The Ancient Genes
176 Battle of Ishtar 5
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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176 Battle of Ishtar 5

Pleasure Tower, Red Light District.

The elevator's door opened and a person quietly stepped out of it.

Lear who just came out of the door, turned his gaze and looked at the numbers on the doors before moving quickly.

"Damn! What kind of trouble did I get myself in!" He cursed as he moved. It was hard for him to believe Max's words but he still couldn't understand why he was doing this.

Lear suddenly halted his steps and slowed down. He noticed one of the guards which seemed to be accompanying the man earlier.

'Only one?'

Lear sensed something was wrong. There were definitely more guards than that.

He moved his mana but.....

'F*ck! I could have used the soil to scan the area. But this damn concrete...If I use my element it will definitely break and the floor might collapse.'

Lear grudgingly took out a hand full of metal sand from his pouch. He still couldn't believe he was using it in this way. Even earlier, he had failed to retrieve the sand when Max tossed him away.

Lear gently sprinkled the sand behind him and nobody seemed to have noticed it. Each tiny little grain of metal sand was perfectly in Lear's control after all this ore was known for its 100% mana absorbing capacity.

The tiny little grains moved stealthily and entered all the room through the gap between the floor and the doors.


Lear cursed as his face turned red. He could sense people in the rooms. Most of the rooms seemed to be filled with couples who were in pleasure. 

Even though he could only make a rough outline of things, his brain automatically filled it with obscene images.

Lear continued to observe the floor and very soon, everything was clear to him.

Lear found that the receptionist had given him the right information. That bastard was indeed in the room. He seemed to be taking a shower while the girl was on the bed trembling in fear.

But he didn't make a move. Because It was a foolish thing to do.


He could clearly sense that the four rooms around the 36th room were filled with some people who were quite capable.

'Thank God!! I didn't make a move. Each of these bastards look tough as hell. I can't take them all along!'

Lear could sense that the bastard was almost done showering would come anytime soon. He had to move before that perverted b*stard did something.

'F*ck! I don't have much time. Think! Think! Think!'



The rubbles flew like darts all around as the man who was consumed in the demonic aura began to rampage around.


The terrifying roar pierced the sky and Max felt a sharp pain in his ears.

'F*ck! This...guy has totally lost it!!!'

The man suddenly waved one of his hands and the black demonic aura flew everywhere.

Max and Derek immediately moved to dodge the attack. But, the next instant, their eyes turned wide. Every worn structure behind them began to slide before collapsing into the ground as if they had been sliced like a fruit.

Max turned his head and his eyes met with Derek. They seemed to have understood each other's intention.

If they continued to fight even at this moment, it would be an inevitable death.

'I need to kill this thing and get out of here.'

'Such a huge incident. It isn't possible that no one has noticed it. The experts from the association must be on their way. I don't want to get involved in it right now.'

Max thought as he flapped his wings and flew towards the man with his spear. He tried to close in. But the black aura seemed to have a consciousness of its own as it attacked mercilessly.

"F*ck! I can't move like this!!"

Max's face turned grim.

"Get out of my way!"

Max immediately tilted his body and moved sideways. A flame wave flew from Max's side bringing along a scorching heat as it clashed with black aura.


"F*cker!" Max glared at Derek who ignored him and moved forward to attack. But even he could not get past a few meters.

Max put on a smirk on his face and Derek frowned. 

"Let me show you how it's done…" Max muttered confidently, as he seemed to have figured something out.

He flapped his wings and flew through the air as a water dragon suddenly appeared out of nowhere below Max's feet.

'This guy has powered up….but he has gone insane and is reacting based on instincts….it doesn't matter how powerful you are if you can't hit me….'

The man seemed to have noticed Max approaching and instinctively attacked. The demonic aura surged like a tide and it flew high into the sky before breaking into a thousands rays like a meteor shower and rained down.

Max swiftly moved through the air and used his spear and true spell to block the attacks by redirecting them towards the surface.

Within a minute, Max seemed to have closed in on the man. He could clearly see two blood red eyes in the pitch black ghost like aura which had consumed the man entirely.

"Just die already!!"

Max squeezed out all the strength from his body and the spear seemed to have bent due to the high speed motion as he struck bringing along the water dragon.


The water dragon clashed into the black tide like aura and the explosion sent the aura flying away for a second. 

It was a chance to attack the main body.

But Max had just used his true spells and wasn't in a situation to deal another heavy attack in a split second.


Derek's voice entered Max's ear and he immediately moved with the help of his wings.

"Wrath of Apollo…"

The instant Max moved, a huge flame sword came in.


Pleasure Tower, Red Light District.

Lear stood at the top most floor. He gazed down the balcony and everything seemed to appear tiny as ants.

"Damn! This is scary!!"

"F*ck! I can't believe I am doing this…."


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