The Ancient Genes
172 Battle of Ishtar 1
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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172 Battle of Ishtar 1

"Here we go!!" 

Lear's excited voice entered Max's ears which was followed by a loud bang.

Max immediately turned his head and the next thing he saw was the vehicle in the front flying through the air before crashing into the divider.

The two vehicles behind immediately pulled their brakes skidding through the street and making a stop before the Lear's traps.

The people on the streets freaked out at this event.

"I am not done yet…." Lear muttered with a smile. He then clenched his fist and brought it up before making a sharp left turn in the air.

The metal sand which had been lying dormant reacted to Lear's gesture and emerged from the road in the form of a spike before flying straight towards the nearest vehicle.

It seemed that the spike would pierce the front glass impaling the drive along with it. 

The people on the streets fled in panic seeing that a fight was about to break out. No one wanted to get involved in such things.

Suddenly, Max felt the temperature dropping down and a chill ran down his spine. The ominous aura which he had sensed a while ago became increasingly strong.

Lear who was controlling the spike too felt odd all of a sudden.

At this moment, the spike which had been flying towards the vehicle suddenly stopped.

No…. it was stopped.

A man in a long black coat with bandages over his body stood on the hood of the vehicle. His hands which were covered in bandages were releasing a black colored aura. Most importantly, he had caught the spike with his bare hand.

The man calmly turned his eyes and their eyes met. Lear felt a chill from the man's gaze and shuddered unconsciously.

"F*ck! Who was that!!"

 An angry voice came from the vehicle and the man calmly replied, "Nothing, it's just some pest."

"Catch them for me. These bastards have been causing a lot of trouble every now and then."

 It seemed that this wasn't the first time that this Young man had been attacked.

"You can leave it to me. I will catch up within a minute." the man in bandages calmly replied.

The two vehicles behind slowly left and the man looked at the third vehicle which had been overturned as he spoke, "You can try that thing if you are still alive. It is your last chance."

He then turned around looking towards Lear and Max before taking a step. The spike in his hand gave a cracking noise and crumbled away.

Lear's face turned pale and he stammered, " H-He broke my mana connection!"

"I can see that…" Max muttered with a grim look as he saw the vehicles leaving from the corner of his eyes.

"Hm...where did he go?" Lear suddenly realized that the man was missing.

He suddenly felt a tug on his shoulder and noticed that Max had pulled him behind. His eyes turned wide as he realized that the aura around Max had changed. He was giving an overbearing aura and most importantly, the guy had black wings sprouting from his back.


Lear who was in a state of shock felt a chill as he saw the spot where he stood crumbling away with a stomp from the bandaged man's foot who seemed to have teleported out of nowhere.

Max flapped his wings and flew with all his might as he tightly grabbed onto Lear's hand.

Lear felt the strong gust of wind breeze past his face. The situation was quite shocking for him. It was so fast that he still couldn't make head and tail of it when Max's voice entered his ears.

"I don't have an option, Lear."

"I will stop him. Go and rescue her."

" I know it might be impossible to believe me. But what I told you that day was true."

"The world is in danger. Just believe me!…..your decision will affect the entire humanity today...don't disappoint me."

" I am betting everything on you!! We are already on the losing end. If we lose this bout, it might be irreversible for us."

Before Lear could say anything, Max had already sent him flying with all his strength.


Max looked at his fist and clenched it in frustration. In the end, he still needed to depend on Lear.

He slowly turned his head around and saw the guy on the ground who was looking pretty calm.

'I will stop him.' 

Max slowly descended. He could feel that the guy was radiating a strong ominous aura.

This guy was definitely a demon.

"Now that's strange. You have got some unique ability." The man calmly said as he observed Max.

"You look pretty calm too. Your Master might die any time." Max calmly replied.

"If you are talking about that guy. I don't think he is capable enough." the man replied as the black colored aura started to leak out of his body.

Max smiled as a spear with a red tip appeared in his hands.

The duo stood at their spot neither one of them making any move. But the air around them had already become deathly still. 

One mistake and the momentum would be stolen.

The situation lasted for a minute before Max moved. His hands turned into a blur and his body followed.

The man in black coat responded equally and his black colored aura surged like a tide moving to block Max's attack.


The attack sent shockwaves throughout the nearby area. The building and the road in the vicinity cracked while the weak one's crumbled away.


Ishtar City Gate.

At this moment, a familiar person with brown hair, carrying a sword on his waist entered the city.

On a closer look, the man seemed to have a scar on his face. His cloak fluttered in the wind revealing his mechanical arm.

He looked at the old worn down slip on his hands which seemed to contain some words and symbols.

It seemed to have an address at the very bottom too.

"Pleasure Tower, Red Light District, Ishtar City."


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