The Ancient Genes
171 Chaos in Red Light District 2
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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171 Chaos in Red Light District 2

Max left the auction house after receiving his payment and blended into the crowd like an ordinary person. His eyes were calm as he stared at the entrance.

People were leaving the auction house every minute.

Max calmly sipped the tea on a nearby stall as he continued to observed the scene.

Very soon, the Lear's golden carriage left the auction house too.

Max looked at the carriage leaving and spoke, "Why are you here?"

Lear who was sipping the tea on the side looked towards him before speaking, "You still haven't made things clear. We need to talk. Besides, I will be watching from the sidelines. It seems interesting."

Max felt a bit irritated looking at his grin as Lear dipped the cookies in the cup of tea.

After 20 minutes, a group of people finally emerged from the auction house.

Max could see that person being accompanied by his guards. He looked a bit irritated and seemed to be grumbling.

At this moment, a guard appeared and a girl followed behind with a lock on her neck.

"Sir! This is the key." The guard said as he handed a card to the Young man.

The man took the card and slid it into his pocket while gazing at the girl in the red hood with a fierce look in his eyes. That woman had humiliated her today, he needed to let this frustration out and she seemed to be a great choice.

"Come here!"

The girl's shoulder trembled a bit before she moved towards the Young man.

The guy looked at her carefully before touching her chin and lifting her face. He gazed into her eyes and an evil grin leaked onto his face.

'Look at her, giving that calm look while her eyes and trembling body is clearly showing how scared she is. This is my favorite type….hahaha!!' The man inwardly laughed.

"Let's go, I heard that the Pleasure Tower has got quite a room service. I will see it for myself today."

The look in Max's eyes had turned chilly. He heard everything and he could even sense the girl's trembling.

She had been acting tough all this time but was clearly scared.

"A*shole! The girl clearly looked scared." Lear was the one to speak his thoughts out. He had a frown on his face. He wouldn't have cared about it if he didn't watch this scene. This only made him feel even more disgusted towards that guy.

Max suddenly stood up and started walking while Lear followed behind.

"You sure about this? Even if you wanna watch it, I am not sure if it will be safe or not?" Max asked calmly.

"I will do whatever I want." Lear calmly replied.

Max shook his head with a smile as he waved his hand and pieces of clothes appeared from thin air.

Max threw a pair of cloak and a mask towards Lear while he slowly put onto his own. It had been a while since he had taken the form of Shura.

He had made this identity to fight the demons and Max didn't know that today, it was all going to come true.

"You seemed very prepared." Lear said being quite impressed.


"I thought this was your first time here. But you are moving like you know the place quite well." Lear said with a smirk but Max ignored him.

"Where are we going?" Lear asked.

"Towtards the Pleasure Tower." Max replied calmly.

"That's a high class place. It's going to be troublesome." Lear said with a frown.

"I know. But it's not like I have got any options. If I can't stop them before they reach that place, I will have to barge in somehow." 


On another side...

Ethena Leviathan was headed back to the Pleasure Tower as well.

"My Lady, it seems that the Young Lord is heading towards the Pleasure tower." The servant informed the person in the back seat.

"Leave him be. If he crosses the line, he will pay for it." The lady replied calmly.

"My Lady…" The servant, Venus, hesitated a bit and Ethena seemed to have sensed it.

"Speak up…"

Her voice shook Venus up and she immediately started talking, "The slave contract which…"

"I know. But the girl herself didn't make any objections. I couldn't do anything for her. Besides, the look in her eyes. She wouldn't leave for long. She would rather accept death than humiliation."

"This…" Venus was shocked by the lady's words.

"I am not here to do free service. If you want help, you need to pay in return. After all, we are strangers. But it didn't seem she wanted to even ask for help." 

"Then is she…." Venus asked but didn't continue further.

"Most probably, but this is her choice…" 


"What are we doing here?" Lear asked Max in the middle of the main road. The vehicles honked as they passed by them and people cursed at them for standing in the middle of the road.

"I need you to use your ability and plant spikes in the ground. They will arrive here within a few minutes." Max asked as he pointed towards the road.

"It's an easy job!" Lear replied with a smile. He was eager to test out the metal sand that he had bought out the auction.

He put both of his hands in his bag and took two hands full of black colored sand and threw it on the road; to Max's surprise, the sand seeped into the road and completely disappeared.

"Just wait and watch! Spikes, I will show you what it can truly do." Lear said with a smirk.

Max stared at the guy with a thought in his head but he didn't say it out loud, 'I thought you were going to watch from the sidelines.'

Both of them slowly disappeared and took a suitable position with the road in sight.

A few minutes passed and finally, it appeared. The vehicles roared and moved at a fast pace and just as they were about to cross the spot.

Lear clasped his hand and the mana began to fluctuate.

"Here we go!!"


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