The Ancient Genes
229 Getting Caugh
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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229 Getting Caugh

When the smoke cleared, Max and Lear had vanished into oblivion leaving behind the group of thugs bleeding from their butts.

"Move! They shouldn't have gotten far away!" Aria's voice reverberated in the room. She hadn't failed a single task till now and she wasn't planning to fail this one as well.

The member of the Knight of House immediately moved.

A few of them caught ahold of the group of thugs.

"Captain, we have got every one of them except for the dealers who threw the smoke bomb." One of the subordinates reported.

"Everyone?" Aria asked with raised brows. If they had got everyone except the dealers then who was that person.

At this moment, a voice sounded in the bar.

"Haven't you got guts to be raising chaos in my area?"

Aria turned around and saw a guy enter the bar. He had long black hair along with crooked brows. He was far from being a handsome man. Even ordinary was too good of a compliment to him. But girls still sought this person, not because of his looks but his strength.

Alan Blackwood.

The one in the position to inherit the Blackwood House and also the part of the 12 Celestials of this generation.

The Blackwood family was famous for its bloodline which had produced strong poison variants over the years. 

This wasn't only for the Blackwood but other Noble Houses as well. Each of these Noble Houses's mainline of descendants had strong abilities and usually, they were passed along to the next generation as well.

The Edwinson House were known for Light Element Users, while the Barnes were known for Earth element users. Similarly, each house had some powers and it was very rare for a case of a powerless being born in a Noble House.

"We had received reports of illegal activities being conducted here." Aria replied as she took out the official order.

Alan frowned as he looked at it, "I don't know what you are talking about. But if your reports are false, you better be prepared to face the consequences."

Aria could feel a chilly aura leaking from him. The pressure was strong, but she didn't back down and remained standing there with a confident look on her face. She wasn't afraid of him just because he was strong. She had received permission to carry this mission out.

"Captain, we didn't find anything." Suddenly, her subordinate reported.

"Did I hear that correctly?" Alan said with a smirk.

"Are you sure?" Aria asked with a frown.

"There was nothing on them," the subordinate replied.

"I will see how the Achilles would handle this. This isn't done yet." Alan said with a smile.

Aria's frown deepened, this would be troublesome for her. She had made a big move this time by infiltrating another House's territory without their prior consent. She had done so only because she had received an intel from an unknown person about it. 

At first she thought it to be a false alarm. But after she did a research on the intel, she indeed found out that things were not simple. The intel was not false. Something seemed to be going on. She couldn't find much detail about it. The person sending her info seemed very vague about it and wasn't keen on meeting personally.

The only thing she could make sure of was that it was happening in the territory of Blackwood.  If it was happening their, it could only mean that they were behind it or at least they were the most suspicious of it.

How could she ask for their consent in such a case? It would be a foolish thing to do.

So when she recently got some important information about the deal that was going to take place in this bar, she used her authority and obtained permission to carry out this mission.

She was going to be responsible if things didn't go out well.

And now things indeed seemed to be going out of her hands.

"We aren't done yet. There were still two more persons whom we didn't have any info on. Stretch out the search parameter. I want both of them." Aria commanded.

"You better hurry, Miss Beauty Queen," Alan said with a smug look on his face.

Aria's subordinates looked at Alan with a frown on their faces. But none dared to speak a word. They knew how terrifying this person was. It was a death wish to offend any of the Celestials.

Not only were they strong, but most of them were in the position of inheriting their family. Going against one didn't only mean going against that person but the whole Noble House as well.

At this moment, a member of the Knights rushed into the bar.

"Captain, our team had caught two people acting suspiciously in the periphery of the Sector." The person reported.

"Take care of them..." Aria commanded her subordinate to look after the group of thugs before leaving the bar in a hurry.

After Aria left, Alan suddenly turned his head towards the group of thugs and frowned.

"Step aside…" Alan's voice reverberated in the bar. There were 10 to 20 people from the Knight of House inside the bar. But none dared to get in Alan's way. 

They could only grit their teeth and lower their heads before taking a step aside.

Alan stooped below and grabbed one of the guy's collar and lifted him in front his eyes.

He then dug his nail in the man's arm as a purple colored mana slid into the man's vein waking him up and forcing a scream out his mouth.


Alan slapped the guy who was screaming and the man immediately looked at the person in front of him. His body froze as he was met with the Alan's vicious gaze.


On the other side, Max and Lear stood with their hands in the air. They had removed their masks.

Max looked totally fine while there was a swollen bump on Lear's forehead.

A few people surrounded them with swords and scepters. Mana was radiating from their body. It was quite evident that they were mages.

"Damn you! You had to count your money at this moment." Max grumbled in a low voice.

After they had run out of the bar, both of them had immediately got their masks out and moved nimbly avoiding all these pestering bunches of people.

But, when they were finally about to get out of the area, a mishap occurred. 

They had escaped through the balcony of the bar and were moving from terrace to terrace and roof to roof.

 Max was in front and suddenly  took a pause seeing that a group of people from the knight of the house were standing guard on the street below. 

Lear who was behind busy licking his fingers and counting the notes was a step slower in realizing the situation and by the time he pulled his breaks, it wasn't enough. 

He collided with Max and both of them fell from the roof. Max was quick to react and used his hands to roll onto the ground.

Lear on the other hand, thought that his money was too precious to let go and crashed head first into the ground.

And that is how they ended up in their current situation.


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