The Ancient Genes
220 Final Battle 3
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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220 Final Battle 3

"Are you below the position of 10th elder? You must be. No wonder you don't know anything?" The old man spoke with a smile and the 11th elder's face began to turn dark.

"It seems you know about us?" the 11th elder looked at the old man in white. The smirk on his face had disappeared and it was replaced by a tranquil look. At his level, worrying about every little thing wasn't worth it.

"Yes, I do. There are a few among us who know about you creatures." the old man said with a smile. His gaze suddenly turned complicated and he couldn't help but sigh, "I always have wanted to come face to face with one of you guys in the position of the elders in hopes of getting the answer to my question, " the old man said as he finally asked, "Is coexistence not an option?"

"Hahaha!!!" The 11th elder began to laugh hysterically as if he had the funniest thing in his life. 

When he finally relaxed, he couldn't help but look at the old man with a strange look, "You probably don't know the history between us...If you knew, you wouldn't be saying these…"

There was no way that peace could be attained. The war has continued for ages now. It wasn't just about domination anymore. It was about revenge and fury as well. How many had died? How many were waiting to bite at each other's throat? There was no way for peace to exist.

"I has been ingrained in you people. You are still living in the past. Learn to move on." The old man replied with a sigh.

"Yes, we will....after wiping humanity out." The 11th elder said with a calm tone.

"Do you think you will succeed? It will change nothing but fuel this cycle of hatred." The old man in white replied. He was speaking from his experience. The wrinkles on his face weren't just for show. The old man had seen things unfolding in front of his eyes. 

"You are not wrong. But it's too late for words to work. If you were there in the Ancient era, things might have been different now," the 11th elder said before pausing and adding another line, "Only if you could say the same thing back then."

"Since it's too late for words, I won't waste them anymore." The aura around the old man changed. The land began to rumble as the mana in surroundings began to run amok.

The clouds in the sky disappeared and the land beneath began to crack. Birds and animals in the vicinity began to flee feeling the incoming danger.

"Leave….I will give you a chance or else, it won't end well." The old man's words were quite clear and he had taken several factors in consideration here.

They were in human territory. There was a village in the distance and the express car tunnel ran beneath here.  If a fight broke out, the destruction was inevitable. It didn't matter who won and who lost. The fight between the super experts would bring along a destruction unheard of.

"What if I don't?" The 11th spoke as a chilling aura began to leak out of his body. It seemed to be creeping towards the sky and engulfing every inch of light.

The 11th elder was very clear of his advantage. He was going to go all out.

When the black colored aura was creeping up, a white flash of light suddenly zoomed past tearing the layer of darkness.

"You might succeed in causing destruction if you want to...but let me tell you, don't even think about leaving alive….I will kill you for sure, it doesn't matter whether you run to hell or to heaven. I will kill you." The old man spoke in an extremely calm tone, but his words seemed no joke. He was serious.

"You are pretty confident aren't you? A mere Human supreme dares to act this cocky…" the 11th said with a mocking smile.

"Are you sure about it?" the old man asked as a white flash engulfed him and the next moment, his eyes turned white as a shade of white colored aura appeared around him.

The 11th elder felt a tinge in his body. His eyes widened. It was pressure, he was being pressured. How was this possible?

A supreme was a mortal, how could he be pressured by a mortal. Unless…...

The mere thought of this possibility sent chills up the spine of the 11th elder, he observed his surroundings and a shock filled his face.


He uttered that word noticing that he was losing control of his aura. The shock in his voice was very evident.

"Y-You! How is it possible?!" A mere mortal of this era had finally found a way towards God hood. The path of Ascension, an Ascensionist had appeared in the current era.

"You still want to do this?" the old man asked in a tranquil tone. He was sure he could kill him. But the process would definitely cause enough destruction to wipe out the village nearby and make tunnels to cave in below.


On the other side....

Max had several cuts on his body by now. He had lost a ton of blood. But thanks to the life force ability, he was still standing. His spear had completely turned red from his own blood.


Max clashed with Eida again but he couldn't manage to find any hole in his defense.

This wasn't the only problem, the guy's attack was powerful enough to fill any gap which was emerging by chance. This led to Max being unsuccessful in seizing those opportunities.

'Only if I had my spirit snake...I need to find some other way…' Max thought as he pushed the guy back and attacked again.

Eida on the other hand dodged Max's attacks with ease and countered them. Eida's hand moved and his fist landed on Max's guard.

Max felt his bones in his hands creaking as his feets left the ground and he was flung behind crashing into the cabin behind.

'This guy definitely has the strength of a strong expert tier mage.'


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