The Ancient Genes
226 Seeing her Again
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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226 Seeing her Again

"Are you sure your help will not bring him more trouble in the future?" Max spoke with a calm look on his face.

Lear gave him a look before speaking, "Just watch me."

He then proceeded towards the group with giant strides.

"How much is it old man?" Lear asked as he got in front of the desk.

"Sir, it's 60 zen total." the boss replied as he turned around with seat on his face.


Lear took out a pile of notes from his pocket and slammed it onto the desk. 

"Isn't it too cheap? This is quality food. Keep this as your tip." Leo spoke before returning back to the table.

The group of people glared at him, but no one did anything. After all, one could see the arrogance of a noble in Lear's character. Even though they were eating in such a run down place, they still didn't think it was worth the trouble to get involved with them.

"Thank you, Sir!" the boss bowed several times in gratitude.

Max looked at Lear with a frown as he mumbled, "This guy was hiding money after all." But what surprised him was how this stingy guy actually pulled out his money to help another person.

"How was it?" Lear asked with a proud look on his face.

Max nodded as he replied, "Good, I guess."

The boss of the restaurant was obviously happy. He immediately used the money and paid the group of people.

"Here is this week's payment…"

The person leading the group took the money and turned to give Max and Lear a look before leaving.

"Let's go." Lear suddenly spoke as he got up from his seat. The plate on his table was wiped clean. There wasn't even a single speck of rice left on it.

"Where?" Max asked with scrunched brows as he put the spoon in his mouth.

"Obviously to get my money back." Lear had an obvious look on his face.

"Cough! Cough!"

Max choked onto his food and immediately gulped the whole glass of water before finally glaring at Lear.

This guy hasn't changed a bit.

"I am not done eating yet." Max grumbled as he decided to focus back onto his plate.

But suddenly, Lear's hands grabbed onto his collar and he was dragged out.



"Stop sighing already. I will treat you if we get my money back." Lear said with a frown.

"You really wanna do this? On the very first day of capital? You know the capital's structure right?" Max suddenly asked.

"Oh! Did we come here to hide?" Lear asked with a sarcastic look.

The Capital was the largest city in the Continent. It had the largest Magic Academy as well. The place was totally controlled by the 12 Noble houses. Even though 4 noble houses originally belonged to Capital, all the other houses had made a territory for themselves in the Capital as well. They had their forces and did business too.

In a place like this there was no way for a bunch of thugs to go around and collect money. It was obvious that they had some support. There were some people in the upper society who ran this illegal work of collecting fees. They didn't care for the weak and poor, sucking everything out of them. That was the reason that some parts of the capital were preferred by people while some were not.

"Tsk...I hope this excitement of yours here is not only in case of money." Max said as he took out a pair of masks from the spirit world.

"Do you think I care about money? If only I didn't have this limited amount, I would have spent 10 times of that amount on my hair alone." Lear spoke as he gently caressed his hairs lifting them up. He really liked his hair a lot.

"Where did they go?" Max suddenly asked.

They had been following them for a while. But didn't make any move since the path was crowded. Now, they had lost track of these bunch due to their conversation and the sudden increase in the number of people.

"Where did they go?" Lear asked with wide eyes as well.

"They shouldn't have gone far. Let's split. Contact when you find them." Max said and both of them went in separate directions.

Max continued to walk through the crowd searching for the silhouette of those people. 

After 30 minutes of walking, Max realised that he had come in the wrong way. The street seemed to have led him to some VIP area. He could tell by looking at the buildings and people around. Those guys must have gone the other way. Lear should probably be able to find them.

When Max was about to turn around, a familiar figure entered his vision and he froze.

Several images flashed by his mind. From the start to the end. He stood there with a serene look in his eyes.

It was a lady who had just walked out of a luxurious car with a girl by her side. A few guards accompanied her.

It was his Mom.

"Let's go, Lithiya." A voice sounded as another woman got out of the car from the other side.

It was Max's First Aunt.

"Elder Sister, I really am-" 

Before Lithiya could say anything, Max's first Aunt interrupted her, "I had enough of it. You haven't been out of the house for a few months. Today, I won't be listening to you. We ladies should have some fun, right Lily?"

"Yay!" Lilly flailed her arms in excitement.

"See, even the little girl is excited." First Aunt spoke with a genuine look on her face. She had been concerned for a while. Something seemed to have happened to Lithiya which had got her depressed.  She wasn't keen on sharing it. So today, she planned to bring her shopping at this new mall which had just been inaugurated last month.

Lithiya, Max's mother, could only give in. She didn't want to reject her kind intentions and hurt her feelings. She had shut herself up after what happened with Max. It was obvious for everyone to get worried.

As she moved, she suddenly felt a gaze on her back. She was a Mage herself and a strong one too. But when she turned around, she couldn't pinpoint the person as the place was a bit crowded.

Max stood there as he looked at his mom looking towards him in the crowd. There was no way for her to point him out not to mention that he had a mask on his face. Max couldn't tell how much she had changed. A strange gleam passed by Max's eyes as some images from the trial flashed by his eyes.


"We left you and you still there to come back..."

"He is just a crazy boy....kick him out..."


«Lear: Found this b*stards! Come fast...just walk straight in the direction that I went. I am in a bar called, Black Liquor.»

The notification pulled out from his thought and the gleam in his eyes vanished into thin air.

Max looked at the message and gave his mom a last look before turning around.

But suddenly, he felt an odd sensation, the same as if something had passed through his spirit world. 

Max immediately turned around and his eyes widened as he looked at Sera speeding off towards his Mom.


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