The Ancient Genes
174 Battle of Ishtar 3
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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174 Battle of Ishtar 3

Smoke rose from the red light district, people knew that something was going on.

At the site of chaos….

Max flew out of the smoke, blood leaking from the corner of his mouth. His face was a bit pale and he seemed to be injured.

'That b*stard!'

Max looked at the smoke with a grim look in his eyes.


The smoke suddenly blew away with a strong gust of wind and the man walked out of it with a crazy smile on his face.

One of his limbs was missing and black blood was flowing out of the wound like a river. But the man didn't seem to be bothered at all. He only seemed to have his eyes on Max.

"F*cking Psycho!! He traded his arm for an attack…"

When Max was cursing, he realised that the black colored aura was moving towards the man's severed arm. The next instant, it flew towards him before attaching itself back like it was never severed to begin with.


Max cursed as he flapped his wings and flew above in the air. When he was at reasonable height, he raised one hand in front and tucked another towards his waist. His fists clenched as tightly as they could as he muttered, "I don't believe u won't die. I will burn you to death."


Max's entire body was set ablaze and he appears like a mini sun in the sky shocking the people in the city.

The mana around him surged like tides in the ocean and the fire which was burning, suddenly started to take a form.

Within a minute, it had already formed into a vague figure. Even though it's features were not visible, the one thing which was very clear was the wings of flames. It was a bird.

It was Max's True spell, but this time, it was the fire element.

"Flames of Nirvana!!"

With Max's fist, the flames rain down engulfing the land.


Lear suddenly turned his head and he could see the huge explosion.

"F*ck! What is that? Is it even at the level of humans?" He muttered with a grim look on his face. He was very clear about his own powers and he could never do something like that.

The pleasure tower was already within his sight and within a few minutes he was there.

Lear calmly entered the tower. The guard gave him an odd look. It was rare that people came to this place alone. But how could he dare to say anything to this man? After all, there wasn't a single person in Ishtar who possibly didn't know about Lear.

Lear calmly passed the entrance and reached the reception desk. He smiled at the receptionist as he asked, "Lady, a friend of mine just came here. I forgot to give him something. Could you tell me which room he is in?" 

The receptionist looked at Lear and flinched. She seemed to have realised who he was. But she still forced a fake smile and replied, "Sir, can you please tell me your friend's name?"

Lear froze at her question. He didn't know. 


'Damn! It seems I will have to use my thick face.'

"I forgot!"

The lady blinked her eyes and spoke again, "Sorry Sir, it seems I misheard you."

"I forgot his name. He came with a few guards in a black car. He also had a girl with a red hood with him."

The lady looked at Max with wide eyes as if telling him 'You want me to believe it?!'

Lear felt his face burning. But he had already experienced a thousand tribulations being a trash and this was no different.


He slammed the desk with a rage on his face as he shouted, " How much time do you need to get me the information?!"

"Do you know how precious my time is?!"

"Will you compensate me for this loss?!"

The commotion immediately attracted everyone's attention. But, the moment people realized who it was, they gave a gloating look to the receptionist. 

The receptionist began to panic. She immediately checked the room number that the previous group was allotted.

"Sir, please calm down!! It's the 36th room on the 8th floor…"

Even though she wasn't supposed to give the information of a customer to suspicious people, how could she possibly offend such a person and live in Ishtar?

Besides, it wasn't like he would kill somebody. After all, it happened in front of everybody. Now, would he?

Max descended slowly. The ground was charred and it was still giving out heat. Fire continued to burn on several structures as Max scanned his surroundings.

"It wasn't as strong as expected. I need to level up my fire element…"

Suddenly Max felt a fluctuation and he turned his head to look towards the car which had been flipped upside down on the other side of the road a few meters away. It's exterior had been burned a bit too. But it wasn't completely destroyed.


A sound came from the car and Max's eyes turned grim.



A series of clanging noise and the original structure of the vehicle was completely demolished. Max could see marks bulging out of the steel frame which looked like a fist or something similar.

Max could feel the aura which seemed to be getting ominous every second.


This time, the vehicle busted apart and the debris came flying towards Max.

Max tilted his head calmly and every single piece grazed past his body.

But that wasn't what mattered…


'What the f*ck is this…'

Max looked at the strange pitch black creatures which didn't resemble a human nor beast. It was thrice the Max's size and it's fingers were extended into claws.

The creature suddenly moved, and dashed towards Max. Max immediately entered into a battle stance, but he soon realised something.


Max moved and the creature senselessly rammed it's head into the fallen structure.

'What's going on? There shouldn't have been another of these creatures. But it's giving the same demonic aura.'

Max thought as he looked at the creature turning towards him once again. Max stooped a bit low as he pointed his spear head on planning to end it.

But before he could kick the ground….


Blood rushed out of Max's throat as black spike-like substance had pierced through it.


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