The Ancient Genes
175 Battle of Ishtar 4
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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175 Battle of Ishtar 4


Max felt a sharp pain as pitch-black spike emerged through his throat drawing out the blood like a fountain.

The guy which seemed to have burnt to ashes was still alive. He stood behind Max with his body torched to an extreme level.

"I will kill you!!!" He screamed with blood-red eyes.

'F*ck! I let my guard down…' Max cursed as he tried to move.

Even though Max blamed himself, it was no easy job to divide his attention when taking on a strong foe.

Max's face had started to turn pale as he was losing blood fast. On the other hand, the monster in front had already closed in.

'Shit! I can't dodge it.' Max realized that he couldn't move. He needed ready himself for the impact and protect his heart. As long as his life force was not destroyed, he could still survive.

When he was about to grit his teeth and took it with all he got, a strange scene occurred.


The ground was suddenly set on the blaze and a wall of fire appeared protecting Max from the monster and gave him enough time to move.

Max flew back holding his neck and immediately tore his cloak and wrapped it around his neck to prevent severe blood loss. His regeneration ability would slowly make it much better.

Max glared at the guy who was more like an undead bastard on the right, a few meters ahead. The monster-like creature was on his left at the same distance.

'Yeah, the flames!'

Max turned his head and a figure entered his eyes who was moving towards them. His cloak fluttered in the air as the flames on his swords burned even more ferociously.

Max's eyes turned grim as some scenes flashed past his eyes and a killing intent passed through them. He still couldn't forget this guy with a scar on his face.

Derek suddenly halted his steps and calmly looked at Max before speaking, " Don't go dying so easily. You are my prey."

The air suddenly became still. Four people were in a deadlock. Derek didn't seem to have good intentions. The monster was obviously rampaging around and it didn't matter to him who was in it's way. While the last undead guy was clearly filled with a killing intent.

No one was no one's ally.

Derek was the first one to move. He disappeared with a whoosh and the next second he was already a few meters away and was heading straight towards Max.


Max thought as he drew his spear into an arc.


The sword and spear clashed. The flames from their fire element busted apart melting the nearby structures.

"Don't you dare forget about me!!! I will kill every one of you!" The man screamed as the black colored aura rose from his body and flew towards Max and Derek like cannon.

Max and Derek immediately separated and retreated dodging the attack by a hair's breadth.


The ground cracked and it suddenly caved in turning into a huge crater.

'F*ck! What's wrong with this guy!' Max looked at the raging guy with blood-red eyes. Something seemed to be wrong.

On the other side, Derek retreated and entered the monster's attack range. The creature immediately pounced towards Derek.

"You are not worthy!" Derek muttered as he swung his swords.

Flames busted apart from Derek's body and a huge flame sword took form above his head.

"Wrath of Apollo…." 

Max felt a scorching heat on his face as Derek unleashed his true spell.

'Damn! This bastard….his control on fire is stronger than me…'

In front of everyone's eyes, the sword fell on the monster's head and it was immediately sliced into two. 

The two half of the creatures were immediately set ablaze and turned to ashes.


Derek took in a deep breath. The attack was a lot taxing on him. But he could still go on.

At this moment, the hairs on Derek's body suddenly stood up and he immediately turned around only to notice that the guy with eerily black colored aura was madly dashing towards him.

'He is too close…' Derek thought. He didn't have enough time to dodge.


A dragon's roar sounded in the vicinity as a water dragon flew out of nowhere and swallowed the Demon before slamming into the half destroyed structure.


Derek turned his head to look towards who had just saved him.

Max too looked at Derek as he spoke, "I will avoid owing any favors if I can. We are even now. Now, I won't have a problem killing you."

"Fine by me!" Derek replied with a smile.

The duo immediately entered the battle stance. But before they could make a move.


An explosion occurred and black pillar of light rose into the sky from the spot where the person was tossed by the water dragon.

'This! It's at another level?! What is this!!' Max could clearly feel the dense amount of demonic aura which was chilling. If it wasn't for his abilities which granted him immunity, Max would have to use his mental power to overcome it.'

Derek too looked at the huge black column with a grim look. This energy and the feeling. He was familiar with it. Several scenes flashed past his eyes and a killing intent began to leak out of him.

He still couldn't forget the day when everything was destroyed and he had to run and leave behind everything. He had trained like a mad man all this time to take revenge. But he still couldn't find a single trace of these people. He knew nothing about them. 

That is until now…..he had finally come across them….


Barnes House..  

"My Lord!!.."

A servant entered the Lord's working room.

The City was in chaos. 

But, he didn't find anyone. The room was empty.

A cool breeze blew into the room and the servant noticed that the window curtain was fluttering in the breeze.

One of the windows was open.


A car that was moving towards the pleasure tower immediately stopped midway.

"My Lady….this…" Venus looked at the black column rising into the air. But the moment, she turned her head, she found the back seat empty.


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