The Ancient Genes
227 Getting Lear“s Money Back 2
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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227 Getting Lear“s Money Back 2

Max looked at Sera and she had already sped up towards his mom. Her small feet were moving rapidly.

What was that girl up to now? Max couldn't help but frown. When he thought that the bunch in his spirit world were finally becoming well behaved, this happened.

Lithiya walked along with Max's First Aunt Vitni while Lilly walked in front of them.

But suddenly, she felt a tug on her dress as if someone was pulling her behind. When she turned around to look what it was, she was surprised to see a cute and adorable little girl looking at her with puffed up chicks. She was looking cute in that little white frock and had grabbed her dress from one corner in her tiny little hands.

Vitni noticed that Lithiya had stopped and turned around as well.

"Aw! What a cute little girl!" Vitni stooped below and tried to reach for her cheeks. But Sera clumsily dodged aside. She had been observing Max training this whole time and had picked up a few moves.

She then brought her hand forward and punched the lady's nose.

"Ouch!" Vitni acted to be hurt. She didn't know why the girl did that but she was so adorable that she couldn't help but want to go along with her antics.

"Oh my! Little girl, what are you so angry for?" Lithiya asked with a smile as she stooped below.

"You bady! You are making him sad. I won't forgive you," Sera said as she punched towards Lithiya.

But before her little hands could reach there, a giant hand came and grabbed the little devil.

Lithiya raised her head to see a guy standing in front of her with a mask on his face.

"Enough Sera, don't be rude to people." A hoarse voice came out from the person's mouth.

"No.. let me go!" Sera struggled in Max's arms. But how could she escape when Max made sure of it.

"I am sorry, she caused trouble for you." Max continued to speak in a hoarse voice.

Lithiya looked at the person and couldn't help but feel a sense of familiarity. She obviously couldn't recognise Max. He had changed a lot, not just with his behavior but physically too. He was no longer a weak guy with an average built. He had gained muscles and a few inches in height as well. His posture which was once that of a coward now released the aura of confidence and arrogance.

And the most important, there was an indifferent look in his eyes. Lithiya definitely couldn't relate him to her son.

"No, it's fine. Kids are naughty to begin with." Lithiya said with a smile as she continued to observe the person. She couldn't push away the strange feeling.

Max turned his head to look at the little girl beside his mother. She had grown from the last time he saw her.

"That little sister is so cute…" Lilly spoke as she looked at Sera.

"Hmph!" Sera turned her head away.

Max sighed as he rubbed off Lilly's head and spoke, "Don't mind her. She is actually very nice." There was a gentle look in Max's eyes as he looked at Lilly.

"I am sorry to have disturbed you." Max spoke as he looked at everyone and before turned around to leave.

Lilly stood there with her hands on her head. She felt it very familiar and the gentle look in the person's eyes. She couldn't help but subconsciously mutter, "Brother…"

Lithiya who had been standing beside Lilly suddenly felt a jolt coursing through her body.

'No can't be..'

Her feet moved and she ran back into the road. The guards immediately followed behind and Vitni followed her as well bringing with Lilly.

Lithiya scanned the surrounding but couldn't find that person at all as if they had disappeared in thin air.

"What's wrong Lithiya?" Vitni asked in concern.

Lithiya shook her head as she spoke, "Nothing, I just thought I saw someone."

Vitni looked at her but didn't ask anything. She was here to let her have some fun and no to raise her stress level.

'I must be imagining things….' Lithiya thought. There was no way for Max to be here. And if he really was, he wouldn't have just ignored her. When she thought about the look in the person's eye, she was even more sure it wasn't Max or rather, she was afraid of accepting that person as Max.

"Hmmn! Why did you suddenly say brother Lilly?" Aunt Vitni asked as she held one of Lilly's and walked with her.

"That person did the same thing that brother did to me." Lilly said as her eyes became teary. "Mom! When are we going to see Brother again?"

"Soon dear...." Lithiya replied as she controlled her emotions. She didn't want to cry in front of her daughter.

Vitni looked at Lithiya and slowly whispered, "Is it that brother in her neighborhood again that she keeps talking about?"

Lithiya clenched her fist as she nodded, her eyes started to glisten and she turned her head away, "Sorry, I got something in my eyes."

Max stood not very far away from them. He could hear everything. He had his back against the wall and was slightly leaning.

Sera had stopped struggling in his arms and had just turned around to hug him.

"I am fine, Sera." Max spoke with a smile as he patted her head.

Sera raised her head to give Max a look. She had a connection with Max and there wasn't anything that could be hidden between them.

"Now, go back and don't do that ever again." He said as he gave a flick on her temples.

"Ouch! Hmph! I won't talk to you again." Sera complained before disappearing into the spirit world again.

Max sighed as he closed his eyes and opened them a few minutes later with a calm look. He had organizing his thoughts.

Black Liquor Bar, Sector - 6

Lear sat there on one of the counters with a glass of vine in his hands as he observed the group of people sitting on the other corner of the room.

He could see that the group of thugs had joined with a couple of other people here and were acting pretty submissive.

It was clear that the man sitting in the middle with a lady in his arms was the top boss here.

At this moment, Max arrived at the bar. He scanned the place and saw Lear waving at him. Max went ahead and took a seat beside him as he snatched the glass of vine and gulped it down.

"Order for yourself!" Lear grumbled with wide eyes full of rage.

"What's the situation?" Max asked totally ignoring him.

Lear calmed himself down, if he kept behaving like that, he would die from a rage while being with Max, "That guy in the middle seems to be the hot shot… it seems some deal is about to take place…"

As Max was looking at his face, another group of people entered the bar.

They were dressed in black as well. Max could feel a strange mana fluctuation from them. It took him a while before his eyes lit up.

Mana Ores!


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