The Ancient Genes
214 12 Stars
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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214 12 Stars

«Lear: Is the bomb waterproof?»

Max looked at the message and rolled his eyes. What kind of question was this? But he still answered it.

«Well, I think so. The first one identified was located below the sink. It should be waterproof.»

«Lear: We are in trouble then….»

«What's wrong?» Max asked with a frown on his face. Lear wasn't the one to joke in situations like this.

Lear answered Max's question and explained to him what was going on.

'Damn these people…' Max couldn't help but feel a headache.

«Leave the bombs…..we need to find the person with the detonator. Even though the bombs had a timer, there should be a remote to use it as well.»

There had to be a remote, if not, they would only be a fool to have actually believed and surrendered thinking that the people would detonate the bomb at any moment.

«Lear: The pilots' cabin is most likely the place for the leader of the group to be in.»

«Agreed, if they want to take control of the entire express car, the first place they need to have control is the pilots cabin.»

Max replied.

« Lear: Which side is it?»

Max didn't know what to say. He too didn't know which way the cockpit was supposed to be. It could be on any of the two ends.

«Go and look at your side. I will search on this side. If you come across my Master, get help. If not, wait for me to get there. We still don't know how powerful the person might be.» Max said in concern. He still couldn't forget the thing which that man had said.

Tattoo of a skull on the neck.

'Let's hope that the rumors are just rumors….' Max thought as he turned around and looked at the man who was still staring at Max with fear in his eyes.


"Yup! Done….now then let's go…" Max said as he slowly turned around facing the fierce wind on the roof and began to move towards the extreme end in hopes of finding the pilot's cabin.

Behind him, a man had encircled his arms around an earth spike with all his might which was protruding out of the roof. 

He was screaming as tears and snot flew through his eyes and nose.Yet, the sound of the wind and the express car was so loud that it had totally masked his voice to the extent where even a slight squeak couldn't be heard.


On the other side, Lear too had begun to move. Unlike Max, he wasn't as slow while moving on the roof.

He covered his foot with mana and pulled the metal frame towards him. Since the express car was obviously dozens of times heavier than Lear, he couldn't even make it budge. But, it allowed Lear to maintain a strong attraction force and move with much of a freedom even with the fierce wind.

"A bit more, I can see the end isn't much left…" Lear mumbled as he carefully took another step up.

"Oh! my…. I can't believe someone actually dared to do something so foolish…"

Suddenly a feminine voice entered Lear's ear. 

Lear raised his head and found a person standing in front of him. Lear couldn't see her face in the darkness but could definitely feel a chilly aura emanating from her.

"Demons? Skull group? Dark Society? What should I call you?" Lear asked with a smile.

" know a lot about us? Who are you? The Ancient Families?" the lady asked in a playful tone.

Lear didn't reply but a smile leaked on his face. He had confirmed a few facts. The skull group existed and they were a part of Dark Society controlled by demons as well.

"I didn't think that someone would actually come this way when they asked me to guard it. I thought I was being given the easy task again. But I am so happy that someone really came…." the lady said in a cheerful tone.

"How can I make a beautiful lady wait?" Lear said with a smile.

'What a talkative person?' Lear thought. He couldn't let this opportunity go.

"Aren't you a smooth talker? How do you know I am beautiful in this darkness?" She asked with a giggle.

"If your voice can charm me like this, I don't need to see your face to find if you are beautiful or not?" Lear who was having a hard time hitting on Lora a few minutes ago, now was acting like he was born for it.

"You have got a sweet tongue….I really like you. Do we really have to fight?" She asked with a sad voice.

"Well, if you have got any other option, I would love to hear that…" Lear replied calmly.

" about you surrender? I can promise you won't get hurt. After all, you have managed to impress me. One of the 12 stars." The lady said with a smile.

"One of the 12 stars?" Lear asked.

"Like you guys have 12 Celestials or something for the younger generation, we have the 12 stars for us. Obviously we are a lot stronger than you silly humans." the girl said with a giggle.

"Well, Aren't you a big shot?" Lear said with a smile. But he had already started to feel the tension. It was going to be tough. If this lady was right, Lear might die here. He was not even at the level of 12 celestials.

"Yes, I am." the girl replied.

"What is a person like you doing here?" Lear asked. He really wanted to know what was a person like her doing here?

"It was getting boring. So, when I heard about this plan, I decided to tag along." The girl replied with a sweet smile.

Lear's face twitched but he still maintained the smile on his face.

"Now then enough of your questions, I want to ask something too." She said in a coquettish manner.

"Yeah, sure, go ahead." Lear said as he warned Max about the situation.

«Lear: Be careful, I found one on the roof...»

"Are you interested in becoming my subordinate? I heard others are making human subordinates as well. I am the only one without any. Are you interested?"  

Her question immediately caught Lear's attention.

"How do you guys do that? I am really curious…" Lear asked with a curious expression.

"You are no fun…. I already told you so many things and you still want more. Bad boy….if you become mine….I will let you onto the secret…." the girl said with a cunning smile as the ominous aura around her intensified.

Lear's expressions changed. It seemed that the girl wasn't as dumb as he thought her to be.

"Do you know there is a Grand Master level Mage on the express car? You should be getting out of the trouble Miss…" Lear said with a smile as mana began to surge around him.

"Oh! I didn't know that….well no worries. Thankfully, I dragged the eleventh elder to play with me this time…..he is a supreme…" the girl said with a wide smile and color began to fade away from Lear's face.

'I am so dead….'

If Max was here, he would have facepalmed himself. It seemed  that he had jinxed himself. He had said that there was no way a Supreme would come to Hijack a train. He had nothing to fear with his master on board….

But what about now?


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