The Ancient Genes
212 Meeting of the Houses
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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212 Meeting of the Houses

"Are we just going to go like this? We won't even know if these guys are good at sneaking up or not." Lear suddenly said.

The guards looked at Lear. How could they be not good at that since they were recruited as bodyguards? They were elites prepared to handle any situation.

Max could understand Lear's thoughts. There wasn't much of a space in the express car. The only way to catch the enemies in surprise was either going through the roof or to have some kind of unique ability. If they couldn't do any of the following, then the last option left was to act which was very less likely to succeed every time.

As for Max and Lear. They could travel through the roof. Max had wings and dared to take risks. Lear on the other hand, could ust use his element to stick himself to the roof.

"You don't need to worry. They are experts and would perform even better than you. As for your worries, I will make things even easier for everyone." Lora suddenly spoke as she turned her head towards the light.


Lightning began to sizzle around her. The yellow strings of lightning suddenly moved towards the light and entered the electric line.

The lights in the cabin began to flicker and within a minute, every one of them was down and darkness enveloped.

"It might be a little disadvantageous for us as well. But looking at the overall picture, this increases our chances…." Lora said calmly.

Even though it might be dark, Mages had strong senses.

Everyone nodded. 

Max suddenly called out twice. Everyone was surprised at the sudden appearance of the beast.

Even Lear looked at Max dumbfounded.

"Take him with you….he will tell you if you come near the bomb." Max spoke.

"You are a beast tamer?!" One of the guards couldn't help but ask in shock.

"No...I have just formed a contract…" Max replied.

Beast tamers were rare as Phoenix. The people with nature magic, the power to soothe beats and tame them. The Noble Houses would do anything to get such people on their side.

The majority of contracted beasts that mages had were prepared by Beast tamers. There were two ways to contract a beast. One was to raise it from birth and hope that it would be docile and loving towards you. This method failed most of the time as mana beasts had aggressiveness in their instinct. The only other option left was to turn towards a Beast tamer. 

Even Barnes and Roxley House didn't have a beast tamer. This was the reason that even Lear and Lora who were the child of the Lords didn't have contracted beasts.

"I will take that way through the roof…." Max pointed towards the way which he came from.

"Then I will take that one, through the roof as well…" Lear automatically selected the opposite one. Since he and Max could contact each other, it would be a waste if they decided to stick together.

"What would we do with the bombs?" Lear asked.

"If it's one with an electrical circuit, I might be able to defuse it." Lora spoke.

"I can defuse it, if it's a mechanical one." Lear spoke as well.

"The one I saw was with an electrical circuit. Try and see if you can defuse it. If not, just mark the locations of the bomb. And if you can defuse it, then depending on the type of bomb, contact each other and let the location be known….you have your transmitter right, exchange your coordinates… when you are done with your sides, move towards the other one." Max replied.

Everyone decided to split, one of the guards went in the same way as Max. The only difference was that he decided to stick through the normal route.

Lora and the other guard took the opposite side.


Max began to move while moving in the direction of the wind. This was even more difficult than going against it. 

'Damn….It feels like I will fly away at any time….'


On the other side, in a different cabin.

The masked man in the cabin kneeled feeling a terrifying pressure on his shoulders. 

"Whose order are you here on?" Stark asked in a cold voice.

He had thought of taking a nap when these guys barged in. How could a measly high level mage and a couple of people even dare to think of restraining him? The moment he released his aura, they were already onto their knees.

He couldn't believe that something like these had transpired. What were the Association and Union doing? What kind of security were they providing?

He couldn't help but frown even more when he thought about the decision the Association and Union would be taking now.

He couldn't think that the Union and the Association would be willing to give into the demands of some terrorist group. But if they didn't, would it mean that they would be sacrificing all the people here.


Capital Orca, Mage Association.

The Mage King sat on his chair as he looked at the eleven screen showing the live image from all the parts of the continent.

They had received the news that the express car had been hijacked. The terrorist group's message had been received as well.

The conditions mentioned were absurd to begin with. There was nothing to negotiate. It was as if they wanted them to reject it.

"You are saying that the conditions are absurd! Then, do you want to abandon all those people!!!! What about the backlash?!!!! We failed at Arcane and now we are about to fail at this too!!!" A thunderous and enraged voice rang.

It was the Lord of the House of Roxley.

Everyone couldn't help but be surprised. He was the one who never cared about meetings and stuff and went with the mass. But today, it seemed as if he was being possessed.

"We can't possibly give in to these demands…." the lord of House of Achilles said with a frown.

"But not doing anything won't be helping us as well…." A dull voice sounded and everyone knew who it was. The Lord of Blackwood House. Whenever this old man spoke, everyone would feel a chill creeping up their neck.

"Yes!! You are right, old man!! We have to take immediate action!!!" The Lord of Roxley House slammed his desk in anger.

"We are having a meeting here! Would you act in a civilised manner!" The Lord of Branes House couldn't take it any longer.

The rivalry between him and the Lord of Roxley House had been there since their younger days.

It all started because of a girl who was now Roxley's wife.

"There are thousands of lives on the line, how can I keep quiet…." Lord of Roxley said.

"Why do I feel it's not your words… Don't tell me…. its Amanda who is dictating it to you…" Barne's eyes widen in surprise.

He couldn't believe that the crackhead knew anything except being good at fighting.

And everyone knew that the House of Roxley was actually controlled by Amanda, the Lord's wife.

Roxley flinched as if he had been caught red handed.

At this moment, a lady barged into the room of Barnes.

Ander looked at his wife in surprise and immediately got up from his seat to stop his wife.

"What are you doing? I am in an important meeting? Didn't I tell you about the hijack…"

He tried to push his wife out of the room. 

"No!! It's about Lear...he is missing from his room….he never wakes up this early…." His wife replied with an agitated face.

"That rascal….must be out there, fooling around…" Ander said with an ugly face.

"I asked my servant to look around and he said that Lear was spotted around the express station…..he even found his name on the list of passengers…" 


Everyone looked at the screen. The Lord of Barnes House had suddenly disappeared.

Ander returned within a minute. He looked at everyone and then slammed his desk.

"You are right!! We can't sacrifice so many people's lives!! …..we have to do everything we can!!"

Everyone looked at him dumbfounded.

Roxley couldn't understand what was happening as well.

"What are you doing? Don't you want your daughter? If anything happens to her….I will skin you alive…" Amanda, Lora's mother who had been sitting in front of him threatened.


"Yes, We need to save those people!!" Lord of Roxley House began to shout as well. How could he let his daughter die? 

As for Barnes suddenly switching sides, he would kill him if he was having thoughts about his wife.


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