The Ancient Genes
199 Anna“s Test 1
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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199 Anna“s Test 1

«Coward Cat: The first option is impossible for the current us. But the second one…..I know a person.....»

"Bahamut: You do?»

« Coward Cat: Kind of….well I don't know if I can find him again..but he can definitely do the job...let me get to Capital first...I hope he is still there….»

Max replied as a figure appeared in his mind. He remembered meeting that person in the Trial. There was something different about him. Max could feel it.

But since the trial directed everyone to cause Max misery. That guy ended up robbing everything from Max even though the rumors claimed him to be robin hood.

Max still didn't understand how every bit of his pennies vanished when that guy didn't even touch him. 

At that time, he couldn't do anything. But now if Max met that guy, he would be sure to kick his butt.

« Bahamut: Well we still don't know if we will have to go for that option. Who knows, we might get the spirit shells without much trouble.»

« Coward Cat: Let's hope for that...»


The conversation between them finally ended and Max entered the spirit world to spend time with the gang.

Lear on the other hand was busy training. He was entirely focused and felt himself closer to a breakthrough.

In another room, Derek continued to swing his sword as sweat continued to roll out of his body. He had been doing it for a while. It was his way of calming down. He didn't want to admit but Max was indeed right, he couldn't do anything with his current strength. Getting stronger was his priority.

The fact that he lost his patience and ended up letting Max take his back had, even more, infuriated him.

He closed his eyes and imagined the scene again as he began his image training.


 In another room, Anna sat on her bed as she revolved the Ancient Manual. Max had given her some tips on how to work through the first layer. She felt a bit of help from it. But her lack of battle experience was one of the reasons for her slow growth.

At this moment, she opened her eyes. The faint feeling of the flow energy had started to disappear.

She slowly clenched her fist. Anna knew that it was far from enough.

She tried to activate her ability and sense her limits. Her enhanced skin gave her the ability to release waves like a bat which could then bring information to her. This had caused a reaction in her skin and had removed all her burn marks.

When the waves hit her back, she realised that someone was coming towards her room.



The knock on the door confirmed it. She got up from the bed and moved towards the door.

When she opened the door, she saw it was Venus who was standing outside with a calm expression on her face.

"My lady has asked for you…" Venus spoke.

Anna noticed that there wasn't anyone around.

"Only me?" She asked in confusion.

"Yes…" Venus replied.

"Ok…" Anna replied and followed behind her. She didn't know why she was being called. But there was no reason for her not to go. They were on the same side after all.


 Anna entered the room with Venus and found Stark and Ethena still in the room.

Venus made an exit after bringing Anna. 

Anna stood there not knowing what to say.

"Have a seat…" Stark said with a smile.

But before Anna could, Ethena interrupted.

"Let's just get to the point…" 

Stark frowned as he looked at her. But Ethena ignored him and continued to speak.

"He wants me to take you as a disciple and teach you…."

Anna looked at Stark and he forced a smile on his face.

"Are you willing? This is the first thing I want to know…" Ethena asked with a calm look.

How could Anna refuse? Learning from a strong person like her was what she needed now.

She had been left long behind. If she wanted to catch up with others, she had to use every opportunity available.

"Yes, I am willing…" She said with a serious face.

"Good, then follow me…" Ethena said as she got up from her seat.

Stark got up as well and followed behind them.

"You are coming too?" Ethena asked as she noticed him following them to the elevator.

"Why, can't I?" Stark said with a frown. He was having a bad feeling about this.

Ethena didn't reply and tapped a few buttons in a combination instead of a floor on the button panel.

Anna looked it in curiosity and in front of her eyes, something odd happened.

The elevator moved below and continued to move even when the first floor had passed.

After a few minutes, the elevator stopped.

Anna exited the lift along with Ethena and Stark. The scene below was surprising for her. There were quite an amount of people working here and they would bow in respect at the sight of Ethena and Stark.

The place was lit up well and looked like an office.

Ethena brought them along towards a separate way where the amount of people continued to decrease while the number of guards continued to increase.

They finally entered one of the rooms and it had a large glass like panel. The other side of the glass panel looked pitch black.

The people inside who were in whte coat immediately got up when they noticed Ethena enter.

"How is it? Any new findings?"  Ethhena asked.

The man shook his head in denial.

"It's fine you can leave. We are about to get a new specimen.. prepare for your research on it…" Ethena commanded.

"As you wish my lady." The man replied and left along with the rest.

"Why did you bring us here?" Stark asked with a frown.

Ethena tapped a switch and the darkness behind the glass panel disappeared.

What appeared was a man tied in chains containing runes. He seemed to be saying something as tears continued to slide out of his eyes.

" I will accept you as my disciple… you just need to kill him."

Ethena's words made Anna's eyes wide and Stark's face grim.


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