The Ancient Genes
185 Spirit Energy Manifestation
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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185 Spirit Energy Manifestation

The python like figure lunged at Max with a burning rage in its eyes. Max on the other hand didn't seem to have noticed the danger approaching as he was entirely focused on absorbing the core.

When the Python was a few centimeters away from Max it suddenly stopped.

It stared at Max as a vague shadow of a lady formed behind Max. There was a crown on her head and her beautiful fairy-like wings embraced Max as she leaned on his back to hug him.

The python stared at the scene and the figure of the lady slowly vanished leaving behind the shadow of the crown on Max's head. The aura from her figure formed a long cloak on Max's body extending up to his sleeves.

The python looked at Max with reverence in its eyes. The rage and killing intent had clearly vanished and it bowed its head.

At this moment, Max felt the spirit energy in his body explode and increase at a surging rate. Within a moment, it increased by tenfold.

The violet segment of the tattoo on Max's body lit up entirely and he finally broke through the first stage of Fairy Arts.

When Max opened his eyes, he was shocked to see the violet python-like figure in front of him.

At this moment, a window suddenly popped out in front of his eyes.

«Spiritual Fairy Arts has advanced into the second wing… information detected…»


«Spirit Abilities detected…..»

«User: Max Edwinson»

«Race: Primal Human»

«Race Arts: The Ancient Manual (4th Layer) »

«Spirit: Seraphine, The Queen of Fairies»

«Spirit Art: Spiritual Fairy Art (2ndWing)»

«Gene Abilities»

★Enhanced Hearing

Allows the user to hear even small voices over a radius of 300m when concentrated.

★Advanced Elemental affinity

Allows the user to control elements at a much higher level. 

Use depends on users' proficiency.

•Fire (Medium) 

•Earth (Low)

•Water (High)

•Wind (Low)


Grants immunity to any form of oppression from mortal beings. Allows the user to exert mental pressure on opponents weaker than him. 


Adds charisma and wisdom to the user. Allows the user to share Combat Buffs to followers.



«God's Halo»

Activates when the chosen ones enters within the radius of 300m. Grants up to 10% increase in stats with each user.



•Calm Mind (Max)

•Life force (Max)

•Spear Mastery(Medium)

•Sword Mastery(Low)


•Vital Arts(Low)



•Ruler's Blessing(Low): Allows the user to have 10 followers. Grants 1% increase in overall states to all of them and 5% when followers are within a radius of 300m.

«Followers: 0»

«Spirit Abilities»

★ Telekinesis 

An ability which could be used to lift objects in air.

★ Divine Sense

Allows the User to enter a state where his senses heighten drastically.

★ Spirit Energy Manifestation

Allows the user to manifest the spiritual energy out of his body in w definite form.

Current Form: Water Cobra

A rare intelligent manifestation who had willingly submitted to the User. Can further evolve.

Note: User's spirit abilities will vary according to the User's spirit energy level.


Max looked at it and understood what was going on. He shifted his gaze back at the snake. He wondered how it worked. He had tried a lot to get the spiritual energy out of his body but he always failed. But today, it was finally out and even in this form.

He was intrigued.


Max said and the snake moved like lightning. It was fast and within a second, it had already entered Max's palm.

Max closed his eyes and began to sense for changes. He felt that the spirit energy within his body had drastically increased from before.

Max could even feel his wings had grown a bit in size. 

'I wonder if Sera had any change?'  Max thought as he pulled back his spirit energy into his spirit world.

"Let me get out of the bath first."

Max threw Twice back into the spirit world before getting out of the bath.


Max took a change of clothes which were prepared for him and got himself treated by the doctor which was sent and then entered the spirit world when he was left all alone in his room.

As soon as he entered the spirit world, Max felt that something had changed. He looked around and scanned the place for a bit.

After a bit of inspection, Max confirmed that the spirit world had indeed changed. It had grown.

"Sera!" Max called out.

It took only a minute and hurried steps sounded as if a crowd was moving.

Max saw the group rushing towards him. Every one of these guys were getting bigger day by day.

When they were going to pounce on him, Max spread his wings and flew above. Letting them crash onto the ground.

"Hm...where is Sera?" Max mumbled as he failed to notice the girl.

"Ouch! Max you are bad!" The voice surprised Max and he shifted his gaze towards the crowd which had crashed onto the ground.

Max immediately descended and flung everyone away before he found Sera beneath.

But his eyes contracted at her sight.

"Why have you become even smaller, Sera?!"

Max picked the little girl up which looked about 4-6 year old.

"Hmph! I just wanted to show Max a trick but you let me crash onto the ground! I won't talk to you again!" She complained before turning her head away.

Max was a bit shocked. She seemed to be talking fluently now. Her behavior hadn't changed much though.

"Ah! I see, Sera! My bad...I didn't realise it. Why don't you show me now? I have got a new friend for you here too." Max said in a sweet tone as he used the spirit energy and manifested the Water Cobra.

Since it was an intelligent spirit it could definitely understand and be a friend.


Sera looked at in excitement on the appearance of this new companion.

The water cobra looked at Max in confusion.

'You need to sacrifice yourself for me…' Max requested. The water cobra was obviously more mature than this bunch. But now it had to become their playmate.

"You are the best, Max!" Sera hugged Max before giving him a peck on his cheeks.

"I will show you now…." Sera said in her coquettish tone as she slipped out of Max's hand.

Max nodded with a smile.

The next moment, Max's smile slowly faded as Sera's body began to grow.

It went from the size of a 4 year old to one of a 20 year old. She was still a bit away from her prime though.

Her looks resembled her true form which Max had met once beneath the humongous tree.

"How is it Max?" Sera asked in a coquettish manner.

"You are always cute and beautiful Sera. But you are not allowed to be in this form until I say, ok."  Max commanded.

"Why?" She asked in a disheartened tone.

Max felt himself sweating. This was a bit too much for him to handle.

'How was he supposed to say that he was uncomfortable with a lady acting childish like that….'

"Umn..yeah! You see, you can't play with everyone like that. You are taller than everyone. Besides, I can't even carry you like this."

"And if you become tiny again, I promise to give you a piggyback ride every day."  Max baited her.

"Yay! You are the best Max!" Sera said as she immediately turned her size back to that of a 4-year-old.

The plan ended successfully and Max sighed in relief.

'This girl is too much...I hope she develops her mentality fast. Else, it will be a disaster if she acts like that in her adult form.'

At this moment, Max didn't know that the true disaster would come when Sera would develop her mentality. He had no idea about what was about to come….


Max exited the spirit world after a while when Sera was finally satisfied with the piggyback ride.



He didn't even get a chance to take a breath when someone knocked on the door.

Max walked towards the door and opened it.

It was her.

The girl, the fifth one

She didn't say anything and looked at Max. She came here to talk, but now she suddenly felt the words stuck in her mouth. She didn't know where to start what to say to this stranger who felt so familiar to her.

"You are finally here. Come in, I was just about to go to you."


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