The Ancient Genes
169 Trouble Begins
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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169 Trouble Begins

"2 Million Zen!"

The hall immediately turned silent. Everyone turned to look towards the VIP room which the voice came from accompanied by a powerful aura.

The starting bid was 600000 zen and it tripled in an instant. People could feel that the guy was dead set on buying and it was a clear statement too.

'It's mine.'

Most people who were thinking of trying immediately gave up. It wasn't worth it in their eyes; not to mention it might not be a good choice to go against the VIP who had clearly shown such strong intentions to buy the item.

The auctioneer frowned at this event. He knew that such things could adversely affect the price of items and this was already the fourth time that person had done something like that.

Max too had noticed that the person in the VIP room in the opposite lobby who seemed to be trying to intimidate the buyers.

"Is there anyone else who wants to bid, if not...this item goes to…"

Max looked at Lear who was still in a daze and spoke, " You don't wanna buy it? It's going to be sold."

"Ah!! 2.5 million!!!!" Lear shouted just before the auctioneer struck the hammer for the third time.

"Phew! That was close." Lear wiped the sweat off his forehead.

"3 Million!"

People weren't even done turning their heads around when the person in the opposite lobby further increased the bid.

"F*ck! He thinks he has got more money than me...huh! Let me show you how big this trashy lord's wallet is!" Lear snorted before raising the bid again.

"You are trash indeed." Max nodded in approval.

"Shut up!" Lear growled in anger.


The bidding war continued and things started to get heated up. The people watched in interest while the auctioneer now had a wide smile on his face.

In the blink of an eye, the bid had crossed a 18 million zen. Neither side seemed to be willing to give up.

"Do you really need to go that far? It's only a 5★ ore not a 5★ weapon." Max calmly said.

"It's worth it. Besides, I only came here to buy it. It doesn't matter if I end up spending more than a normal 5★ weapon." Lear replied calmly.

"20 million!"  The opponent further increased the bid.

"This B*tch! It's not going to end like this. Let me get out." Lear said as he kicked the door of the balcony.

"Why don't you show yourself, Mister? I am dead set on buying this thing. How about you give me your limit and we could get it over with?" Lear asked with a smile but everyone could feel the arrogance in his voice. 

It must be a rude action for a person of his status but who didn't know about the trash of Ishtar. None of the people expected him to behave like a noble. They looked at him with a disgusted look on their faces.

At this moment, the door of the balcony in the opposite lobby opened and a young, good looking man in his 20s walked out.

"Well, it indeed had become pretty annoying. But let me tell you that I will pay more than you can."

Lear frowned and turned towards the auctioneer before speaking, "We aren't going to get anywhere like this?"

The auctioneer stepped up. This wasn't the first time that a situation like this had occurred. He has experienced a lot in his career. Rich people are willful. If they want, they would spend money like water on ordinary things just for some stupid ego clashes. 

"Sir, According to the auction house rules, the current liquidate funds you are carrying will be your max limit and will be decided to declare the winner. We don't accept any delays in payments, so if you are planning to get more money, it won't work. So both the parties can immediately tell their maximum bid and let our staff members verify it." The auctioneer said calmly.

"50 million!" Lear said with a calm look. This was the amount he was carrying with him. If he knew that he would have met a person like him, he would have brought more liquidate funds with him.

Even though he acted like trash, he didn't spend as much money as people thought of. Even the golden carriage was just gold in color and not real gold like the rumors he spread.

A staff member came to the room and Lear threw his card for verification before turning around to look at the person in the opposite lobby.

"What do you mean I can only use the Liquidate funds? Don't you know who I am? Just use your dumb brain. Everything here belongs to me….you seem to have got some extra gutts."

The auctioneer suddenly felt sweat sliding down his forehead. He was just doing his job.

The manager who was sitting in another lobby too came out to the balcony trying to persuade the man.

"Sir, please try to understand. This has been the rule. It is a b-"

"You really don't seem to be aware of things and your place." The Young man said with an arrogant look on his face.

"No! It's you who don't know your place." The charming voice instantly mesmerized everyone. But only a few people felt the subtle aura that accompanied it.

"This isn't your home and nothing here belongs to you. If you don't want to follow the rules and want to raise a commotion, you better be prepared for the consequences."

"Even God can't save you much less someone else...." There was a tinge of mockery in the lady's voice.

The man looked at the lobby where the voice came from with a clear rage in his eyes. But before he could speak anything, a voice entered his ears, "Don't be foolish. Even if you don't die, you won't end up in a good shape."

The Young man held his anger back. He had already spent around 20 million and the main item that he came looking for had still not appeared yet. If he spent 50 million here, he might not be able to get that.

"This b*tch…. I will remember it…" the man mumbled before returning to his room.


"Haha!!! That was good. I don't know who that lady was but I liked her. Should I ask for her number." Lear said with a smile. He had finally got his hands on the thing which he came for.

"Best of luck…."

Max said with a forced smile. He clearly felt that aura since his senses were a lot stronger than average mages. He could probably guess the person's identity.

"Hm…. Iron Clay! Damn! I should have brought more money " Lear said in frustration as he looked at the new item on stage.


Max's items had been sold and he had earned around 25 million which was quite high from his expectation.

" went for so low…." Only Lear seemed to disagree.

A few minutes passed….

"Aren't we done?" Max suddenly asked. He didn't find any interest in staying here and looking at the sale of slaves.

"Don't you wanna see the main item? I have heard that it's quite wonderful around this time." Lear said with a meaningful smile.

Max frowned at his expression. He didn't feel any good but only an ominous feeling.

"Look it's here!" Lear said in excitement.

Max turned his head and the next moment, he felt the world slowing down. His eyes widened as he slowly stood up and stared at the auction stage in disbelief. 

"Are you serious…."


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