The Ancient Genes
190 Truth
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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190 Truth

The story continued and Max told everything to both Lear and Anna from the very beginning to the end. It mainly included his meeting with  God and his journey along. How he encountered the Demonic aura in Arcane and almost died during the rescue mission. How he came to know the other users of the system with the help of the Chats in the system.  

He described his journey. But he edited out the part of Sera and spirit energy. It wasn't that he didn't trust them. He just didn't want anybody to know about it. He planned to let Anna know about the presence of spirit later on. It was better if only they knew what their spirits were. He still hadn't entirely figured out the use of spirit. Besides, the fact that nobody could recognize their spirit might turn into an advantage itself.

Max then continued to describe the current situation which he had an idea about.....How all of them suspected that Oven's House had betrayed the Noble Houses and was plotting against them. How the beast horde incident which led to the destruction of Arcane might have been a plan cast by James Ovens.

At this moment, Max looked at Lear whose eyes were wide open and he was looking dumbfounded.

"Remember this file?" Max asked seriously.

Lear nodded, his expression didn't look good. It seemed that he still didn't know how to react or even if he could trust Max's words. This seemed too unbelievable to him.

"Look at this…." Max threw the files toward Lear after opening a particular page. It contained the list of teams and that page had all the information about James and his teammates.

Lear's face contorted and several lines appeared on it. His second brother's name was on that page as well.  He could understand what Max was trying to say here.

"You said that your elder brother wouldn't do it. But what about your second brother. He is your Uncle's blood. What if he blames his father's death on your father. You never know."

"Besides, have you noticed any changes in his behavior after the Arcane Incident?" Max asked.

Lear frowned. He had indeed noticed some changes in his brother's behavior. But Lear thought that it was only because he had survived a disaster and it had left some impact on him.

"Yes….you are right…besides, after returning from Arcane, he asked father to let him in Capital's Magic Academy. It seemed a bit odd and his contact with Oven's family had increased too…." Lear replied.

The capital housed  4 of the Noble Houses and it included the House of Oven's as well.  Lear's second brother, Arnold going to Capital seemed suspicious.

Max gave him an odd look. This guy knew a bit too much.

'Is he spying on his brothers?' Max thought.

"Don't look at me like that. I had done a bit of research after the assassinations began. I did it on everyone." Lear said calmly.

"Why didn't you suspected him then?" Max asked.

"Everyone knows that James oven played a huge role in the event. Even my brother said it. It isn't odd if he formed a friendship with him after that. Even my father didn't say anything about it." Lear replied.

"That b*stard Ovens sure took advantage of the situation even after causing so much destruction." Max cursed.

"Yes, now that you say it. I think there should have been two more guys who had helped along with James. One of them is Wilson. I forgot the other one." Lear replied after thinking a bit.

" I see….he is publicizing his achievement to get a good image in public and I think he got it too….I don't know about the other one. But, I know Wilson wouldn't give any attention to stuff like fame…" Max muttered.

"Yes, you are right. I don't want to admit it. But him publicizing his achievement had indeed got him the desired effect. Even I thought that he deserved respect until a while ago. After all, with the situation between all the 12 Noble Houses, he still fought to save everyone." Lear replied with a frown.


" But…." Lear suddenly mumbled.

Max turned his head towards him.

"Your words might make a bit of sense. But….I still find it hard to believe…."

Max couldn't help but roll his eyes at Lear.

"Are you serious? After so much discussion and confirmations….you still find it hard to believe. All the facts connected….can't you see!"  Max couldn't help but feel annoyed.

"Yes! I can't! You suddenly come out and talk about things like... in fantasy and you want me to believe it?!"  Lear replied with a frown.

Max calmed down. He thought about it and found it a bit reasonable. He too didn't believe Vali, the fake God when he met him for the first time. If it weren't for the fact that he could hear the system and see the interface of the system, he would have treated it as a dream himself.

But now, the problem was how to clear Lear's remaining doubt.


'Yes! I can try that. It may not work well entirely. But Lear seems half convinced. It should work …' Max thought as he opened the interface and searched for a thing.



Adds charisma and wisdom to the user. Allows the user to share Combat Buffs to followers.

«Followers: 0»



•Ruler's Blessing(Low): Allows the user to have 10 followers. Grants a 1% increase in overall states to all of them and 5% when followers are within a radius of 300m.


Max looked at it and thought that it was his only way.

"Come here….I will prove it to you…" Max said as he moved his hands towards Lear.

Lear looked at Max oddly before letting his hand forward and Max grabbed his hand by his wrist.

'System, activate «Ruler's Blessing»' Max commanded.

«User's command has been heard….»

«Activating «Ruler's Blessing»….»

«Initialising confirmation….»

Max felt the Ancient Manual revolved in his body and the flow energy move through his body as it began moving towards Lear.


Max heard Lear and looked toward him only to see him dumbfounded as he looked at the screen in front of him.

«The Ruler seeks your allegiance….»



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