The Ancient Genes
196 Demons and the Ancient Families 3
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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196 Demons and the Ancient Families 3

"If Leo is still alive, we will get him out.  Calm down, Derek." Ethena said with a frown.

Derek finally got back to his seat. Max could see that this guy was still agitated as he kept tapping his finger on his thighs.

Max had never thought that one day he would have to think about this idiot and warn him when would be throwing himself to death.

"She is right. Where are you going to find him without any info….so just calm down and let us handle this matter. I will use my connections to look for some information. Your master didn't want you to be in trouble, how can we let you into this. Leave it to us…." Stark said as he looked at Derek with a seriousness in his eyes

 The situation returned to it's usual calm again.

"I have been thinking about it and I really wanna ask now…..I can see that the guy beside you is the infamous trash of Ishtar. But what about the girl? I remember her being in the auction….." Ethena spoke with a slight smile.

Lear's face twitched, but he remained calm.

"We rescued her. The five people from the prophecy, she is one of them…." Max replied calmly.

Stark and Ethena's eyes widened. They had never thought that they would even meet one of the five and now here they were meeting two at once.

"Master, I have got something important to ask…." Max suddenly spoke.

"Hmmnn?" Stark looked at him.

"Master, is it possible to get all the remaining Artifacts like my hammer?" Max asked before he further continued.

"Those artifacts are very important for us….."

Stark looked at Ethena on Max's request.

Ethena didn't reply but stared back at him.

"You kids go out, for now, we will call you later," Stark said and waved his hands.

Max nodded. It seems that he wouldn't be getting the artifacts these easily. But at least he had his master on his side.

One by one, everyone left the room leaving Ethena and Stark alone.

"Don't ask for the impossible. I know he is your disciple but this is hard for me to believe. Besides, I don't have a say in whether the artifact can be given out or not…." Ethena spoke as she shook his head.

"I know. But you taking our side will definitely heighten our chances of obtaining it. Even if your father and mother refuses, I bet your grandfather can't refuse you." Stark replied.

"Its more serious this time….. and to be honest, I am not convinced. Your long lost disciple appears after surviving that disaster and then now….this story and his demand for his artifacts…. It is not only me but anyone would be suspicious…."  Ethena said with a calm look. She was not entirely convinced

Stark frowned at this event. He believed Max but it wouldn't do much if he couldn't convince others.

He knew that winning Ethena's support was crucial. Of the five Ancient families, his one didn't care much and with the Lord supporting Max, it was done.

He didn't know much about the internal matters of Ethena's family. But he knew that even though her father was the family lord, he was just a strong cannon. Her mother was the sly one who controlled the family. This was where she inherited her characteristics. Even the thought of meeting her mother gave chills to Stark. He was sure that her mom wouldn't be that easy to let the artifact to them.

Aside from their two families, he could convince William. He had seen Max and it shouldn't be difficult.

 But he knew that only convincing them won't make things so easy. 


Because he had heard some rumors that some of the families were conducting experiments on the artifacts. There were rumors that they were spending a lot of resources on raising children who would be able to wield artifacts based on the results they had obtained from experiments on the artifacts. It was clear that they were keen on keeping the artifact within their own family due to this prophecy. They wouldn't mind if the wielder was one of their own.

Stark knew that his chances were low but he could obtain three artifacts.

The first one was through Ethena.

The second was one through Williams. 

The third one was tough….it was Leo. If he could manage to rescue him in one piece, he was sure that Leo would fully support him.

As for the last one, he had no idea. This last family was very secretive for some reason. It would be a real deal to even get in contact with them.

Ethena saw Stark lost in thought. He had a heavy frown on his face.

"I don't know what you are thinking. But let me tell this to you...We have been dealing with all the trouble for a long time and we will continue to do it…  besides, they are still too weak to do anything… especially that girl..."

Stark shook his head. He had seen Max a year ago. He had improved at a tremendous speed.

Suddenly, he had an idea. Stark looked at Ethena and spoke, "Why don't you teach that girl?"


"You will find it out yourself. I know the main doubt you currently have is because of the prophecy. If you didn't believe the prophecy, you wouldn't have cared where the artifact went, right? In that case, take that girl under your wing. You will find out yourself whether she is worthy or not…" Stark said with a calm look.


"Why are you still following me? Didn't you receive a room?" Max asked Lear beside him.

"I still want to ask a few things," Lear replied as he entered the room and fell flat on the bed.

"Start talking…." Max said as he took a seat on the couch.

"I don't get it….they are a part of Dark society too...I mean that lady, that Derek and his master as well….this…"Lear felt it hard to put forward in words.

"I know. It might sound a bit idealistic. But the phrase, 'for the greater good', might justify this situation." Max said with a sigh.

"What do you mean?" Lear asked with a frown.


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