The Ancient Genes
207 Hijack 2
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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207 Hijack 2

It was the Women's washroom 

That lady and her daughter…

Max immediately dashed towards the other end of the narrow way.


"Please don't do anything to my daughter…."

The middle aged lady begged as she crawled in the corner of the washroom and shielded the child in her arms.

A body of another aged lady laid beside her. She was shot on her head and blood continued to seep out of her wound.

''Shut up! If you don't, I will shoot you as well." A person in a mask stood holding a gun as he threatened the lady.

"Reporting from Armed Unit 8, I have taken control of the situation. Cabin No. 23 clear," the man said as he spoke in his communication device.

The mask man was sent to check the washrooms of this cabin along with his partner and deal with any people inside. It might cause some trouble if they left any people unchecked. Especially if they were mages.

"I am sorry lady. But you will be dying. Its orders. I can't refuse." 

The man pointed his gun at the lady. The middle aged lady turned around and used her back to shield her child completely. Her weeping continued to ring out as she closed her eyes and hugged her child tightly.


A light sound of a gunshot rang.

The lady shivered in fear and waited for the impact. She had totally given up any hope. She was only wishing for a miracle to occur and her child to be saved. But, the thing she had been waiting for never occurred.


A warm liquid touched her face and she instinctively touched it. When she brought her hand in front of her eyes, she saw the deep red colored blood.

Was she shot?

But why wasn't she feeling any pain?

Before she could think anymore, a voice entered her ears. 

"Are you fine, Mam?"

The lady immediately raised her head and saw Max looking at her. He was stopping low and had raised one of his hands to shield her. 

Blood continued to drip out of his hands and it was evident where it fell onto her face from. He had been shot.

"Y-You have been shot!"

The lady said with a worried voice.

"I am fine. Give me a minute and please turn and don't let her see as well." Max replied with a smile.

The lady looked at her. To her, Max wasn't any older than her own son. How could she let him go just like that?

"Don't! He has a gun. It's not safe." She grabbed Max's hand.

Max smiled as he looked at her. 

'How long has it been?'

He gently withdrew his hand and folded her hands back before turning around.

"Believe me..." the lady heard his voice and turned her head with hesitation.

The moment his back was turned towards the lady, the expression on his face immediately changed.

"Is there any problem?" The communicating device rang.

The man who was looking at the drama in front of him just casually waved it off.

"No… it's just that another person came in…." the man replied.

"Is it a Mage?"

"No it isn't. You don't need to trouble the Mage unit. I will take care of them...everything is in control…" the man replied. The mana crystal hasn't given any signs of mana in this man.

He finished his conversation and then looked towards Max.

"Is your drama over?" He asked with a smirk.

"You have got too much of money to use this 3★ ores to make these bullets. Now, I really wanna know who your sponsor is…" Max said as he took a step.

The man's eyes widened and he realised that had misunderstood the strength of this guy in front of him.

He immediately moved his hands towards the communication device on his waist. 

When his hands just managed to grab onto it, the man noticed a gleam from the corner of his eyes.


The portion of his hands below the elbow immediately fell off letting out a shower of blood.

A black elegant dagger stuck to the other side of the enhanced frame of the express car.

The man looked at his hands and only after a while, he felt the pain. But before he could scream, Max was already onto him.

Max put his hands into the man's mouth and grabbed a hold of his tongue. The man could only squeak as he struggled to push Max away.

Max raised his other hand and the dagger which was stuck in the frame flew back into his hands.

Max wasn't going to show any mercy. He sliced off the guy's neck without even flinching.

This wasn't the first time, he had fought in a gruesome way. 

Max turned his head back and saw the lady. She was still looking back and not turning around.

He didn't want to let her and the child see this.

Max used his dragged and sliced open a hole in the floor before disposing off the body and covering it back with his earth element.

He had taken the man's communicating device only and threw the rest along with him.

"Here take this….and hide in the washroom."

The lady turned after hearing the voice and to her surprise, the man had disappeared.

She was ted to ask him. But, she realised something and held it back.

"This express car has been hijacked. They will be taking full control soon. We don't know what they will do…."

The lady looked at Max and then took the gun which he offered before following his words and hiding in the washroom.

As Max was leaving, she grabbed him again and spoke with a worried look in her eyes.

"You should stay here too...there should be Mages in charge of security. This is not the place for you to interfere. Do you even know how your parents would feel if something happens to you?"

Max smiled. He could only smile. 

"I thought I knew once. But I am not sure anymore." Max replied as the smile on his face didn't diminish even a bit.

"Besides, nothing is going to happen to me. I may not look like it. But I am strong. And what's even important is that I have got a friend….the guy who took your seat…. I can't leave that idiot alone."

The lady hesitated a bit before letting go of Max with a troubled expression on his face.

Max left but the lady still couldn't forget his words.


5 minutes ago....

Lear was still busy flirting with the girl. The smile on his face was wide as he kept misunderstanding the fact that his tricks were working.

The girl finally couldn't take it any longer. She had been thinking to identify the guy first before making any move. But this guy was just too much.

" you have any idea who I am? I will let you know.... "

Lear looked at her with raise brows.

The girl didn't want to get her hands dirty. she stood up to gesture his guards.

But the next instant, she suddenly felt a solid grasp on her wrist before she was pulled. The sudden movement made her lose her balance and age fell in Lear's arms.

"Y-You...." She turned face to glare at Lear.

But the guy in front of him suddenly seemed to have changed. The look in his eyes has become deathly calm and the aura around him had changed.

She find it hard to believe it was the same fool that she had been talking too.

But why was he looking in thin air like that?

Lear had already begun to think of ways out the moment Max's message appeared in front of him.


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