The Ancient Genes
219 Final Battle 2
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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219 Final Battle 2

The express car continued to speed up towards the Capital. People were scared of all the ruckus going around.


One of the armed men from the terrorist group flew into the cabin attracting everyone's attention.

"Who is there?" The mage and armed men immediately looked towards the entrance of the cabin.

But the next instant, they felt themselves kneeling due to the heavy pressure on their shoulders. They immediately puked out blood from their mouths and nostrils fainting on the spot. Whether they were dead or alive was unknown.

Stark quietly walked into the room. People looked at him with wide eyes as he quietly walked through the seats and proceeded towards the next cabin.

When he was gone, people immediately came back to their senses. They were free. Somebody was there to help them. Screams of joy ensued in the cabin.

Stark, on the other hand, didn't give any attention to it as he slowly continued on taking down the bunch of trashes in each cabin. He was getting closer to the pilot's cabin with each passing second.

20 cabins behind him, another storm was brewing….

Lear had realised that the things might be changing with the arrival of that old man. He didn't know who the old man was, he didn't seem weak. There was a hope now and as long as it was there, he was going to hold onto it.

Silence enveloped the surrounding. No one spoke and only the sound of the wind and express car was audible.

Linda glared at Lear and Lora as she suddenly took a step and bolted towards them. The black colored demonic aura surged around her and rushed behind like a tide accompanying her with a destructive might. When she was a few meter away, she waved her and the black colored aura heeded her command and flew towards Lear and Lora

Lear immediately reacted and moved every piece of metal on his control trying to block the attack.


The collision occurred and the metal shard flew in all directions clearly being destroyed by the impact. But it had managed to slow down Linda's march.

Lora used this opportunity and used Lear as a ramp to jump off into the air, slashing her whip at Linda.


The lightning whip flew towards Linda and she was forced to retreat and withdrew her attack. Her face had turned ugly and she spoke through her gritted teeth, "Pest.."

Lear suddenly realized something. The girl was truly having trouble controlling her anger. Even though she was a star, letting such things affect her mentality was not a good thing. Especially, when she was against a person like Lear.

 An evil grin leaked out on Lear's face and he commanded, "Charge them!!"

Lora looked at Lear pointing towards all the pieces of metal which had gathered above Lear. Before she could ask anything, Lear had already dashed towards Linda.

Lora could only give into Lear's demand as she let out her mana and jolted all the pieces of metal junks. 


The sight was one to behold as lightning rushed out of Lora's body and connected to the floating metal junk.

Linda didn't plan on letting Lear come anywhere near her. She used her aura and attacked.

Lear raised his hand and commanded the metal shard with which were still producing a sizzling sound and one by one, they began to fly towards Linda countering all her attacks.

"What are you afraid of? I won't punch you this time." Lear chuckled.

Linda on the other hand began to fume even more and becoming more aggressive. Her attacks became rampant and she became fierce. But she didn't seem to have noticed that she was missing a lot now.

When Lear was only a few meters away, he made a big move. 

Linda suddenly felt a sense of danger and the next instant, she noticed that every piece of junk was crashing towards her. 


The impact occurred, but Linda had managed to avoid it by an inch. When she was looking at the pile of junk, Lear rushed out of it. A metal claw had taken shape on his hand like an exoskeleton.

But this time, Linda was prepared. She had been caught off guard once. She wouldn't allow him to do it twice. She formed a black beast claw with her own aura as well and caught hold of Lear's exoskeleton metal arm.

"It won't work twice," Linda spoke as killing intent leaked out of her.

"Bang!" Her black claws crushed Lear's metal arm to pieces and she grabbed Lear by his neck before lifting him up.

"Any last wishes?" She asked.

Lear smiled as he managed to ask, "Aren't you too young to wear black?"

Linda looked at Lear for a while not understanding what he meant. But after a few seconds, her face turned red. She realised what he meant. 

Lear smiled as Linda's grip loosened for a second. She was clearly shaken.

He knew it. It was a risk worth taking. He immediately grabbed hold of Linda's hand and escaped her grasp. A piece of metal shard slid down Lear's sleeve and by the time Linda reacted, Lear had already pushed the piece of metal shard into her chest, exactly at the spot of her heart.

"Y-You!" Linda opened her mouth but before she could speak, blood rushed out of her mouth and she collapsed onto the ground.

Lear sighed a breath of relief. It was finally over. He had won, it didn't matter how he did it, it was a matter of life and death. Lear wasn't going to be stupid and be sad at it. It was her fault trying to crush him to death earlier. If she hadn't raised her feet to crush his head, Lear wouldn't have managed to sneak a peek at her panties. 

Lear gave Linda another look, he really wanted to know what her answer was but she shouldn't be replying now.

Lora immediately came towards Lear. "What did you say to her?" 

She saw what had transpired. When she was about to make a move, Lear used his hand behind his back and signaled her not to make any move.

Lora looked at Lear for answer, she saw that the situation had made a 360 degree turn when Lear said something.

"I just questioned her ideals and she wasn't able to handle it…" Lear brushed it off and moved.

But before he could take another step, he felt a chill running down his spine.  He immediately grabbed onto Lora's hand and pulled her along as he retreated from the spot.


The demonic aura exploded like a raging tide consuming the spot where Lear was just standing. The center of the storm was Linda.

'Damn it! Is she a Lich?'


A few minutes ago…

Under the open sky, two old men floated as they stood against each other. The area below was covered in vegetation and a village could be seen in the distance. The ground below was totally upturned and there was a high hole in it. It seemed that someone had tunneled their way through.

"So what do you wanna ask me, White Demon?" the 11th elder asked with a smirk.

"How is Valatrix doing?" the old man in white asked with a smile.

"How do you know him?" The smirk on the 11th elder's face vanished and his expression turned serious.

"Are you below the position of10th elder? You must be. No wonder you don't know anything?" The old man spoke with a smile and the 11th elders face began to turn dark.


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