The Ancient Genes
228 Getting Lear“s Money Back 2
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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228 Getting Lear“s Money Back 2

Max and Lear continued to observe the group. The bar was filled with people and the music kept playing while people enjoyed themselves.

If Max remembered correctly, this territory belonged to the Blackwood. Black Liquor was their franchise which could be found in most of the big city across the continent.

"Did you bring the thing?" The man who was sitting with a lady in his arms asked.

The other man who had covered himself in black from top to nodded as he took out a pouch.

Max's eyes gleamed. It was a storage artifact with a space pocket inside.

Others might not be able to tell it but Max could. His senses were far stronger and outclassed any of his other abilities by a huge margin.

'Did I catch a big fish?' Max thought. These kinds of storage artifacts were expensive not to mention rare as well. He was sure that a low level thug couldn't be in possession of it. 

After all, even Lear didn't have it…..but on a second thought, he should have got one if he didn't act like a trash most probably. After all, he was the son of the Lord. His father must have deemed him as worthless.

Anyway, Max's curiosity was piqued. What could be they carrying in it? It was a mana treasure for sure. But if the case was so expensive, what about the treasure inside it? Hell, it had to be something good. If not, Max wouldn't know how to react to it.

'It would be nice if it's a high grade mana ore or Beast material.' Max thought as he licked his lips. His spear had broken apart. He wanted to not only fix it but upgrade it as well. He could have done much better if he had a stronger weapon. Max was confident that he could handle a load exerted by a 6 ★ weapon with his current strength.

"Keep your eye on them, we can't let them go." Max abruptly muttered under his breath as he gulped down the last bit of vine in his glass.

Lear looked at him with a weird look in his eyes. He couldn't understand what happened to this guy suddenly. 

"What! I am trying to help you." Max said as he looked at Lear staring at him with squinted eyes. "We were here to get your money back, remember?"

Lear slowly nodded but he still felt that Max was up to no good again.

Max's eyes were scanning the whole place for finding all the possible escape routes and locations to hide in case things went out of control.

Suddenly, Max picked several mana fluctuations moving towards them. Even though they were thin, trying to hide themselves, it still wasn't enough to fool Max.

"Get ready! It seems that we aren't the only ones here. We will make a move during the chaos." Max mumbled and Lear's eyes turned grim. He was going to get his money at any cost, even if the Mage King were to set his feet in the bar, he still wouldn't give in.

The person in black clothing suddenly stood up with a purple colored card which clearly looked like one from the banks in the black market. It seemed that the deal was done.

"They are here…" Max calmly said and the next moment, the door of the bar flew away with a bang and a group of people dressed in some kind of uniform entered.

They were wearing light armors and had guards along with their knees and elbows. The ones in front had melee weapons while the one in the back seems to be carrying scepters and wands.

"Surrender Yourself! This is the Knights of House. We have surrounded the entire area. There is no place for you people to leave." 

A sweet and charming voice sounded. Max couldn't help but turn around to take a glance at the voice.

It was her.

A girl stood there dressed in a similar uniform. She had long silver hair and fair skin. The curves on her body ran deep which was visible through her tight uniform. She was one of the most beautiful lady in the Capital and a prominent member of the Knight of House, Aria Achilles.

The Knight of House wasn't an official force set up by the Association or the Union. It was a group formed by the Student Council of Orca Magic Academy.

The group mostly consisted of students and Instructors from Noble Houses. It was even used as a method to train the younger generation.  

They had powers within the city as well. Like what she was currently doing. The Association allowed them to take on small jobs and missions.

But Max could only look down on these people growing under shelter like these and administering justice while crushing people weaker than them in most of the cases. He couldn't help but laugh anymore.

Besides, he really hated this bunch. He still remembered getting bullied and seeing people being bullied by this so-called Knight of House elites. They were just using their special status to get away with whatever they did.

But from what Max had heard, there were some nice people in them apparently, like the girl in front. Max had heard about her lot. She was pretty famous for being some justice crap.

But Max was pretty sure that most of them were just useless and abusive people.

As soon as the people from the Knight of House moved in, chaos ensued.

The man with black clothing threw out a smoke bomb. Within a second, the entire bar was filled with smoke.

"Move!" Max said as he sprang into action. He flew through the air and kicked the man who was standing in front sending him flying onto the drinks on the next table.

Lear wasn't far behind. His hands moved stealthily and he formed a thin metal blade in his hands with the metal sand. Within a few seconds he had sliced three people's back pocket carving a 3-inch deep gash in their butts while snatching their wallets.

The idiot thugs were finally terrified when they sensed someone attacking. They immediately pulled out their weapons and started to randomly swing them.

Max and Lear could easily dodge them but the other couldn't and they ended up hitting each other. There wasn't even a need for Max and Lear to do anything.

Max looked at the main guy who was slowly treading towards the backdoor. He was the boss who had done the deal earlier and had the tied that pouch to his waist.

Max calmly raised his hand and the pouch which was stuck on his waist flew towards him right in his hands.

"Let's go," Max said as prepared to leave.

Lear was almost done too. He still needed to count to know how much profit he had earned this time.

When Max was about to turn, he felt something and immediately turned around as his black dagger appeared in his hands.


Suddenly a person flew through the smoke with a rapier in her hand.


Max immediately swiped his dragged diagonally in an upwards direction misdirecting the attack and letting it pass above his shoulder.

The girl looked at the figure in the mask. She hadn't received any information about someone this strong. The stronger person at most should have only been around the level of Mid Tier Mage.

Aria immediately retreated with a leap and warned her team.

"Careful, it seems we had the wrong information." 

The group immediately halted their steps and continued to look at the smoke with vigilant eyes

The mage standing behind with a scepter immediately casted a whirlwind and all the doors and windows of the bar were flung open blowing the smoke away.

But, the person whom they were looking for was missing, all that were left were the group of thugs with their butts bleeding as if they had a severe hemorrhoid problem.


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