The Ancient Genes
173 Battle of Ishtar 2
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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173 Battle of Ishtar 2

Red Light District, Ishtar City.

The streets were packed with people as usual. People could be seen accompanying escorts to the hotels nearby.

Suddenly, a person seemed to have seen something in the sky. His eyes widened in surprise as if he had seen a ghost and he screamed at the top of his lungs before diving aside.


As soon as the man moved, a huge metal ball crashed into the spot. The impacts shattered the pavement and sent a storm of dust flying into the air as if an explosion had occurred.

The people began to panic as if a bomb had exploded and no one seemed to have noticed a silhouette dashing out from the point of impact.

Lear emerged from the cloud of dust. His clothes had worn down from the impact, but he looked fine. Only his facial expressions were grim.

"What the hell is going on?! He wants me to f*cking believe that sh*t!!" Lear cursed in anger even though he was clearly moving towards the pleasure tower.



Two forces clashed once again as the high pace battle continued to rage on.

The building and roads in the nearby vicinity were entirely in shambles. There wasn't a single person aside from the two within the 500m radius.


Max flew out and landed on his feets as he skidded through the broken pavement. He immediately raised his head and looked at the person in front who was oozing out the creepy aura.

"It isn't only mana. I sense something different. Don't tell me, you are from the Ancient families?" The man suddenly spoke with a smile as his eyes gleamed.

Max looked at him with a wary look. This guy wasn't weak. The more Max fought, the more he seemed to be on the losing end.

"Aren't you pretty weak for a demon?" Max calmly smiled. He needed to hold this guy as much as he could and possibly kill at the same time, if he had a chance.

"So you are indeed one of those. What a lucky day. If I can get you, I might be able to get another chance at it." The man smiled and the bandages on his mouth stretched out.

'What is this guy talking about?'

Max thought that it was a chance. If he could get the guy to talk, it might get him something useful.

But much to his disappointment, the man seemed to be excited after assuming that Max was from an Ancient family. He moved and this time, it was not a joke.


The man closed in at the speed of light and Max too reacted. But, Max was the slower one.

The punch landed on the spear shaft. At first, it seemed to have blocked the attack but the next instant, the bandages on the man's body busted apart and the next thing Max knew was a sweet taste in his mouth before he crashed into the debris of a destroyed structure.


'F*ck! What was that?'

Max kicked the concrete slab and the sight which greeted him made his face dark.

The bandages on the man's body had disappeared along with his upper wear.

Max was shocked to see that this guy wasn't normal like a human. His top body was pitch black and it had weird scales like extensions. His mouth was oddly large like that of a beast with sharp teeth which had been covered in bandages all along.

The aura around him was surging like a tide and Max could feel the terrifying might radiating from it.

Max slowly stood up. He didn't have the liberty to hold back anymore or else he truly might die today.

The spirit energy began to emerge from his temple region as Max felt his senses becoming sharper and sharper.

"Let's try it then, I am a bit excited."  Max mumbled as water in the atmosphere began to conjure. 

Within a few seconds, a huge ball of water had conjured above Max's head. Max used his spear and drew  an arc through the ball of water. 

The water followed the Spears lead like a thread attached to the needle. But within a few seconds, the ordinary looking thread took a form.

The form of a Dragon.

This was what Max had managed to achieve after eating the elemental fruit. His own water True spell.

The man seemed to have sensed something. He suddenly stretched out his arms and the black aura around him flew like bullets towards Max.

Max took the action. His feet moved in a swift pattern as he dodged the attacks. The water dragon seemed to have a consciousness of its own as it coordinated with Max's steps and blocked half of the attacks.

When Max was only a few meters away, he made a leap in the air and then immediately flapped his wings to make a sharp turn in mid air as he descended at an extreme speed and brought all the momentum to his advantage as he struck.

The water dragon roared as it bared its fang and….


The land shook and the ground in the area caved in. Dust rose in the air and the sight was visible throughout the city.

This was Max's current strength.

Destructive and Swift like a dragon….

Arcane Building, Orca Magic Academy, Capital Orca.

On the very top floor of the building, a man seemed to be busy doing his paperwork. Suddenly, his phone rang.

It was William Kingsman, the Headmaster of the Arcane Magic Academy.


"It's me Stark…"

"How is it?" He asked with a sigh.

"No news." A depressed voice replied from the other end.

"It's been months already. I think he wasn't the one...the elders have already made the decision. Are you still looking for the kid?" He asked.

"Of course, even if he isn't the one. He is my student! Besides, I still believe it's him." 

"Well, I will inform you if I find anything." The headmaster replied before he hung up the phone.

At this moment, his assistant entered the room.

"Sir, this is a letter for you…." She passed it to him.

The Headmaster looked at it as if it was an unicorns' horn. 

'Who in hell sends  letters these days?'

He tore the envelope and took it out…

'Hello, Sir! It's my pleasure to communicate with you again. I am using this kind opportunity to present you a fact that I, Max Edwinson, am still alive and kicking. I have no idea about my master's current location. So please inform him about me.

With regards, 

Max.                                                         '

The letter left the headmaster dumbfounded for various reasons. It took him a while before he crushed the paper in rage.

Max hadn't given him much information. If he still ignored the thousand other reasons to not get angry. But he still couldn't help but grit his teeth in anger because of the way which this letter was written in.



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