The Ancient Genes
180 Shura, a path of hell
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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180 Shura, a path of hell

Max and Derek moved through the crowded alleys, with masks and cloaks on.

After getting away, he immediately covered himself and also helped Derek so that they could blend in the crowd and avoid getting caught. Even if it increased their escaping chances by 1 percent, he still believed it to be worth it.

The dust and the crowd was a good cover for them to get out of the place as quick as possible without getting caught.

Suddenly something fell from the air on Max's head covering his vision.

"What is this.." Max pulled it only to find a red hooded cloak.

Max was about to throw the cloth when he noticed a word on the cloak written with beautiful strokes.


The word looked to be painted permanently with a brush and was really attractive.

But the reason Max didn't throw the cloak away was that the writing seemed very familiar to him. 

Even after a while, Max couldn't seem to have remembered where he had seen it.  He kept the cloak in his spirit world planning to look at it later and sped up towards the Pleasure Tower.


After 20 minutes….

Max reached the entrance of the pleasure tower.

He suddenly turned his head and frowned.

"Are you sure, you are not following me?" Max asked as he stared at Derek beside him.

"No, I am not. Besides, do you own the place? Be grateful that I am not killing you today." Derek said arrogantly as he entered the tower.

Max shook his head and followed behind as he muttered, "Sure, be my guest…"

The duo entered the building. Max stood at the center of the floor as he drew in his spirit energy. His eyes turned clear as water and his senses heightened. 

Max focused on all the presence in the tower and began looking for Lear whom he was most familiar with.

Derek on the other hand, didn't pay him any attention and moved towards the reception desk and took out a slip from his pocket as he began talking to the lady on the reception.

At this moment, the door of the elevator opened and a Young man along with five guards walked out.

"Search for her! I don't know what you do? Get that b*tch in front of me…."

"Calm down, Lord...two of them are already searching the upper floors. We will find her soon."

"You two go and check the surveillance and ask people if they saw anyone…" Neil, the head guard ordered.

The Youngest Lord of the Dark Society was totally pissed off. A while ago, he thought that the lady had jumped down from the balcony. But when one if his guards checked, there was no incident suicide at all not to mention the lady had disappeared with a puff making a fool out of him.

The group walked out and seemed to be going towards the exit. Everyone in the hallway avoided the group unconsciously.

Well, there was an exception.


Max stood at the center of the hallway. He could sense everything and very soon, he found out what he was looking for.

Lear was at the top most floor.

At this moment, a group of people approached Max or they seemed to be going towards the other direction. Max didn't pay them much attention. After all, there was too much space, they could easily bypass him…..unless they didn't want too.

"F*ck! Weirdo! Why the hell are you blocking my path?!"

A voice sounded and Max felt a hit on his stomach.


The entire hallway froze. There had not been anyone who had dared to cause trouble in Pleasure Tower till today.

What was happening today?

The city was in chaos and now this….


Max slowly opened his eyes and saw the face of the man who kicked him and a chill flashed past his eyes.


In the pin drop silence, a person clicked his tongue in disdain. Max didn't even need to look to know who it was.

Derek looked at the scene with an amused look on his face.

Max felt the rage piling up. It had been a bad day for him. He got into a lot of trouble and now this.

He suddenly grabbed the foot on his stomach and looked into the man's eyes.

'That man which almost destroyed the city was brought by him. He is definitely an important figure in dark society, even that lady(sin of lust, Head) didn't do anything to him.'

'But does that mean that I should let him go in order to avoid trouble?'

A smile suddenly leaked out on Max's face.

The Young man's complexion turned pale as he observed the look in Max's eyes. He was gripped in fear and froze. He wanted to scream but words wouldn't come out of his mouth.

"Hell No!"


As soon as the words left Max's mouth, blood flew everywhere and a head rolled down.


No one dared to utter even a squeak. A total silence. It took a while for people to comprehend what actually had transpired.

"You!!! Do you even know what you have done?!!!" The head guard screamed. As shock, anger, fear...several emotions rushed up to him.

"You think I am scared? People who tread on the path of hell aren't allowed to fear death!"

"Besides, why would I call myself Shura if I feared anyone…." Max saved his hand and the water blade which had turned red from the strike immediately spewed all the blood out turning clear once again.

Derek looked at Max with a grim look as several thoughts passed through his mind.

'He is leaking too much killing intent!! That person seemed to have frozen in fear due to having low mental power and strength.'

'What has this guy been doing all this time?'

"Kill him!!!" The Head guard screamed and the two guards behind him moved.

They immediately drew their weapons and attacked.

The mana in the surrounding began to surge and a wind blade flew towards Max's face.

They were obviously aiming for Max's mask.

Max was carrying a stock of clothing and Masks with him.

Max tilted his head and dodge the attack and drew his dagger out. He blocked the incoming attack and then immediately grabbed a hold of the guy before flinging him towards Derek.

Derek reflexively raised his knee and blocked the incoming guy.


The eyes of the guy who was thrown away almost popped out from the impact as he felt severe pain on his back.

He fell on the ground and raised his head and glared at Derek before shouting, "He has got an accomplice!!"

The man obviously mistook him as an accomplice because of two things.

First, the hit from Derek's knee, which was not the primary reason.

The primary reason was the cloak and mask which Max had given to Derek. It was identical. Hence, it resulted in the misunderstanding.

Derek's face twitched and he looked at Max's face which had a slight smile on it making him even more irritated.


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