The Ancient Genes
195 Demons and the Ancient Families 2
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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195 Demons and the Ancient Families 2

"Calm down Derek, or else…You will regret it..." Max looked at Derek whose eyes were filled with rage.

"Enough!!" Stark's voice rang as a thunderbolt and Derek came back to his senses.

"What are you two doing?! Is this the time to fight….back off both of you!"  

Max could only glare at him as he withdrew his spear back into his spirit world.

Derek too pulled his sword back, but the next moment he realized that there was a purple python like figure on his neck. It had barred it's fang and was ready to dig it in.

"Try that next time and you will find out what it's bite feels like…"

Max whispered as the shadow like figure of the snake vanished. Derek glared at him. Even though Derek knew that he had lost himself in anger, the fact that Max easily took his back surprised him.

"Max…." Stark's voice immediately sent Max back onto his seat. How could Stark not hear what Max had said? He was shocked by Max's movements and strength too. In a short amount of time, he had gone from an element less person to what he was now.

But the fact that Max was the person from the prophecy made it a bit easier to digest all these impossible facts.

"That was scary…." Lear mumbled.

"Don't provoke that psycho…. when you are alone especially...unless you get stronger than him.." Max replied in a whisper.

"Let's continue if you guys are done…." Ethena said.

"Then I will put my points ahead first… I don't think that they would kill that person. They can get answers from him.....How about getting answers like where your bases are? What if they use him as leverage?" Lear calmly spoke.

"He isn't that kind of guy. Torture, leverage….his pride wouldn't allow it, he would probably burn everything including himself in an event like that…." Stark shook his head. He knew it very well, by sending the message Leo had already made it clear that the Dark Society was suspicious. He knew that he would be dead if he failed in getting the evidence. That's the kind of guy Leo was.

"What if he came to know something which you didn't know and it would affect the bigger picture…. Would he still do the same then?" Max asked.

"What do you mean?" Ethena asked.

Max looked at her and spoke, "There are five artifacts...there are five wielders. But we five have a mission to stop a single calamity."


"Yes, he is a calamity...Vaccaria." Max spoke. The power to wipe the humans if it wasn't a calamity, Max didn't know what it was.

"The prophecy you have heard until now can be considered to be true. But the manner in which you have interpreted is false."

" 'The wielder of the Artifacts will either be the cause of the beginning of a new era or the destruction of the current one.' The prophecy isn't referring to us as the cause of destruction directly but indirectly."

"The five wielders you speak of, are the five people who have inherited and awakened the genes of the Ancient Humans."

"We have a task and that is to stop the Ruler of all Demons, Vaccaria… if we succeed, it will be the beginning of a new era and if we don't, it will be the destruction of the current one and it means a complete wipeout of human species…"

Everyone except Lear and Anna looked at Max with wide eyes.

Max then began to recount what it all meant. He needed to clear their misunderstanding. Since the situation was not according to his expectations, Max had made some changes to his plans as well.

He couldn't entirely count on the Ancient families. He didn't know if they knew the truth or not. Besides, this stupid double meaning prophecy had messed up things. Max wanted to find this stupid person who wrote this prophecy and strangle him to death.

Now his only option was to depend on his Master. It seemed that the Master's family would support him. Now, he needed to convince his Master's generation with the help of his Master and slowly get the people from the Ancient families on his side. Well if they readily believed him then he wouldn't have so much trouble. But he still gotta be prepared. After all, he had to get the spirit shells at any cost. He had been lucky to get the hammer from his master. But what about others. He needed to think about them as well.

When Max was finally done explaining things to them about what the true threat was and everything about the ongoing war between humans and demons, a silence enveloped the room.

Even though they knew the things about Demons, the thing that Max told them seemed to exaggerate in Ethena's eyes.

Stark might have felt it that way too, but the fact that it all came out of Max's mouth was enough for him to believe it.

"How is this related to my Master being alive? I want to know that…" Derek was the one to ask.

"If Mr. Leo was questioned about the whereabouts of the five wielders and came to know about the truth, what then? Would he still choose to burn every one or would try to get out alive at any cost…" Max spoke calmly.

"True, If I am on the opposite side, I would be eager to kill this guy. As long as the five wielders are dead, there is no one left to get in my way and who would be better than a member of the Ancient family to get their identities out. After all, the Ancient families are the one who carries the five artifacts. They are sure to know the identity of the five people." Lear spoke with an obvious look.

"You are right. If Leo came to know about this, he would definitely try to get out alive…" Stark mumbled.

"But I don't think we have much time. If I am not wrong, it's been around 8 months since the incident. I don't know about demons, but humans should be losing patience by now…"

Derek suddenly stood up from his seat. How could he seat after hearing that?

"If you want to lose your other two limbs, you can go ahead without any planning all alone…." Max said sarcastically.


"Calm down Derek! And you Max, what's with your attitude? I don't know what happened between you two in the past. But I don't want you two behaving like this again." Stark said with a frown. He could clearly see the bad blood between the two. He wondered how Leo would feel seeing this. After all, they were best buddies. Now there two disciples were always at each other's throat….


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