The Ancient Genes
177 Trouble
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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177 Trouble

"Damn! This is scary!!"

"F*ck! I can't believe I am doing this…." Lear cursed as he looked below. If he were to fall to the ground from this height, he would definitely be squashed like a pie.

Lear took his pouch out and poured out all the Metal sand left. He felt like crying as he looked at the amount of sand left. It was only half of the original amount.

'50 million….and I already have lost 25 million worth of sand.'

'Damn! I will definitely look for my sand if I get out of here in one piece.' Lear thought as he used his mana and the black sand began to float. Very soon, it formed two small circles.

'Damn! It's too small. But if I stretch it any further, It won't be able to support my weight.'

Lear carefully held the railing and used the two floating sand circles as a foothold as he planned to slowly descend down the tower.

He carefully placed his trembling foot on the tiny sand holding.  He then took a deep breath and slowly let the railing go as he carefully controlled his mana and slowly began to descend.


A middle-aged man stood calmly on the railing of one of the rooftops as he gazed at the scene in front of him with a calm look on his face.

"Interesting….I have been looking for this aura everywhere and yet it appears in my very own city." He shook his head as he muttered.

"But I never thought that there were two more monsters in the Younger generation of this era."

"I wonder which family they belong to."

The man suddenly turned his head a bit and looked towards the lady who was similarly watching the scene in the distance. The lady seemed to have sensed his gaze and turned to look towards him.

The moment their eyes met, an exchange of aura occurred. Neither of them took it seriously. It was just a clash initiated by the lady.

"Sigh! She never changes….Young people these days..." the man shook his head as he continued to watch the scene.


"Wrath of Apollo!"

A huge flame sword accompanied Derek as he flew like a bullet and used the opening created by Max.


The sword pierced the man and flared summoning a storm of fire. The flames rose to an extreme height and the whole area was immediately set on fire.

Max and Derek both retreated with sweat on their foreheads. It wasn't an easy job to keep unleashing true spells. It was quite a taxing job.

The Duo glanced at each other but it was clear from the looks on their faces that they didn't enjoy each other's company.

Max looked at the raging flames which had started to cool down. He frowned as he picked something unpleasant through his senses.

'Don't tell me this guy is still alive?'

The flames finally parted and the gruesome sight became visible.

The man had been torched to the point where his feature couldn't be distinguished at all. His body has melted partially while a bit still remained in the solid form. The only exception was the heart-like organ which still seemingly thumped as veins continued bulge on the solid parts.

The charred body slowly moved in a disgusting manner and a distorted face like structure formed which glared begrudgingly at Max and Derek.


The slight muttering could have been missed by anyone but Max. He frowned at the event and his eyes turned grim at the sudden fluctuation in the demonic aura. He immediately flapped his wings and retreated.

Derek noticed Max's action and trusted his instinct as he followed and retreated too. The next moment, the demonic aura became intense and the ground all the way to where Max and Derek stood crumbled under the sheer pressure release by it.

"Damn! It's going to explode!!" Max's complexion immediately turned dark.

He couldn't imagine the consequences of the explosion at that huge scale.

 But, this wasn't time to care for other people's lives. Even though he didn't want it to happen, it wasn't time to act irrationally.

At this moment, something unexpected happened. Max felt the mana within a few miles getting sucked towards a certain direction. Before Max could get the gist of the situation, the earth shook.


Max looked at the terrifying scene as the whole land rose from the ground as if it was a piece of bread being sliced away.

The earth from all directions rose in the air with the surging demonic aura as it's the epicenter. The scene looked as if it was right from the movies of the world ending.


The layers of earth clumped into a gigantic ball. The huge structure surpassed the size of every tower in Ishtar. 

People gathered in the streets and looked at it in curiosity.

The might of Grandmaster Level mage was truly terrifying.

Max stood a few meters away from the huge structure as he gazed at it with burning eyes.

"This is the true power…. " He mumbled with a resolve to surpass it soon. 

The demonic aura at this moment reached its peak and exploded with a loud boom.

Max could clearly feel the intensity of the explosion. It was devastating. He could not have imagined the amount of destruction it would have actually caused. But the huge stone structure only quivered for a second and a bit of dust fell down from it.


Max sensed a gaze and turned to look at Derek who was staring at him.

"I don't have time for you….if you want to get killed, meet me anytime but now…. I am busy right now…." He calmly stated as he began to walk. He needed to go to the pleasure tower. He was worried if Lear rescued the girl or not. Besides, a terrifying person had appeared and he didn't want to meet the person at all.

"Fine….I will kill you later then…" Derek was no fool. He too didn't want to meet this terrifying person.

But before the two could move, a voice entered their ears, "Well aren't you guys in a bit too hurry. Why don't you have a chat with me for a while?"

The duo turned their head and realised that there was a middle-aged man standing right beside them. They didn't even sense the man's presence before he had actually started to talk. It was obvious who the person was.

Both Max and Derek couldn't help but curse in their mind.



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