The Ancient Genes
216 Lear in Trouble
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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216 Lear in Trouble

"Now then, do you want to become my subordinate or not? Think about it, becoming the subordinate of one of the stars and even a beautiful one like me, Linda Rygral. People will kill for this opportunity. " the girl said with a proud look on her face.

Lear shook his head. Mana began to surge around him. He had to do it. There was no other choice.

"Is that a no, am I being rejected. Really? This is the first time I asked someone to do something for me…." the girl spoke in a coquettish tone.

"Too bad…..only if you weren't a demon…."Lear spoke with a slight laugh.

"Oh my how cruel! What should I do with you? You just broke my heart." Linda spoke with a sad tone as the ominous aura began to intensify around her.

The smile on Lear's face faded and the metal sand which he had been carrying began to float around him.

Linda took a step forward. She was moving along the wind. It gave her an overwhelming advantage. Her hands formed a fist and she gently raised her hand indicating that she was going to punch. It could be clearly seen that she was just playing around.

Lear fully knew that if he wanted to have a shot at making it out alive, he had to switch positions with her and it had to be done with the first move. If not, the chances of succeeding at it would continue to fall.

Lear formed spikes out of the metal sand and threw them towards Linda. The spikes moving against the wind had already lost more than half of its momentum by the time they reached her. The black colored aura emerged out like whips and shattered the spike with a single hit.

At this moment, Linda took a step and moved. Her figure blurred and she was already half the way through.

Lear immediately stooped down on his knees and slammed his hands on the metal frame of the roof. 


The upper layer of the metal frame broke apart and stood in front of Lear like a wall.

"You think I am that weak?" Linda asked with a smile and punched.


The moment her punch landed on the thick piece of metal, a huge hole was blasted through its center.

"Did I punch too hard?" Linda mumbled as she tilted her head to look at the other side, but there was no sign of Lear.

She immediately turned around. But there were no signs of Lear as well.

"Hmmn?" Suddenly she noticed a person's hand on the edge of the roof.

The person pushed his body and rolled around as he got back onto the roof.

It was Lear.

'Finally, I have got the advantage in position…' Lear thought. He had used the metal frame as a smokescreen to hide while he jumped off the roof and stuck to the side like a spider, crawling his way until he had bypassed the girl and managed to get behind her.

"What are you doing? It would have made sense if you kept hiding or ran away." Linda asked in astonishment.

"Like I could keep hiding there from you…." Lear spoke with a laugh. There was no way she wouldn't notice him so close by if she became a bit more serious.

"True...I was planning to go and look around in the cabins if I didn't find you here." She spoke with a smile.

Lear couldn't help but frown. She definitely knew that he was close by yet she wanted to force Lear out rather than looking for him. She was evil.

"No need to worry….I am here…." Lear said as he raised his hand. This time he was in an advantageous position and he planned to make full use of it. 



The metal roofs became to make noises as Lear pushed himself to the limit.


The metal frames broke apart showing the ceiling inside which was most likely made of dark wood.

Linda stood there without a slight change in her expression.

Lear looked at her and took in a deep breath. A heap of metal was floating behind him.


Lear commanded and a piece of metal shard flew towards Linda at the speed of light.

Linda who was standing there tilted her head and the sharp metal shard bypassed her head by a hair's breadth.

Lear's expression turned grim. He couldn't believe that she reacted. How fast was her reaction speed?

"Is that all you got?" Lind asked with a smile.

Lear kept his calm. Being agitated would do him no good. She had only dodged one of his attacks and even if she was capable of dogging, Lear just had to strike all her retreat paths as well.

Mana surged around Lear once again attacked as the metal shards began to fly.

Linda looked at the metal shards flying towards her and the black colored aura around her flare like flames.




 The black colored aura took dozens of hits before it was finally broken apart.

'Chance.' Lear thought in his mind.

A dagger appeared in Linda's hand and she used it to block some of the attacks while her legs began to display a strange footwork and she dodged the incoming attack at ease.

Suddenly, a huge broken part of the roof flew towards Linda. She knew that there was not enough space for her to move. She could only break through it. But the moment she did, her eyes widened as Lear emerged from behind.


A punch landed on her face and she flew away like a an arrow released from its bow. Her body bounced on the roof once before she fell off to the side.

"Acting arrogant till the end, I can only be grateful to her…." Lear said as he turned around sighing in relief.

"Indeed…you have managed to teach a lifelong lesson to this child. Even I couldn't do that…" 

Lear footsteps paused. He turned his head around. An old man had appeared behind him. He was wearing a black color medieval robe. The mere presence of the man was suffocating to Lear even though he couldn't feel any kind of fluctuations from him.

What was mad Lear frown the most was the fact that he held Linda by her waist whom Leo had just kicked off of the express car.

'Isn't this cheating…'


Mage Association, Capital Orca.

"If that's it, I shall make the decision. The forces which had been keeping an eye on the express car will move into action. As for the demand of the terrorist group, we would try to delay it as much as possible….and if necessary, we would even fulfill two of the affordable conditions to buy time…"

The Mage king announced the results of the meeting.

"I would like to volunteer to join the rescue team…." Lear's father and the Lord of Barnes House spoke.

Everyone looked at him with a strange look. It was the first time something like this was happening. When had the Lords ever made a move?

"I would like to volunteer as well…" Lora's father and the Lord of Roxley House said making people give him a strange look as well.

People couldn't help but feel something was wrong with these two today.

"I am sorry for the late arrival, we had a bit of a problem here...Greetings to everyone.."

Everyone looked at the screen of the Lord of Edwinson house which had suddenly lit up. A middle aged man sat there with a smile on his face. He looked dignified and the aura around him made people know that he was a noble at first glance.

"Hmmn? Is that old geezer finally dead?" the chilly voice of the Lord of Blackwood House sounded.

"Hahaha...Father is still well and has years to live. He says he won't be dying unless he sends your supremacy off…As for why I am here? He has been out for some work." the man replied with a smile.

"Tell him I am waiting for him to send me off…." the Lord of Blackwood House replied.

All the Lord's were noting today's incident in their diaries.

The first son of Edwinson's house had come out for the meeting, it clearly showed that he had the greatest chances of succeeding his old man right now. 

As for the Second son, he seemed to be on the losing end for now.

The last one didn't have a chance to succeed at all. It seemed that he only had a daughter. Without a son, it wouldn't be possible to pass the throne to him.

"Is the meeting over?" the man asked.

The Mage king's secretary stepped up and briefed him about the situation.

"Oh! Is this it? I don't think we need to worry…"

"What do you mean? Would you mind clarifying?" The Lord of Achilles house spoke.

"Well, Father is travelling in the express car as well…"

The Lord of Edwinson House was on the express car as well. What was the use of sending forces then?


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