The Ancient Genes
225 Capital
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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225 Capital

"The express car will be reaching  the Capital Orca in a few minutes…" 

The announcement rang and people began to get ready to leave. There was an expression of relief on their face. They could finally leave this damn thing.

"Get ready. I have informed William, just go and report to him first. He should be in the Academy." Stark spoke as he began to get his things ready, 

When he was done, he looked at Max and spoke, "I have to leave immediately. Contact me when you reach the Academy."

After what had happened, Stark had to move fast. The elder's council should have known about the incident by now. Stark had played a part in this too. If they knew that he was ditching his work, he would be in trouble. Hence he had to get back as soon as possible.

"The express car has arrived at Capital Orca."

The Announcement rang and Stark got up from his seat before moving towards the exit bidding his farewell.

Max kicked the seat in front of him jolting Lear up who was still asleep comfortably.

"What are you doing?!!" Lear grumbled as soon as he realised it was Max.

"Sshh!" Max asked him to keep it quiet as he pointed his finger beside. The lady and her child were still asleep.

"Let's move, we have arrived." Max said as he got up from the seat before giving that lady a last look. 

The staff would probably wake them up. Besides, the people were hurrying off. It would be troublesome for her to get off with a child. She might as well have some extra minutes of sleep.

Max and Lear traveled along with the crowd of people. The security was strong and after confirming that the person was safe, they sent them to have a medical check-up.

Lear and Max didn't waste their time on another check up. Max had gotten an elixir. Besides, his regeneration ability was there. He should be back to his full power within a few days.

Lear on the other hand only had one deep injury and had already done treatment. It was not a big deal. Not to mention that Mages could recover faster than normal people.

They avoided the checkup and got out of the underground station.

The warm rays of sun finally fell on them after almost 3 days of travelling. It felt good.

Max looked at the crowded roads. The traffic was no joke. He could see a group of cars move after a single person got into one of them. They were just there for escorting. No wonder the traffic was high like that.

Luxurious cars were everywhere and there was no end to high rise buildings. The Capital was indeed lively.

"Let's take a tour, shall we…" Lear smiled.

"Well let's go then.." Max replied with a smile.

The duo began to move. They followed the sidewalk deciding to take a tour on their feet after all, the traffic in this area was too tight.

It was evident that people had rushed here after hearing about the incident. These included family members as well as journalists and the media people.

Max remembered his days from the trial when he visited the capital and could only sigh. In his eyes, Capital Orca was one messed up place. The discrimination here knew no bounds. The difference between the rich and poor, the lower class and upper class were deeply rooted.

The most annoying thing was that some seemed to have accepted it as the natural order.


Lear clutched his stomach. "Treat me to something. I have no money."

Max shook his head, "Follow me." 

Lear looked at Max who had already started to move and immediately followed behind.


 After 15-20 minutes of walking, Max had led Lear to an old and run down place to eat.

The food was cheap and tasted good as well. In his early days in Capital during the trial, Max had used this place to beg for food. The owner was good as well and had hired him as a dishwasher to work and provided him with meals 3 times a day and a roof to leave under.

"Where have you led me to? Stingy guy…" Lear stared at Max. It wasn't like he liked to spend lavishing on meals. But he definitely liked it when it was coming from someone else's pocket.

"Boss, two plates of fried rice…" Max casually spoke before taking a seat.

The man looked at the two new duo with an odd look before nodding. It wasn't every day that people came in behaving this friendly and causally. Not to mention that both of them were dressed well looking like people from some rich family.

"There has to be a limit. You are gonna just treat me to a plate of fried rice?" Lear grumbled with a scowl on his face.

"Calm down, you haven't even eaten it yet. It's good. You won't ask for anything else after eating it." Max said with a smile.

Lear didn't reply nor did he believe. It was just a plate of fried rice, how tasty could it possibly be.

 Within a couple of minutes the food was served.

Lear felt his brows quivering as the steam rising from the rice wafted his nose. It smelled nice.

He picked up the spoon and dug in. When the rice entered his mouth, Lear felt the flavors bursting apart and his eyes widened. His face twitched. This was a 5★ flavor.


Suddenly, a light flashed and a noise of camera shutter sounded. Lear's face turned dark as he saw Max taking pictures of him.

"B*tch! Give that to me…"

Lear tried to snatch the phone but it had already disappeared into Max's spirit world.

Lear could only sit back with a twisted expression as he spoke, "I can't believe the place is empty. The food is really good."

"Well even regularly there are not many people here except for the poor around. People here care more about status...they will be willing to spend more money for the same food if they could maintain their class." Max spoke.

"I hate this stuff….but you can't do anything….the people in the capital have enough money to put some even in their trash can." Lear replied with a smile.

At this moment, a group of people entered the tavern.

The boss of the tavern immediately got out and ran up to them with his cash box.

"What is this?" the man leading the group asked as he flipped the box and a few coins and notes fell from it.

"Sir, the roads have been jammed due to the incident on the station. I haven't been able to get my customers. This is all I have now." the boss pleaded.

One look and Lear confirmed they were thugs. But what was surprising was that even these thugs were radiating mana. They were mages.

"Capital sure is different…" Max spoke with a mocking tone.

Lear could only sigh. Even though he pretty much understood how things in capital worked and why it did so, he still hated it?

Because he felt that some of them were wrong? 

As Lear got up from his seat, Max spoke, "Think before helping, the boss hasn't asked for it. Are you sure your help will not bring him more trouble in the future?"


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