The Ancient Genes
215 Versus a Star
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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215 Versus a Star

«Lear: Be careful, I found one on the roof...»

Max looked at Lear's message and couldn't help but sigh. Lear was slightly late in warning him.

Max raised his head and stared at the guy standing in front of him. Max could clearly feel the ominous aura emanating around from him. The guy was definitely a demon. He seems to be young unlike the man Max and Derek had faced in the past and the aura around him was much more creepy and intense.

"Are you the real deal? Or another human toy?" Max asked with a calm look. There was nothing to be surprised any more.

The guy look at Max and shook his head.

Max didn't know the reason behind his actions. But he wasn't keen on replying. He didn't even spare Max a second glance as he calmly took a step forward and moved towards Max resisting the wind.

The guy's posture was enough to give Max an idea about his strength. Max could clearly tell that he wasn't weak.

A spear appeared in Max's hand and he calmly pointed it at the incoming man.

The spear was the best option to engage in a fight here. Moving and maintaining balance on the roof would be difficult. If Max could have a large attack range, it would automatically give him an advantage.

"You don't wanna do this here." Max warned him. If they were to fight here, Max was sure that both of them would end up falling off unless something unexpected were to happen.

'Hmmm...' Suddenly Max realises something and a smile leaked out on his face. He was standing in the direction of the win and not against it.

"You seem pretty confident for a mere human. Do you even know who I am?" the guy finally said with a laugh as he couldn't understand the reason behind the smile on Max's face.

"No, I don't. But if you want to give an introduction, go ahead." Max said with a calm face.

The guy shook his head as he replied, "You are not worthy."

Max's brows twitched. 

He really hated this kind of person.


Max kicked his feet unfurling his wings. The fact that he was going along with the wind made him even faster. Within one-fourth of a sec, he was already onto the guy.

There was no way for the guy to dodge. Even Max would have trouble avoiding the hit. But to Max's surprise, he responded. 

Max's spear grazed his cheeks drawing out his blood and he stumbled backwards almost falling off the express car. But the black colored aura around his body emerged like wines and held onto the express car saving him from falling off.

"Who are you?" the guy suddenly asked with a surprise on his face as he managed to roll back onto the roof.

On the other hand, a frown had emerged on Max's face as well. He was having a bad feeling about it.

"Are you one of the Celestials? I keep hearing that they are the most talented humans of this generation?" the guy asked in curiosity.

Seeing that Max had no plan on answering, the guy spoke once again, "You must be one of them...if not, you must be as strong as them. No wonder you caught me by surprise. I never thought of meeting someone like you."

Max looked at the guy making assumptions on his own. 

"You are worthy of knowing my name."

Before Max could even accept or reject his offer, he already began to speak.

"I am Eida Rygral. One of the twin stars from12 stars of the younger demon generation." the guy spoke with a prideful look on his face.

Max could already understand a bit of the situation. It seemed that he had got a big fish drawn towards him.

Whether it was a fish or a shark was yet to be decided though….

"Aren't you alone to be called twin?" Max asked with a bit of curiosity.

"No, I am not. My sister is here. But I don't need her. It won't be any fun if she were to join in." the guy said with a smile.

Max felt a headache. As if one wasn't enough, now they had another one to deal with.

'I hope Lear gets to Master. As long as Master takes action, it will all be under control. We can even catch this big fish....'

"Well enough talk….I want to see how strong the so called celestial's are…."

Max pointed his spear towards him and entered his battle stance.

"This wind is so annoying….let me make a battle stage for us…" the guy smiled as suddenly kneeled.

Max felt something was wrong, he immediately drew an arc of fire using his spear in the air.


The flames landed on the guy and an explosion occurred.

The frown on Max's face didn't diminish a bit. He could still feel the omnibus aura intensifying with each passing moment.


A sound entered Max's ear and he immediately looked below.

The shape of the metal frame seemed to be changing. Dents had started to appear on the frame.


A loud noise rang out and Max almost lost his balance. He kneeled onto the floor and maintained himself from falling off.


A stench of blood wafted his nostrils and Max could only sigh as he raised his head. There was a chill in his eyes. 

The entire cabin had been flattened like a paper. It was obvious where the stench of blood was emanating from.

The smoke from the explosion had already cleared and a wall of black colored aura stood there which had clearly taken the hit of Max's flames.

"Hahaha...look at you. Are you sure you are human? The amount of killing intent is enough to make some ice out of water…. I even mistook you from our side." The guy joked.

"I am indeed a human. The one who will kill you. As for the ice, don't worry I will make a coffin out of it for you." Max replied as the water in the air began to conjure behind him forming the shape of a dragon.

 "Interesting…." the guy mumbled as a saber appeared in his hand and the black colored aura began to pulse around him.

They started at each other without making a move.

Suddenly, the guy moved. He couldn't control his excitement any longer. 

Max responded and move as well. The spear in his hands moved like a part of his own body.

Max stared at the guy as he slashed his saber. His hands seemed to have blurred at that instant.

Max didn't block and continued to close in, the moment the saber was going to land on him, Max controlled the water dragon to take on the attack for him and used the opportunity to strike.

The spear pierced towards the guy and a clang rang out.

The first exchange had occurred and Max turned around to look at the guy behind him.

The black colored aura had formed several spikes around the guy. There was a wound on his shoulder where Max's attack seemed to have landed.

Max on the other hand looked at himself. There were three cuts on his body which were bleeding. He had clearly lost the first exchange.


In one of the normal cabins, an old man with white hair and a beard sat on one of the seats.

The cabin was being lit up with the flash lights of the phones that all the passengers had.

"Isn't it getting really loud…huff!" he mumbled as he slowly stood up from his seat.

"What are you doing old geezer? You wanna die? You only have a few years left….quietly sit back if you don't wanna lose that…" the mage who was in charge of the cabin said with a frown. 

The people around the old man looked at him with a worried expression.

"Hahaha….how can I die with so many people in trouble…." the old man shook his head with a short laugh and blinding white light covered the entire cabin.

When things returned back to normal, people were shocked. The old man had vanished and so did the hijackers.

No one had seemed to have noticed the ashes at the spot where the hijackers had been standing all along.


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