotus!"

The hall immediately turned into chaos. It was one heck of an item. It was helpful in training the element. But what made it famous was that; feeding it to an unawakened after following a proper procedure could increase the chances of awakening the fire element. At least, that's what the rumors said.

"Let's start the bidding. It's base price is 500000 zen. Every bid must be of 50000 zen each."





"1.3 Million zen….1...2..3…" the auctioneer struck with his hammer closing the bid.

"People are going too far just for a baseless rumor." Lear shook his head.

"You can only say that because you have not seen or felt what it means to be powerless. Even if it's baseless, as long as people can buy this hope. They will." Max calmly replied while the auction continued.

Each and every item was now going for a massive amount, crossing a million zen. Even Max began to expect how much his ore could earn him.

"Finally, it's here." Lear said with a smile.

Max could also feel the heavy earth elemental mana fluctuation from the thing being brought in.

"Ladies and gentlemen! We have one of the rarest products here today. It was a fornutar encounter of an adventurer in Orena when he came across this miracle of nature."

The auctioneer pulled off the covering revealing a sparkling black colored sand.

"Charred Metallic Sand?" Max said in confusion.

This was a 5★ ore and a rare one too. After all, it was one of the few ores which had 100% mana absorption rate. But it was useful to blacksmiths and people who were looking to make light armors. 

Lear obviously didn't need armor as he could easily make one with his element.

"Yes! It's more useful for me than you could even think about." Lear said with a smile.

The starting bid was 600000 zen.

"Look carefully Max this is how you shut everyone's mouth in a single bid." Lear said with an arrogant look as he went up to raised the bid.

" 1 Millio-"

But he was interrupted mid way by another voice.

"2 Million Zen!"


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