The Ancient Genes
179 Clash of Grand Masters 2
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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179 Clash of Grand Masters 2

Max and Derek stared at the man and the man returned their gazes.

"What? It's your turn, go ahead." The middle aged man said.


There was a silence. Max and Derek stared at each other. But no one spoke.

"I see. You two are the tough one's." The man said as he continued to increase the pressure.


Suddenly another layer of terrifying pressure appeared and clashed with the middle-aged man's aura.

The pressure on Max and Derek eased as they sighed in relief.

"Well...Well...isn't this quite a sight. The Head of the Barnes family bullying two Young people." A lady's voice sounded and the next moment, a beautiful lady appeared out of nowhere.

She had a charming figure and looked to be in her mid 20s. She was quite young and despite that, her aura didn't lose a bit to the old man.

"Sigh! Where does this look like bullying? I am just asking them a few questions." The old man replied with a sigh.

"Well, it doesn't seem like that to me. Besides, you may leave now. I have got a few questions to ask them as well. I will send them to you once I am done." The lady commanded in an arrogant manner.

Max looked at the lady and felt that she seemed familiar. He contemplated a bit and suddenly remembered where he had seen that face.

'Damn! The lady who handed me the auction flier at the gate.'

'What the hell is wrong with this lady! Why is the last boss roaming around like creeps?!!'

"How about we take one each?" The middle-aged man suggested with a smile.

'F*ck! What are we?! A chicken leg piece!' 

Max thought in his mind and became even more sure that getting caught by any of these two people wouldn't end up in a good way.

"No! I am taking them both…" the lady replied calmly.

A troubled look appeared on the man's face.

"Why don't you be a bit gentle, pretty lady? If you keep behaving like this, you won't get yourself a man." The man said with a smile.

The lady glared at the middle-aged man and the aura around her began to surge.

"Don't give me that look. I am not interested in fighting with you. But I am genuinely interested in asking these kids some questions."

"So please get out of my way…"

The man said as he took a step forward and the aura around him exploded like a volcano and began to push back the lady's aura.

"Well, I too am curious….how much power you have got in your wrinkles old man!" The lady smiled as her aura exploded too.

The middle aged man's brows flinched on the lady's remarks. 

Old man? Wrinkles? Even though he didn't mind saying that himself, he didn't like it coming from this lady's mouth.

Max looked at the situation and couldn't help but think, 'Lear has gone on his father. He behaves exactly like this man.'

Max suddenly realised that Derek's face was sinking into the ground and he immediately slammed his face into the ground. Even though he was a bit late, no one seemed to have noticed it.

"I don't want to destroy the city. I hope you have the same intentions." the man said and soon his body was lifted above the ground.

The lady looked at him and soon followed him behind.

Max raised his head a bit and looked at the scene from the corner of his eyes. He still couldn't believe it. 

'Flight! They can fly….'

Max observed them carefully and finally concluded.

'It doesn't seem that strong. If I have another breakthrough, I can definitely surpass their flight ability…'

The duo had already flown high into the sky.

A smile leaked out on Max's face.

'A chance…'

He turned and saw Derek still with his face in the ground struggling to get up.


A clash occurred and Max felt the shockwave as he looked above.

The next instant, his eyes dilated as he saw huge chunks of rock falling from the sky along with a huge trunk of a tree.

Max immediately unfurled his wings and grabbed a hold of Derek as he flew out at the speed of lightning.


The rock and trunk crashed on the ground and a huge dust storm rose covering the entire city 


In a deserted alley….


Max crashed along with Derek. 

He had been exhausted and the dust had made the visibility pretty low. He couldn't maneuver in a timely manner and ended up crashing into a lamp post.

"Cough!..Cough!  Damn this dust!" Max cursed as he slowly got up.

Derek too got up as he looked at Max. Max seemed to sense his gaze too.

"Don't think too much. We can't fool our deaths. They will know that we have escaped. I took you out so that I can divide their attention."

Derek didn't reply.

Max didn't pay him attention and immediately began to move.

2 minutes later…..

Max stopped as he turned around to look behind.

"Why are you following me?" 

"We just happen to be going in the same direction." Derek replied as he moved ahead leaving Max behind.

Max looked at him before moving too.

The shockwaves which he had been feeling from the battle in the sky had stopped too.


"Enough!!" The Head of the Branes family shouted and the lady who was about to make a move halted her actions too.

"What's wrong old man? Tired already…" the lady said with a smile.

"Look below….I don't want to destroy the city. Besides, what are we fighting for? Let's just hope the kids are not dead." He said with a frown.

The lady too realised it.

Both of them descended and within a few seconds, they were on the site.

The middle aged man used his mana and failed to sense any person beneath the rubbles.

"Huh?" The middle-aged man scanned the area once again but still didn't find a single soul.

The lady too seemed to be intrigued by this change of events.

"How did they escape? It is impossible for them to escape under our pressure."


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