The Ancient Genes
213 Problem Arises
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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213 Problem Arises


Max landed in the washroom of another cabin.

 This was the second cabin he had been to. He along with one of Lora'a guards had managed to secure one of the cabins already. 

The man was currently handling the situation in the secured cabin. Letting people understand what was going on. On the other hand, Max decided to go ahead. He planned to find all the bombs first and mark their location. Saving people like he did earlier would only get him to waste his time.

The mana around him surged and he sealed off the hole in the ceiling with a layer of earth.

He then brought out another one of the cubs of shadow Leopard. 

It was the youngest, One or Black 1 as called by Sera.

"Try and look...if you can find that smell…." Max ordered.

He had already made One smell the bomb below the sink earlier.

One smelled around before looking towards Max and shaking its head.

"Who's there?" A man's voice sounded and Max could hear footsteps coming their way.

"Hide," Max spoke and One immediately vanished into the darkness.

Lights flashed and soon a man in a mask carrying a rifle entered the washroom. 

"Is everything fine there?" A voice sounded through his transmitter.

"I was sure, I heard something…" the man mumbled.

"Is everything fine there?" The voice sounded again.

"Yes everything is fine," the man replied.

But he was still not sure. He began to open each and every door to make sure there was no one in.

When he opened the last door, his eyes went wide.

"Raise your hands, How did you come here?" He asked with a frown. He had checked earlier. There shouldn't have been anyone here. Besides, every room had been taken under control. There was no way for anyone to cross cabins.

Where did this person come from?

He felt something was wrong and quietly reached out for his transmitter.


He suddenly looked at his waist and found his transmitter missing.

"Are you looking for this?" Max asked with a smile.

The man looked at Max and his face froze. A black cat-like creature had appeared beside Max and there was his transmitter in its mouth.

"Y-You!" the man looked in shock. He didn't hesitate any longer and shot.

"Click! Click!" 

The rifle seemed to have jammed at this moment and the man's expression started to turn pale. He desperately tried to fix it but nothing seems to be working.

The temperature in the surrounding started to fall and the man suddenly looked at Max in realisation.

Max released a cold white vapor from his mouth as he spoke, "I doubt you can use that thing with your bullets frozen…"


The weapon dropped off of the man's hand and he tried to run, but Max was faster than him.

Max grabbed the man by his neck and lifted him up. "Tell me, where is the bomb?"

"Try to scream and see if you live or not…" Max spoke with a frown as the guy was about to scream.

"Are you going to speak or not?!" Max asked as he took out his tagger and inserted it in the man's leg.

The man wanted to scream in pain. But the moment his eyes met Max, he immediately brought his hands to his mouth and held himself back.

He could feel that the guy in front of him would definitely kill him if he dared to even release a squeak.

"I don't have time….speak or die…" Max asked as he took out his dagger from the man's leg and brought it in front of his eyes.

"It's in the air vent…." the man spoke in fear.

Max released the man and he fell on the floor with a thud.

Max walked towards the air vent and checked it. The bomb was indeed in the air vent. These vents were designed to suck in the foul smell and refresh the washrooms. But in the process, it erased the smell of the bomb itself, no wonder One didn't manage to find it.

«Check the air vents in the washroom. My shadow leopard might not be able to find it if it's hidden in there..»

Max immediately messaged Lear.

«Lear: Got it….I am about to look for the bomb.»

Lear's reply came immediately.


"Shut up!!" 

Lear shouted and the crowd of people immediately became quiet.

"I am not some help sent by the Association or the Union. Neither am I the member of the security group. I have helped you people of my own assertion. So take your complaints somewhere else…." Lear said in anger.

These people had immediately started scolding him when he took down the this armed man.

It had really pissed him off.

"Please calm down…" A sweet voice entered everyone's ear as Lora walked in with her guard. She had managed to secure the cabin on that side as well.

"You handle them...come with me Twice…" Lear said as he took Twice with and left looking for the bomb.

"Isn't she Lora Roxley…." Someone seemed to have identified her even in the thin light. There were only a few balls of flames being lit by Mages with fire elements.

Lear had once again missed the chance of knowing Lora's identity. What was funny was that no one had recognized him? It seemed that him acting as a trash for years had indeed worked. 

"Yes, I am Lora Roxley. I will like you people to cooperate. The help would be arriving soon. Until then you can let us handle it…." 

"It is dangerous…. How could you go alone like that, Miss? You have to leave it to people like us." One of the men stepped up to help and soon there were a few more willing to help.

The moment people came to know that there was someone from Noble House, they immediately began to butter them up. This was quite a common occurrence in the upper society.


Lear had reached the cafeteria. There was a cafeteria to have food in each of the VIP cabins. While for the rest, multiple common cabins had to share one.

Twice seemed to have found something and it suddenly looked towards the kitchen.

It moved and Lear followed after.

Seeing twice growling at a tin container filled with dirty liquid waste, Lear couldn't help but frown. If this thing was truly what he thought it to be, they were done for.

He went ahead and touched the container. Since it was a piece of metal, Lear could sense its entire structure.

"Damn it!" Lear cursed.

It was indeed a drainage system and not a container. This huge pipe was being used to transfer the liquid waste to the waste storage.

They didn't know where the real storage tank was. Even if they knew it, how were they supposed to enter it? This could only be done by professionals. If they tried to do it, it might only lead to destruction.

Besides, that wasn't even the main problem. What guarantee was there that the bomb was not stuck somewhere along the pipelines? Now that he thought about it, Lear felt a headache.

It was true....if some idiot flushed the bomb in the toilet, this would lead to the same situation.

He immediately contacted Max. He needed to find something out.

«Lear: Is the bomb waterproof?»


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