The Ancient Genes
178 Clash of Grand Masters 1
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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178 Clash of Grand Masters 1

Fierce wind blew at the towering height and Lear felt more sweat on his face with each passing second. 

"Careful..... I am almost there. I can do this." He consoled himself but the next minute, an enormous explosion occurred and he felt a strong heatwave on his face which almost made him lose his balance.

"F*ck!" Lear screamed but no one could hear his voice in the chaos.


Pleasure Tower, Room No. 36

A lady in a red hood sat on the bed. Her body trembled and tears streamed down her cheeks as she tightly held her red hood. She had been suffering on for too long. Even when things weren't good and she wanted to end her life, she held onto it because she wasn't even allowed to have that option. But it is all over now. She could finally let it all go.

She stood up and slowly walked towards the balcony. Her expression was one of pain with slight relief.

"I am sorry….Will...but it seems we weren't meant to be together in this life…." The words left her mouth and a smile appeared on her face as she thought about him.

The red hood was the only thing of him which still reminded her of him and made her feel close to him all this time.

She grabbed the railing and looked below. The sight was terrifying but she could clearly hear the noise of the shower stop. The man would be coming out anytime soon. She obviously didn't want that to happen.

"Hey Cutie! Are you going to jump? If not, why don't you let this big brother help you?"

The voice shocked the girl and she turned around. But no matter what, she still couldn't find any person.

"Where are you looking? Look above!"

The girl looked above and found a person floating above. His back stuck close to the glass panel as he slowly descended with his feet on floating black colored objects.

The thing which stood out the most in him was the heroic look on his face and his trembling feet which looked contrasting.


The door of the washroom seemed to be opening up.

"Hurry up!" Lear said as he stooped below and stretched his hands out.

The door of the washroom opened and the young man walked out naked with a towel in his hands.

"What's wrong with all these explosions!"

"Is that guy trying to destroy the city…"

He continued to mumble while rubbing his head with the towel. When he was finally done and tossed the towel away, he couldn't help but rub his eyes.


"Where did she go?"

He scanned the room and couldn't even find a single shadow in there.

"Neil!! Did you let the girl out?!!" He screamed with a frown on his face and a voice came from behind the main door.

"No, my lord!"

"Where did she go then?" He muttered before suddenly turning towards the balcony.

He moved and just as he opened the door to the balcony, he heard a noise and immediately ran towards the railing.

When he looked below, his face contorted and his eyes burned in rage.

"Damn! Crazy B*tch! She jumped to death…."

"F*ck! If she wanted to die...why did she have to waste my money…."

"50 million...went down just like that…"

He kept screaming in anger and failed to notice that two fellows were right above his head.

Lear had held the lady's hand tightly and continued to ascend slowly. The duo kept their mouths shut and prayed that the idiot would continue his rant and would not look above.

The girl looked below at the red hood which she had thrown to distract the man and he mistook it as her. 

'I might have not kept your keepsake Will….but this time...I will definitely find you.'


"Why are you looking at me like that? I am just an ordinary guy." The middle-aged man asked with raised brows.

Max and Derek's faces twitched at the man's words.

If he was ordinary? What were they?

"I am a bit busy...I am sorry, but I don't think I can accompany you, sir." Max said in a polite manner and turned around to leave.

Derek looked at Max before coughing as he spoke, "Cough! I too am busy…So I need to leave…" 

Derek wasn't good with words. But he still tried to the best of his ability since the situation called for before turning around to leave.

"Hahaha… Aren't you guys a bit too hard on an old man like me?" The man laughed as he began to release his aura.

Derek and Max immediately felt the pressure. Max remained unaffected due to his ability of being immune to any form of oppression from Mortal beings. But, Derek's face began to turn red.

Max knew that if he remained carefree, he would catch the man's attention even more. He had to act and hence began to imitate Derek. He couldn't act too poorly since he had fought evenly with Derek. If the man has seen the fight, he would definitely find something odd if Max were to act too weak.

"Hm...not bad..not bad at all. You seem stronger than my eldest son from the last time I saw him. I wonder if he is as strong as you guys now." The man smiled as the pressure radiating from him began to climb.

Within a few minutes, both Max and Derek were on their knees sitting like an obedient child who had done something wrong.

"How about we start with self introduction then?" The man said with a smile.

'Damn you! Old man...Who in this city doesn't know about you?' Max cursed in his mind since he couldn't say it out loud.

"I am Ander Barnes. The Head of the Barnes Family as well as the one in charge of the City." He said with a smile.


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