The Ancient Genes
181 Ethena Leviathan
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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181 Ethena Leviathan


Derek drew his sword and blocked the incoming attack. His expression was dark, clearly showing how pissed off he was.

On the other hand, Max grinned as he thought, 'Deserves him right! Piece of shit!'

The staff looked at the chaos. But no one dared to intervene and stop them. After all, they could clearly see that these people were mages. 


Max struck as he used the earth element to harden his fists. The man who was clearly a level beneath Max tried to block the attack, but his body flew out drawing out an arc in the air before he crashed into one of the glass panels.


At this moment, a fire broke out.



Flames lit up and a man's shriek accompanied the scene terrifying everybody in the vicinity.

Max turned his head and frowned. Derek had set the man on fire and was burning him alive.

Max immediately raised his hand and a jet of water splashed onto the man.

"What are you doing?" Derek asked Max as he turned his head and started at him.

"Idiot! Do you want to burn the entire tower?" Max snickered.

He then raised his hand and the water beside the man gathered up forming into a ball and surrounded the man's face.

The guy on the ground tried to get out of the water ball, but no matter what he did, he couldn't seem to get out of it.

In front of everyone's eyes, the man struggled while continuously kicking and punching in the air until he was suffocated to death. 

"This is how you do it…." Max said with a smirk as he looked at Derek.

Derek looked at Max and before swinging his sword as a blade of flame flew towards Max.

Max stood there without moving and the blade bypassed him by an inch as it lodged on the chest of the guy behind who just got up from the ground.


The man screamed as his body busted out in flames and within a minute, he was burned to death.

When the flames were about to spread, they automatically flew towards Derek. 

"You are not the only person who could control an element at that level." Derek mumbled with a confident look on his face. 

Max ignored the guy and turned his head towards the remaining three people who were looking at the scene with shock in their eyes.

Neil, the head guard suddenly whispered, "You two….the Young Lord is already know what awaits for us on our return. But still, one of us has to go….if we don't return, the Lord might take his anger out on our family in case he can't find out what happened."

The duo nodded and spoke,"Then we will leave this to you. Go and pass the message to the Lord, we will be waiting for you on the path to hell."

Max looked at the trio whispering. Anyone could have missed their tiny voice but how could he. He would feel ashamed if he couldn't hear them this close.

"Hey! Derek!" Max called out loud and Derek turned around to look at him with a frown.

"Brother, how did you lose your hand and foot. You have got a metal arm and foot now. I really feel sad…." Max said in a miserable tone.

The frown on Derek's face turned deeper and deeper till his eyebrows almost joined. It took a while before he came to a realisation.

This b*stard was giving his identity out!

"F*ck!" Derek cursed as he turned to look at the remaining guards, but found one missing.

His eyes turned grim as he glared at Max in anger. Those people would definitely be coming after him. He was already on Darks Society's bounty list. Now it seemed that his bounty would have another hike.

He knew very well who the person was. He had seen that arrogant b*stard once in the past.

Max could feel a sharp gaze on his back as Derek glared at him. But, he ignored it and walked towards the duo. 

Max knew that he couldn't stop that person from leaving if these two guys were to stop him. Hence, he thought of a way to better use this opportunity.

Those people would definitely come looking for him. He would be a fool if he thought that he could keep hiding forever. So it was better if he had a person to handle some trouble for him….and it would be best if it was his enemy.

"Let's get this over with…." Max mumbled as he looked at the duo.

The duo sprung into action and coordinated with each other's movement as they attacked Max.

Max calmly observed their actions and dodged swiftly avoiding their every attack with precision. If he had confidence in something, it had to be his senses. 

Max was confident to not take a single hit from someone weaker than him if he fought seriously.


The duo swung their swords and hacked it on Max. But to their shock, the dagger in Max's hand was suddenly replaced by a spear which blocked their attacks.

Max took the advantage of the situation and used the earth element.

The floor below the duo cracked and they lost their balance.

Max obviously wouldn't let go of such an opening. His spear immediately stabbed into the man's belly and fresh blood spurted out.

Max could hear the man mumbling some names on his dying breath.

'Everyone has got families old man….but if you dare to kill someone, you should be ready to accept death as well. The fact that you didn't beg for your life is worthy of respect….'

Max thought as he pulled the spear out and blocked the attack from the other man who was on his feet again.


The man looked at Max with a smile as he madly charged again. He had already accepted his fate.


Max threw his spear and pierced the man's chest without any difficulty.

The man staggered as he held on to the staff of the spear as his blood continued to drip out.


The man pulled the spear out with all his might and threw it on the ground as blood continued to flow out of the hole in his chest like a river.

He slowly walked towards Max with staggering steps and swung his sword with his last remaining breath.

Max saw the incoming sword and caught it with his bare hands.

"Why are people like you on the other side? I wish I will find someone like you…." Max mumbled as blood dripped down the cut on his hands.

The man's body slowly collapsed with his life force extinguishing.


At the entrance of the Pleasure Tower.

"My lady where had you disappeared? I was so worried." Venus asked as she walked by Ethena's side.


Suddenly the phone rang with the sound of a notification and Venus looked at it.

"My lady, it's from Lor-"

Venus suddenly collided with Ethena who had halted her steps for some reason and was staring at the entrance.

She could smell blood in the air. But it wasn't uncommon. After all, some inexperienced couples came at this place too.

But what surprised her was.....she found the two guys whom she was looking for. It seems as if they have delivered themselves right into her plate.

A smile suddenly formed on her face as she increased her pace.


Max on the other hand, immediately walked into the lift after he was done. Earlier, he felt that something was off because Lear seemed to be hiding on the terrace. 

After entering the lift, Max focused and senses the presence of Lear again and found out why.

There were two powerful presences moving towards him.

" It's just two of them. Lear should be able to handle them."

'But….the girl….if she doesn't have any fighting ability….it would be difficult for Lear to fight and protect her at the same time.' Max thought. 

He wasn't sure if the girl had had the strength to go up against that guy or not, because she never joined them in chat, which could only mean that she never even reached the First Layer of Ancient Manual. And if she had the strength, why was she in that position.

The door opened and a couple came in. Max looked at the indicator above and saw that the lift would make a lot of stops before reaching the top.

He didn't have time for that. Max immediately got out of the elevator and dashed towards the balcony.

The people looked at him dashing through the hallway before he dived straight off the balcony in front of the dumbfounded gazes of the people.


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