The Ancient Genes
223 The First Meeting
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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223 The First Meeting


The door to the pilot's cockpit was flung away and a person stood at the entrance with his right foot raised above the ground in air.

"So, you are the person who has been taking our people down?" The man sitting on the pilot's seat spoke. He was draped in a black cloak and it's hood came down all the way to his nose covering his face as well. There was a tattoo of a skull on the man's neck.

As soon as Stark saw the tattoo, his eyes gleamed with a strange light. He seemed to have identified it.

"Did you people forget your position? It seems we have gone easy on you…." Stark spoke with a calm tone.

The man looked at Stark. He had identified the man and knew that they had hit a block here. He had even lost contact with the 11th Master and both of the Young Lord and Lordess.

He couldn't activate the explosives without their command.

Stark scanned the room and found what he was looking for.

There was a device on the panel right below the windshield which looked like a remote to the bombs

"It seems that you people have luck on your side today...but I wonder how long it will last...the clock has begun ticking….we demons will reclaim this land back again.."

The man said as the demonic aura busted out of his body and he transformed into a foreign being with sharp teeth and inhumane body like that of a beast.

Stark looked at him and a hammer suddenly appeared in his hands. He didn't know why the guy didn't move towards the remote, but it turned out in his favor. He didn't need to worry about it.

The man pounced at Star and Stark responded by closing in on him as well. The hammer in his hand displayed an exquisite hammer technique.


Within a moment, the exchange had occurred and a silence prevailed. Stark slowly turned around so did the man who had transformed.

There wasn't any scratch on either of the two people's bodies. 


Suddenly, blood began to leak out from the mouth of the man with demonic aura. It was followed by his nose, ears, eyes .....every orifice in his body had begun to bleed. Depressions began to form on the man's body which looked like marks from being struck by a hammer.


The man fell on the ground losing his consciousness forming a pool of blood around.

Hammers were not just capable of refining ore, Stark had definitely proved that today.


On the other side….

"Are you fine kid?" the old man asked as he looked at Lear lying on the roof with sweat and blood all over.

"I don't recognise you, but thank you, sir. You saved us." Lear said as he got up onto his feet. Now that the battle was over, he could feel the tiredness washing over.

"Well, you guys fought for yourself. You don't need to thank me. It's good being young." the old man spoke with a smile.

At this moment, an announcement rang throughout the express car.

"Uhhmn...Everyone, there is no need to worry. The express car is back in control. The controller of the bombs had been seized and the timer had been stopped."

As soon as the announcement was made, cheers erupted throughout the cabins and people began to cry and scream in joy.

"Let's get back inside….my old bones will freeze in this wind." The old man said in a joking manner.

Lear nodded as he sent a message to Max.

«Lear: Are you still alive?"

On the other side, Max laid down with his back against the metal frame of the express car. He was really feeling tired and there was no need to speak about the pain.

He laid there without moving allowing his regenerative property to work to its fullest. He had used Vital arts but the blood was still leaking out of his wounds. The wounds were too big. He had to get it treated or allow them to regenerate.

Seeing Lear's message popping up, Max couldn't help but smile as he replied.

«Yes, I am.»

He had heard the announcement earlier. Finally, everything was settled.


The noise made Max turn his head. He realised that it was his spirit snake breaking it's way through all the mess.

'What is this guy doing here?' Max frowned and when he was about to get some information from the guy, he saw that a lady was following behind it with a child in her arms.

When the lady saw the half dead state which Max was in, her eyes widened and she rushed towards him.

"Oh my goodness….what happened to you.." Her eyes glistened as water began to fill in them.

Max looked at the spirit snake and it returned back to him.

Max immediately came to know what had happened. When the announcement rang, the lady had got out of the washroom. The spirit snake had no choice but to follow her. 

The lady seemed to have asked the spirit snake to lead her to Max. The snake was obviously intelligent and hence led her to Max.

Max saw the lady freaking out as tears began to flew down her cheeks. He couldn't help but smile feeling a tinge of warmth. He seemed to have forgotten this feeling.

What was it? Motherly love? He didn't remember, but it felt good…

"Why are you smiling? Look at you...we need to get you to the doctor…" the lady said in concern. Worry was written all over her face. She didn't know that Max had an ability called life force which perfectly complimented his regeneration ability allowing him to survive even this situation.

"I am fine, Mam. This is just superficial wounds." Max flailed his arms showing that he was alright even though it hurt actually, "See…"

The lady's expression didn't change much. She was not fully convinced. She tore her scarf and wrapped it around the huge hole in Max's shoulders before helping him to move onto a seat nearby.

A while later, Max heard footsteps and he turned his head around to see twice running towards him followed by his master behind.

Stark has met with Lear and had taken Twice along to find Max.

The lady was frightened at the sudden appearance of a beast but when she saw it licking Max and acting playfully, she calmed down.

"Thanks for taking care of him…" Stark spoke as he noticed a scarf tied around Max's shoulder.

"N-No not at all….this kind boy ha


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