The Ancient Genes
210 Hijack 5
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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210 Hijack 5

Max stuck to the roof of the express car like glue. The wind was strong but thankfully, Max had his daggers to depend on.

He quietly waited for his opportunity. When Lear moved, Max noticed it. He began to prepare himself for the signal.



Gunshots rang and people screamed. Max frowned but the next instant it disappeared. He realised that metal ores wouldn't do anything to Lear. 

A few seconds later, a message popped out in front of him.

«Lear: Do it.»

Max immediately moved his hands and the black dagger gifted by his master moved like a gentle fish in water easily cutting through the enhanced frames of the express car.

Max cut the roof in the shape of a circle with him in the middle. When it was almost done, he punched with all his might letting frame to fall through it.


When the man with firearms saw the situation, they felt something odd. 

The man with a sword suddenly moved his hand to punch but it was caught by Lear.

The trio immediately realised that things were not right.

But before they could react, the ceiling caved in and the thick piece of frame landed right on one of the man's head busting it apart.


The other two men turned around with a shocked look in their eyes.

Max raised his head as he mumbled, "1…"

The two men immediately fired.



Max would have killed himself in embarrassment if he let people like them hit him.

He tapped his feet and jumped up, dodging the incoming bullets as he threw both of his daggers towards the two guys as he continued to count, "2..."

Everyone in the cabin looked at the scene with wide eyes. They couldn't help but feel as if it were a scene from a movie.

Lora looked dumbfounded too. But she suddenly realised Lear's word.

'3 Seconds.'

She immediately turned towards the mage who had already begun to move. A yellow colored lightning crackled around her body and the next instant, she had already disappeared from the seat and was right onto the man. 

The long ranged maged who was casting a spell suddenly felt a chill around his spine. He immediately turned around and pulled back.

The lightning had formed a whip in Lora's hand and she whisked it.

The man prepared to take on the attack. But contrary to his expectations, the whip didn't landed on him, but on the transmitter on his waist breaking it to pieces.

"Y-You!" The man suddenly realised what was going on. He immediately took on a defensive stance.

"Why don't you surrender? Answer a few questions if possible and you won't die at least…."

The man immediately turned around and saw Max behind him. He was taking his dagger out from the two dead bodies.

The man gulped. Fear had struck him. He knew why he had come here and it was obviously not for some great cause. It was only because the people who wanted to create chaos were compensating with a fortune.

But what was the use if he ended up dead.


When the man was still thinking about it, a whip lashed at him and he felt a strong shock jolting his body before he passed out.

Max looked at Lora and couldn't help but gulp as some bad memories surfaced in his mind.


On the other hand, Lear didn't waste any time. He had entered in action as soon as Max did. He had caught a hold of the man's fist. The guy had clearly let his guard down. It was the best Lear could ask for.

He pulled the man's hand towards him and used his back to lift him off of the ground.

He didn't have any option but to engage in a fistfight. Weapons weren't allowed to be carried in here. Yet, Lear was able to get his metal sand in. The only problem was that the pouch of metal sand was stored in his bag which was kept underneath his original seat. 


The man's body collided with the floor and a huge boom rang waking people up to their senses.

Lear immediately moved back and when he felt that the distance was enough, he raised his hand and the metal sand reacted as it bore a hole into the bag and flew towards him.

The man who was slammed onto the ground immediately rolled around as he got back onto his knees and brought out his sword.

The look on his face was ugly and there was a rage in his eyes. 

A gale formed around his sword as he got back onto his feet.

"You guys will pay for this…." the man mumbled as he looked around.

The battle was pretty much over. No one was scared of them anymore. Lora's four guards stood up. Two of them moved towards Lora while the other two stood behind Lear.

Lear sighed. Even though the wound on his back hurt a lot, it still wasn't that bad. But why would he waste his strength when he had two extra people to do his work. As he was about to take a step back, a message popped in front of him.

« What are you doing? Kill him with your own hands. I thought you were going to the capital to live on your own and become strong. You didn't want to depend on anyone, right? Is this how it was supposed to be?»

Lear turned his head and glanced at Max who stood beside Lora. His eyes were calm. But to Lear, those were eyes that were ridiculing him.

He could only sigh. Max wasn't wrong, he needed to let this habit go.

"Don't interfere, this guy is mine.."  Lear said as he stepped forward.

Everyone looked at Lear in surprise. The boy had courage. He had stepped up to help and now he wanted to settle it with a one on one as well. He deserved respect.

Even Lora couldn't help but feel a bit impressed. Max noticed the change in Lora's expression and suddenly a terrifying idea formed in his mind.

A smile suddenly emerged on his face as he thought about it. It took him a bit of effort to hide his smile as he spoke with seriousness, "He is always like that….working hard...shouldering everything on his own…"

Lora suddenly looked towards Max to see a worried look on his face.

"Who are you?" Lora asked.

"Me? I am his childhood friend, Max. Nice to meet you…." Max replied as the battle began.

"If you are his childhood friend, you should know about him right?" Lora asked.

"Yes, I know everything…." Max replied. He was already laughing in his mind.

Lear was indeed a perfect bait. 

A man with a mystery. The first step towards getting a girl was to make her interested in you. 

This was what Mark always used to tell Max.

Today Max, realised that everything in life had a cause.

Even though Max's idea was absurd. There was no harm in trying. If by one in a million chance, he managed to get Lear and Lora together, wouldn't that mean getting the Barnes and the Roxley House on his side. Not to mention that the Roxleys were currently supporting the Ovens family.

Two birds with a single stone.

Obviously, the stone which was being sacrificed here, Lear, didn't have any idea about it.


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