The Ancient Genes
182 We finally mee
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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182 We finally mee

Pleasure Tower, Terrace.

"Two guys are coming towards us…." Lear said in a grave tone. 

Earlier they had tried to get down the tower. But he noticed that the people had suddenly split and seemed to have started looking for something. It seemed that they had realised it.

He could only hide on the terrace but seemed he had to fight....

He suddenly turned his head and asked the girl beside, "Do you know how to fight? Those guys should be strong as High level mages…"

"I...know...a bit…"  She replied with a bit of hesitation through her gritted teeth.

Lear could realise that he was the only one fighting here.

'I need to take the initiative. If I let the opportunity go, it would be troublesome in case they attacked her.' Lear thought as he moved.

He needed to get the first attack in and control the flow of the battle so he could avoid getting her in the fight.

There wasn't any lack of metal objects on the terrace, as soon as the mana fluctuated around Lear, the water pipes on the terrace bent in odd shapes before they broke apart and flew towards him.





Within a few minutes, Lear had formed a giant fist of metal as he had performed in the past.

He started at the entrance as he continued to wait for the duo.


"I see you wanna play games…" he mumbled before taking a step forward.

The concert beneath his feet instantly cracked forming a spider-like net and he threw in his fist at an exploding force.


The floor shook and the entrance was destroyed by the devastating strike. The alarms began to ring and chaos erupted in the tower.

Lear calmly looked at the entrance from where smoke and dust rose, he didn't felt any contact with his strike earlier.

The were hiding...


The smoke suddenly wafted towards the right and Lear turned his body. But the thing which came out of the smoke was nothing but a piece of clothing.


Lear cursed as he halted his body and pulled in the metals forming a ball of protective layering. 


As soon as the metal formed, Lear heard a clang and he felt a heavy impact on his side, but his super fast reflexes had managed to save him in the nick of a time.

Even though Lear avoided a dangerous situation, there wasn't any smile on his face.


Because there was only a single strike… meant the second one avoided him.

Lear pulled back the protective covering but before it could be totally undone, he felt a person zoom past him.

He tried to get the guy but as he was about to move, the person in front struck again and limited Lear's action.

"Damn! Fight Lady….hold him for a minute...I will finish this guy in a minute!" Lear shouted as his expression turned serious and he activated his true spell.

The metals on his began to shift and within a minute, the huge metal fist had disappeared and a beast frame had appeared.

The Metallic Jaguar like creature moved and attacked like a beast as it pounced onto the guy in front.

The man raised his sword and blocked its jaws as the struggle began.

In the midst of the struggle, the man suddenly revealed a smile and Lear felt that something was wrong.

The mana around the man's body surged as he activated his true spell.


The next instant, Lear felt a zap through his body as he was sent flying away.


His beast frame crashed into one of the water tanks and the whole terrace was immediately filled with water to their knees.

"F*ck….talk about bad luck…" Lear mumbled as he avoided the pain from the burns and got back onto his feet.

He didn't expect a variant to be doing the job of a guard. Variants were rare after all.

"Metal is a bad match for him…..we are on the same level as well….I can't completely shut his mana and stop it from interacting with my metals….what an annoying b*stard…." Lear mumbled and his face turned even darker when he noticed the water had filled the terrace up to his knees.

Water was a good conductor of electricity….how could Lear not know that…

"You are dead…" the man suddenly said with a slight smile. The water had just sealed evryone's fate in his mind. He felt invincible now.

"Idiot….I admit it's troublesome but it will only add me another minute of trouble." Lear said with a snort as mana began to fluctuate once again and this time, it was intense.

He was pissed!

Every metal object on the terrace began to vibrate before it all flew up into the sky and the sky darkened.

The man's face turned grim and he attacked as lightning cracked around him.

"No.. you don't!" Lear mumbled as he stomped the ground and leaped onto one of the flying pieces of metal as he left behind splashes of water.

The man attacked and continuously fired strikes of lightning. But Lear was quick on his feet as he leaped from one piece of floating metal to another and dodged each attack.


Lear muttered as he made one last leap and everything came crashing down onto the man.


On the other hand, the girl had a hard time defending. The man swung his sword and used the power of the earth to harden his body. She couldn't even scratch the guy and had taken several slashes….

Blood continued to drip down her wounds as she was continuously pushed back. The guy was clearly stronger than her yet he seemed to be toying with her on purpose. 

The fight continued and she didn't realise that she was moving towards the edge of the terrace.

The man too seemed to be a sadist. The more blood he saw, the more excited he got and attacked even more ferociously.

'No...I can't hold any longer…'  She turned her head towards Lear. Even though she didn't know why that person was helping her, she could feel that he didn't have any evil intentions.

But, when she saw Lear continuously Leaping in mid air and avoided the lightning strikes, she didn't dare to ask for help. He had already done too much for her. She couldn't possibly ask him to do anymore. Beside, she could see it that he clearly had the ability to escape and yet was still fighting.


The girl suddenly exclaimed when she found her vision turning upside down. There was no floor beneath her feet.

'Is this it…..' The thought seemed to have emerged in her head when she felt an odd feeling, as if her body had begun reacting to something. It was very familiar and had started happening ever since she entered the City.


She suddenly felt strong arms on her back as if she had fallen into someone's arms.

When she opened her eyes and looked clearly, she found herself in the arms of a guy in mid-air who seemed to be smiling at him.

"We finally meet at last."


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